Street and Gangland Rhythms Beats And Improvisations By Six Boys In Trouble (1959)

Smithsonian Folkways
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  • 1. Two Bongo Drum Sets and Sticks
  • 2. Bongo Drums and Sticks
  • 3. One Boy Playing Three Sets of Bongo Drums with His Hand and One Drum Stick
  • 4. Rhythm Ensemble with Voices
  • 5. Zum, Zum
  • 6. Ole
  • 7. Bo Diddlie
  • 8. Gugamuga
  • 9. Riding Hood Boogy Man
  • 10. Sister Suki
  • 11. Why Can't I Get It Too
  • 12. Cha Cha Cha
  • 13. The Fox
  • 14. Gang Fight
  • 15. Shoe Shine
  • 16. Shoe Shine Shakedown
  • 17. Dumb Boy
  • 18. Money Honey
  • 19. I Want Some Food

Street percussion, drumming, songs and chants recorded in New York in 1959 by a group of street kids. Kind of like a prototype Haryou Percussion Group ('Welcome to the Party'). Wicked!

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