• LP£15.99
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    • Sasac – Telemark To The Alhambra
    • Sasac – All Pleasures
    • Sasac – DMX!
    • Sasac – Retail Atmospherics #1 Service Encounter
    • Sasac – The Dome
    • 1. Telemark To The Alhambra
    • 2. All Pleasures
    • 3. DMX!
    • 4. Retail Atmospherics #1 Service Encounter
    • 5. Tennis Courts
    • 6. The Dome
    • 7. Theme From The Hit Supply
    • 8. Garden Sounds
    • 9. Flyers Pt Deux
    • 10. Off World Leisure Gardens
    • 11. Lonny Zone
    • 12. Warm Gold

    Stockholm's Sasac takes flight with this 80's inspired funk bomb! 'Ultra' is twelve instrumentals composed using vintage synths, the tightest drum patterns and choppy guitar licks. Highly recommeneded!

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    Charles BradleyConfusion / Where Do We Go From HereDaptone

    Heavyweight soul music of the highest order, chracterized by fuzz-guitar leads, delay, reverb drenched organ, and lively brass phrases.

    • – Confusion
    • – Where Do We Go From Here
    • 7"£4.99
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    Four Tet & Terror DanjahKiller / Nasty Text

    Ghetto rave rollers from Four Tet and Terror Danjah! 

    Four Tet back in the spotlight following producing albums by the likes of big players Omar Souleyman and Neneh Cherry with a new collaborative single with grime don Terror Danjah for his own Text imprint. 

    • – Killer
    • 12"£6.99
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    Aurra Satisfaction Family Groove

    Never-before-released 'lost' early eighties electronic-funk and R&B  album!

    The mythical 'Satisfaction' album by Aurra - there were rumours that a 5th Aurra album produced by Dayton Ohio Funk Legend Steve Washington was recorded just after the Salsoul years.  Mean and lean basslines, irresistible hooks & towering vocal riffs with crisp, tight dance rhythms. 

    • – Satisfaction
    • – My Lovin' Is For You
    • LP£14.99
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    • CD£10.99
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    Henry Wu / Jeen Bassa 22a00222a

    London's 22a follow up their sell-out Tenderlonious / Al Dobson Jr split EP with nine more exclusives from Henry Wu and Jeen Bassa. Originally limited to just 100 copies, this has become a hugely sought after 12"!!!

    Henry Wu applies jazz infused hip-hop sensibilities to these synth-boogie, and deep house tracks. This was Wu's debut release and set the platform for further massive releases on Eglo and Rhythm Section. On the flip Jeen Bassa goes in deep with percussive housey afro-beats laden with jazzy hip hop rhythms. Haling from a family of talented musicians (Mo Kolours and Reginald Omas Mamode IV) he has since gone on to similarly large releases, including last years sterling Time Waves EP on 22a.

    Last few copies!

    • Henry wu – Misled (Let's Talk About It)
    • Henry wu – Interlude
    • Henry wu – All Over
    • Henry wu – Outro
    • Jeen Bassa – Movement
    • Jeen Bassa – Know The Deal
    • Jeen Bassa – New Pastures
    • Jeen Bassa – Chocolate Boots
    • Jeen Bassa – Fania Club
    • 12"£11.99
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    Illa JYancey BoysDelicious Vinyl

    Unreleased 90s beats from the J Dilla archive! A family affair - the vocal version features his younger brother on vocal duties Rerelease on coloured vinyl

    • – Timeless
    • – We Here
    • – R U Listenin'?
    • – Alien Family (Interlude)
    • 2×LP£22.00
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    • 2×LP Instrumentals £22.00
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    Skatebard & Love Nation Telephones Versions Pleasure Unit

    Collaborative release between Pleasure Unit and Untz! Sex Tags cohorts Skatebard and Love Nation, get the Telephones rework treatment -- all dancing, shiny euphoric house tracks! Killer! 

    • skatebard – confirmation bias - telephones rework
    • Love nation – everybody 4 love - telephones version
    • Dove station – everybody 2 breezy - telephones dub
    • 1. skatebard – confirmation bias - telephones rework
    • 2. Love nation – everybody 4 love - telephones version
    • 3. Dove station – everybody 2 breezy - telephones dub
    • View full info and tracklisting
    • 12"£9.99
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    Originals 10Compiled By Alex From TokyoClaremont56

    Claremont56 close their superb 'Originals' series with edition #10, compiled by Alex From Tokyo (Tokyo Black Star); picking some rare / classic / obscure cosmic and Balearic disco gems from the likes of I:Cube, Claude Larson, Max Romeo and more. Individually-numbered copies in a limited run of 1000 copies.


    • I:Cube – Procession
    • Claude Larson – Mosquito
    • Ryo Okumoto – Crystal Highway
    • Max Romeo – Rise Up
    • Violets – Sunset
    • CD£13.99
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    Daniele Baldelli & DJ RoccaComplotto Geometrico / Space Scribble / A TV ShowNang

    Storming remix package with selections from Andy Weatherall, Prins Thomas and Luke Solomon.

    The Weatherall remix initiates with a gentle bounce. The synth lines begin to peak and trough whilst back-drafted guitar riffs ring home around the affected vocal sample that oozes in. A subtle cybernetic atmosphere builds around the melodic rhythm which in turn ebbs and flows through out. It's seeping with that Weatherall magic, making it perfect for any time of night.

    Prins Thomas conjures up a cosmic energy in his remix, giving a lighter vibe to the melodic depth that the Weatherall mix delivered. It boasts slightly more acidic elements that switch the dancefloor mentality from 'steady groover' to 'floor-mover.'

    Luke Solomon provides a weirdo-disco rendition, full of elastic synth work, a bumping house groove and plenty of raw soul. 

    • – Complotto Geometrico (Andrew Weatherall Remix)
    • – Space Scribble (Prins Thomas Remix)
    • – A TV Show (Luke Solomon Remix)
    • 1. – Complotto Geometrico (Andrew Weatherall Remix)
    • 2. – Space Scribble (Prins Thomas Remix)
    • 3. – A TV Show (Luke Solomon Remix)
    • View full info and tracklisting
    • 12"£5.99
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    Michael Campbell's Michael Campbell's Best Of P&P RecordsP&P

    Michael Campbell shares his best tracks from P&P, focussing on his own productions wth his groups High Fidelity and High Voltage!  Super percussive, jazz-infected disco jams, kicking off with the explosive eleven minute club stomper "Rock, Spank, Freak", plus "We are Making Music (Part 1), "Dedicated" and Little Scotty's "Going to A Disco To-Night (instrumental) and Wayne Ford's "Dance To The Beat Freakout (instrumental)".

    • michael campbell & high volt – we are making music (part 1)
    • high fidelty – life time
    • high fidelty – dedicated
    • high fidelty – from us to you
    • CD£9.99
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    JuJu & Jordash Waldorf Salad / Third Planet Dekmantel

    Another 2 killers from JuJu & Jordash - expanding further into a fortess of futuristic house and techno - shifting between jacking house music and spatial dub within the span of this killer release! 

    • – Waldore Salad
    • – Third Planet
    • 12"£7.99
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    Heatsick Convergence No 'label'

    Brimming with stimuli from these four minimalist drum machine workouts from Heatsick.

    Warming up with cute chords on "Benelux" before opening up in the 2nd half of the tune with grizzly bass, tight Chicago groove with mad-hatter style free jazz strings. Really good.  Druggy, dubby grooves on "Spacescape". The flip, "Convergence" has a melting pot to sounds, mashing up off-kilter african drumming, deep Chicago house and oddball synth action. Quirky DJ tool "The juggler" rounds things off.

    • – benelux
    • – spacescape
    • – convergence
    • – the juggler
    • 12"£6.99
      Out of stock
    H. Brunner AwakeningKMS

    Repress of this seminal and incredibly rare KMS release by Heath Brunner. Originally released in 2000 this timeless piece of detroit techno still stands the test of time and has become something of a collectors piece.

    • – Senses
    • – Spring
    • 12"£7.99
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    Unknown Benga BengaPorridge Bullet

    Electronic afro-disco edits that sold out in a flash and back in, but in very limited quatities. Killer, killer 12", so act instictively! 

    • – Benga Benga
    • – Benga Benga 2
    • 12"£9.99
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    Tony GSimple DreamsInfinite Juju

    After his excellent 12" on Great Circles, Tony G pops up again on this obscure 12". Includes a killer Young Marco re-fix!

    • – Simple Dreams (Young Marco Remix)
    • – Simple Dreams (Original Mix)
    • – Simple Dreams (Pink Skull Remix)
    • 12"£8.99
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    Ginny Can't Be Serious V.M

    Limited edition vinyl reissue of the gorgeous ‘Can’t Be Serious’ by  Ginny - a sublime slice of Cosmo-Balearica that has been hugely in demand since featuring on DJ Harvey’s legendary Sarcastic Mix. With its beautiful female vocals and twinkling synths over a killer slo-mo groove, it’s easy to see what all the fuss is about and why the lost gem is so sought after. Classic!

    • – Can’t Be Serious (Club Mix)
    • 12"£7.99
      Out of stock
    ASOKPoltergeistM>O>S DEEP

    Hot on the heels of one Liverpool producer making his debut on MOS (John Heckle) is another Merseyside producer, ASOK, also making his label debut. This is hugely textured house music with a sombre sense of soul that takes you places!

    • – Project Poltergeist
    • – Smash Dimensions
    • 12"£6.99
      Out of stock
    The Dells / Jules Shear / Ron Hardy & Jesse SaundersRON HARDY EDITSRDY

    The sound of Chicago's 80s nights -- two killer edits from the legendary Ron Hardy, plus a collaborative track with godfather of house music Jesse Saunders.

    • The Dells – No way back
    • jules shear – when love surges
    • ron hardy & jesse saunders – untitled
    • 12"£7.99
      Out of stock
    Byron Too MuchGolden Sound

    Reissue for this ultra-rare slice of warm and dreamy down-tempo disco heaven from one-hit wonders Byron. Originally released in 1985 on tiny Italian label Golden Sound, ‘Too Much’ is highly sought after today in Balearic circles for its gorgeous sun-drenched atmosphere and the understated chugging funky combination of hypnotic bass, other-worldly vocals and heady chiming synths.

    • – Too Much (Vocal)
    • – Too Much (Instrumental)
    • 12"£7.99
      Out of stock
    The Volcano Brothers Neocolonialism Is Strong Tea B.I.S

    The Volcano Brothers are a mysterious group who have put together these two African edits that have been featured on the Beats In Space radio show and in the record box of Tim Sweeney.

    • – OBEY A MAN
    • 12"£9.99
      Out of stock
    Rita LeeBuild UpEl Records

    An original member of the Os Mutantes, Brazils greatest pop group! Rita Lee's extraordinary 1970 debut solo album featuring Mutantes with arrangements by Rogerio Duprat!!

    • – Eu Vou Me Salvar
    • CD£7.99
      Out of stock
    • New LP (180g)£10.99
      Out of stock
    The Midnight EpisodeThe Midnight EpisodeOminira

    Gunnar Wendell's (Kassem Mosse) first full-length on his idiosyncratic Ominira imprint is the work of Nicola Cunningham and Karl Skagius, as The Midnight Episode. Inspired by a love of British horror soundtracks, described by the label as "late night listening", the eleven tracks on this album are deeply arresting, chilling and packed full of drama and suspense. 

    • – skull
    • – marigold
    • – alucard
    • – house of mortal sin
    • – the room
    • LP£14.99 £8.00
      Out of stock
    The Central Executives A Walk In The Dark Golf Channel

    An impressive debut album from NYC collective, The Central Executives on Golf Channel. 

    Mixing up seductive analogue disco house similar to Maurice Fulton and the punk-funk mascara-stained jams styled by ESG, with the distorted bump of Theo Parrish's more machinic jams. 

    • – HIGH ROADS
    • – LOVERAY '79
    • – VELVET
    • – SHUT YA FACE
    • – I WANNA
    • 2×LP£16.99
      Out of stock
    Inner City Beat !Soul Jazz Records

    Soul Jazz Records new release Inner City Beat! Detective Themes, Spy Music and Imaginary Thrillers  is a unique CD (and 2LP) release + an exclusive limited-edition specially created 60-page graphic novel (by the mysterious cult 1960s pulp-fiction writer Mark ‘Badly’ Antringham).

    The music on the album is a killer selection of funky, deep, rare, exciting and dancefloor heavyweight ‘spy themes’, ‘detective music’ and thrillers from the 1960s and 1970s. The music spans heavyweight break-beat funk, deep and heavy jazz, super-catchy mod themes, imaginary super-charged orchestral soundtracks and more.

    These tracks are put together from British library music companies (DeWolfe, KPM, Conroy, Amphonic) all of whom supplied music regularly to television and films around the world during this period, often for use in detective and spy programmes, series and films.

    Created as work for hire in anticipation of television or film usage, many were never broadcast and have thus remained unheard, stored in the vaults for many years. Other tracks featured were used as incidental or title music in long-forgotten 1960s detective and cult programs.

    And whilst the names of the artists and composers featured on this album have remained relatively obscure (Syd Dale, Reg Tilsley, Johnny Pearson, Barry Stoller etc), the music they created is in fact some of the most well known and highly accessible music in the world - due to its widespread usage on these detective and thriller (and many other genre) television shows and films during this period.

    In the 1960s and 1970s, these British music libraries used to promote these recordings to television and film productions on limited-run vinyl pressings (usually housed in generic sleeves). Mostly pressed in runs of less than 1000 copies, the best and rarest of these original records are today highly sought after items and included here is a fine selection of some of these rare, collectible and very groovy tracks.

    To accompany this unique album, Soul Jazz have also commissioned the creation of a special 60-page graphic novel which features the stunning artwork of the elusive illustrator John C. Patterson in partnership with the celebrated 1960s pulp fiction cult novelist Mark ‘Badly’ Antringham. The graphic novel is set in the imaginary seedy streets of East London in the 1960s in a world full of corrupt police, political intrigue and violent sadistic criminals.

    As well as the CD release this album also comes as a heavyweight deluxe gatefold super-loud double vinyl release (with free download code). The graphic novel comes free with the physical release (CD and double vinyl LP) of the album Inner City Beat.

    There is also a worldwide digital download release for this Soul Jazz Records release.


    "The collection demonstrates how some short theme tunes and pieces of incidental music also received serious play as stand alone tunes." The Irish Times

    "The clever, contrasting arrangements suit the thriller in your own head as much as the B-movies of the sixties and seventies. Stylish!" Die Presse, Austria

    “A masterpiece. Splendid remastering. An orgasm.” Rock & Folk, France 

    • Peter Reno & Barry Stoller – Sparks
    • Syd Dale – Danger Musicians At Work
    • Clive Hicks – Drums In Transit
    • Norrie Paramor – Theme From New Scotland Yard
    • Francis Coppetiers – Funky Chimes
    • Dave Richmond – Gotta Getaway
    • Dave Richmond – Heavy Lead
    • Reg Tilsley – Ode To A Stone
    • Ernest Copley – Fuel Injection
    • Brass Incorporated – On A Bicycle Made For Three
    • Tilsley Orchestral – The Ratcatchers
    • Ernest Copley – Dynamic Patterns
    • David Lindup – Men Of Action
    • Brass Incorporated – Come One, Come All
    • Francis Coppetiers – Crosstalk
    • The International Studio Group – High Diplomacy
    • Syd Dale – The Hell Raisers
    • Johnny Pearson – Product Efficiency
    • Johnny Hawksworth – Conveyor Belt
    • The International Studio Group – Police Five
    • Johnny Pearson – Grand Prix
    • David Lindup – Superformance
    • Ernest Copley – Crossflow
    • Johnny Hawksworth – Workshop