Mahmoud Ahmed Jeguol Naw Betwa (1978)

Mahmoud Records
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  • 1. Jeguol Naw Betwa
  • 2. Neshtie
  • 3. Fetsum Dink Lij Nesh
  • 4. Hoy Na-Na Jegnaw Na
  • 5. Marie Gela
  • 6. Bemin Sebeb Litlash
  • 7. Anwedim Tekatin
  • 8. Endet Lilakek
  • 9. Gebtewat Yihon Fikrien


Superb super-super-rare Ethiopian original album in plain sleeve.

Killer late seventies Ethio soul, with a heavy rhythmic backing from the Ibex Band!

This album was reissued by Mississippi Records in 2011.

This Mahmoud Ahmed album (without sleeve) sold for $339 on Popsike in 2011.

This is an original Ethiopian vinyl record. It is shit-hot rare.

We have 5 original copies of Mahmoud Ahmed's 'Jeguol Naw Betwa' 1978 album. These are original Ethiopian vinyl and comes in plain white sleeve. The condition of these are GOOD only - ie they have some background noise and some scratches. They are £40 each.Listen to audio for actual record.