• 12"£9.99
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    • The Volcano Brothers – NEOCOLONIALISM IS STRONG TEA
    • The Volcano Brothers – OBEY A MAN
    • 2. OBEY A MAN

    The Volcano Brothers are a mysterious group who have put together these two African edits that have been featured on the Beats In Space radio show and in the record box of Tim Sweeney.

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    Ginny Can't Be Serious V.M

    Limited edition vinyl reissue of the gorgeous ‘Can’t Be Serious’ by  Ginny - a sublime slice of Cosmo-Balearica that has been hugely in demand since featuring on DJ Harvey’s legendary Sarcastic Mix. With its beautiful female vocals and twinkling synths over a killer slo-mo groove, it’s easy to see what all the fuss is about and why the lost gem is so sought after. Classic!

    • – Can’t Be Serious (Club Mix)
    • 12"£7.99
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    Byron Too MuchGolden Sound

    Reissue for this ultra-rare slice of warm and dreamy down-tempo disco heaven from one-hit wonders Byron. Originally released in 1985 on tiny Italian label Golden Sound, ‘Too Much’ is highly sought after today in Balearic circles for its gorgeous sun-drenched atmosphere and the understated chugging funky combination of hypnotic bass, other-worldly vocals and heady chiming synths.

    • – Too Much (Vocal)
    • – Too Much (Instrumental)
    • 12"£7.99
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    London Is The Place For Me Afro-Cubism, Calypso, Highlife, Mento, Jazz The Music Of Young Black London Volume 5Honest Jons

    At last, fresh installments in Honest Jon's acclaimed, much-loved series: open-hearted, bitter-sweet, mash-up postcards to the here and now, from young black London.

    The fifth and sixth volumes features four more songs from Lord Kitchener, of which topics include his wife leaving him for a GI, cricket umpires, and a fling onboard an ocean-liner and West Indian poultry. Other calypsos range compellingly from the devaluation of the pound through jiu jitsu, big rubbery instruments, football fans, heavyweight champ Joe Louis and the sexual allure of English women police. Melancholic, visionary West African highlife from Ambrose Campbell; a percussive Latin scorcher from Ginger Johnson, Jamaican mento from Tony Johnson, Latin-African-jazz experiments of Ghanaian drummer and percussionist Buddy Pipp and lots more. 

    • Buddy Pipp's Highlifers – Cuban Nightingale
    • George Browne – Calypso Mambo
    • Lord Invader – Goodwood Park
    • West African Rhythm Brothers – Ominira
    • West African Rhythm Brothers – Jekafo Ju Agbawo
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    Linkwood / Linkwood Family / Fudge FingasThe Early Emissions (EPs 1-4)Firecracker

    *Packaged in a limited edition, full-colour CD gatefold with paste-in artwork*

    Finally a CD appears, compiling the 4 early, sought after releases on the excellent Scottish bred Firecracker label - so here's another chance if you missed out! Warm and sexy, soul-seeped deep house of the highest order! Includes all 12 tracks  (and interludes) remastered from the first four EPs PLUS Inserts including original sticker and 'Bacon Rolls' poster! Essential for any Firecracker collector and fans of Moodymann and Theo Parrish!

    • Linkwood Family – Miles Away
    • Fudge Fingas – Gettin' Togetha
    • Linkwood – Fate
    • Linkwood – What's Up With The Underground? Pt1
    • Linkwood – What's Up With The Underground? Pt2
    • Fudge Fingas – Escape
    • – Interlude 1
    • The Complainers – Bacon Rolls
    • – Interlude 2
    • Linkwood Family – Piece Of Mind
    • Linkwood – Hear The Sun
    • Fudge Fingas & His Fidgety Friends – Aksman
    • Linkwood & House Of Traps – Barely Eagle
    • Linkwood – Who La La?
    • Fudge Fingas – Situation Diminished
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    Bomba EstereoElegancia TropicalSoundway

    New on Soundway, Bomba Estereo hailing from Bogota! Containing the perfect balance of day-glo electronics and earthy cumbia rumbles, the band keeps it bold and bright, with deep electronic dance-floor cuts, hard-hitting MC tracks featuring Buraka Som Sistema and Brazilian MC BNegao, and the sweet, swaying Afro-Caribbean soul of “El Alma y El Cuerpo”.

    • – Bosque
    • – El Alma y El Cuerpa
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    Eccentric SoulThe Bandit LabelNumero Group

    Early Numero release finally available deluxe triple LP.

    The beautifully packaged, complete history of Arrow Brown's Chicago based Bandit Label. Featuring every song EVER recorded by Arrow. Features The Arrows, the Majestic Arrows, Johnny Davis, Linda Balentine, Hassan, Chosen Few, Sandy Cleveland, and even his seven-year-old son Altyrone Deno Brown. Plus 14,000 word paperback detailing the unusual and beautiful story behind the label. 

    NB. The cd is the standard edition with 20 tracks, and does not have all 36 tracks.

    • Arrows, The – We Have Love
    • Johnny Davis – You've Got To Crawl To Me
    • Linda Ballentine – You're A Hard Habit To Break
    • Majestic Arrows – One More Time Around
    • 1. Arrows, The – We Have Love
    • 5. Johnny Davis – You've Got To Crawl To Me
    • 8. Linda Ballentine – You're A Hard Habit To Break
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    • CD£16.99
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    Heatsick Convergence No 'label'

    Brimming with stimuli from these four minimalist drum machine workouts from Heatsick.

    Warming up with cute chords on "Benelux" before opening up in the 2nd half of the tune with grizzly bass, tight Chicago groove with mad-hatter style free jazz strings. Really good.  Druggy, dubby grooves on "Spacescape". The flip, "Convergence" has a melting pot to sounds, mashing up off-kilter african drumming, deep Chicago house and oddball synth action. Quirky DJ tool "The juggler" rounds things off.

    • – benelux
    • – spacescape
    • – convergence
    • – the juggler
    • 12"£6.99
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    Unknown Benga BengaPorridge Bullet

    Electronic afro-disco edits that sold out in a flash and back in, but in very limited quatities. Killer, killer 12", so act instictively! 

    • – Benga Benga
    • – Benga Benga 2
    • 12"£9.99
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    SasacUltra Omega Supreme Records

    Stockholm's Sasac takes flight with this 80's inspired funk bomb! 'Ultra' is twelve instrumentals composed using vintage synths, the tightest drum patterns and choppy guitar licks. Highly recommeneded!

    • – Telemark To The Alhambra
    • – All Pleasures
    • – DMX!
    • – Retail Atmospherics #1 Service Encounter
    • – The Dome
    • LP£15.99
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