Kenny Graham OST: The Small World Of Sammy Lee

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  • 1. Soho At Dawn
  • 2. Peepshow Bins
  • 3. Thoughts At Home
  • 4. Sammy 4
  • 5. The Hustling Starts
  • 6. Dash To Bellman's
  • 7. Salt Beef
  • 8. Four O'Clock Hop
  • 9. Glasses? You Need Glasses?
  • 10. And None Of Your Horse Manure
  • 11. Patsy Asleep In The Flat
  • 12. There's Never Been Anyone But You, Sammy
  • 13. Some Of Us Care Sammy
  • 14. Get 'art Of It!
  • 15. It Just Wouldn't Work
  • 16. Rue

Following the essential 'Moondog And Suncat Suites by Kenny Graham And His Satellites' released on Trunk a few years earlier, comes this initial issue of Graham's 'lost' score to 'The Small World Of Sammy Lee. The delightful soft, dawn jazz of Kenny Graham is the perfect accompaniment to this film set in sleazy Soho, London, of the early 1960s. 

Sit back and let the music take you on a little trip through a historical part of London fifty years ago.