Seu Jorge & Almaz The Model / Everybody Loves The Sunshine ( Remix )

Now Again
  • 1. The Model
  • 2. Album Instrumental
  • 3. Joey Altruda Remix
  • 4. Everybody Loves The Sunshine ( Joey Altruda Remix )
  • 5. Remix Instrumental

This is the second single from Brazilian singer/actor Seu Jorge's Seu Jorge and Almaz album, a

sultry take on Kraftwerk's "The Model."

This dark, soulful approach to what was once a robotic ode to a runway idol intoxicates not only because of Jorge's gruff baritone, but because of his backing band Almaz - drummer Pupillo and guitarist Lucio Maia from the stalwart Nação Zumbi; bassist and composer Antonio Pinto from the soundstages of movies like the Jorge vehicle City of God. The band came together naturally to

record a song for a Walter Salles film; they enjoyed the experience so much that they recorded an entire album, free of convention, of music that inspired them.