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  • 1. pressure
  • 2. start somethin'
  • 3. mr softee
  • 4. shabaps
  • 5. whisper
  • 6. tweezers
  • 7. cozy

Hot buttered soulful wonky hip hop beats from Brooklyn's Pursuit Groves unexpectedly on Tectonic!

Opener 'Pressure' drops like a lost Badu & Madlib collaboration, Miss Smith's vocal here is even a little reminiscent of Erykah's considerable stylings and watch out girlfriend, she flows with the best in a style somewhat similar to Bahamadia.'Start Somethin' rocks the downtempo beatdown harder than

most, and is the most electronic feeling cut on this album - vicious fuzz basslines, filthy claps, oiled snares and block-rocking cut-up beats. Drop this in a dj set and watch all crew get busy. If you had to pick a single highlight then 'Shabaps' might well be it. A heavyweight hip hop roller, all luscious bass frequencies and cosmic synth drifts, that keeps an upful tempo for maximum bugging fully on lockdown. 'Whisper' dubs it heavy like a feather, all bubbling Mantronik style 808 beats with melting jazz piano drops and sweetly mysterious, softly spoken vocal. 'Tweezers' adds a 2-step electro flex to an LA / Detroit hip hop feel - mind blowing stuff on headphones, only still built for the biggest systems. 'Mister Softee' is perhaps the most traditional sounding hiphop cut - turn out the lights because the delivery here is world class '010, we reach the outro refreshed by a cooling breeze on a mad hot summer day!