The Hidden Tapes A Compilation Of Minimal Wave From Around The World '79-'85

Minimal Wave
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  • 1. ss-say – care
  • 2. oskarova fobija – beli dekolte
  • 3. danton's voice – i hear the bells
  • 4. sympathy nervous – polaroid
  • 5. pas de deux – cardiocleptomanie
  • 6. robert – computer bank
  • 7. the fast set – kaleidecon
  • 8. reserve – destination pour l'inconnu
  • 9. kym amps – you don't know my name
  • 10. gary allen – oops it's an accident (extended mix)
  • 11. art fact – rain in the south

NOW AVAILABLE ON VINYL! New York-based label Minimal Wave have put together a compilation of ultra rare, seventies and eighties, unreleased, and licensed tracks from as far as Japan and the former Yugoslavia.

Most of the bands on this compilation had a D.I.Y aesthetic, recorded on 4-track tape in their bedroom studios while two of them went further to collaborate by sending tapes through the mail. The sounds on this record range from raw proto-industrial to naive danceable Belgradian new wave, to filmic synthesizer music to more complex, vocal-driven melodic synthpop. TIP!