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  • 1. the eyes of the lord
  • 2. a chip in the hand
  • 3. beyond time
  • 4. i live inside an egg
  • 5. wormhole
  • 6. sky warning
  • 7. seven seals theme
  • 8. thin moon
  • 9. not me
  • 10. i sew you
  • 11. now, let me brush you
  • 12. i promise i lied
  • 13. wash to sea
  • 14. oceans

This is the long awaitted new album from James Pants on Stones Throw! Apparently started while reading a mystical book and the book of relevations and 'inspired by being in the mood to start a cult'.  We are assure you though this is not devil music but a psychedelic mix of old skool electro hip hop beats, prg-rock, fuzzy twisted electronics, weird happy clappy sleigh bells, hazy folk weirdness and horror sounds! An amazing insight into the crazy world of James Pants and highly recommended!