Guelewar Touki Ba Banjul : Acid Trip From Banjukl To Dakar

Kindred Spirits
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  • 1. Sama Yaye Demma N'Dar
  • 2. Sunu Makaan
  • 3. Ya Mom Sumaray
  • 4. Njarama
  • 5. Tasito
  • 6. Wollou
  • 7. Kele Fasane

Late seventies and early eighties Gambian psych from Guelewar, the first ever re-issue featuring the highlights of his career. A combination of Western soul and funk with traditional and regional rhythms like boogaraboo and sawrouba,  Over the course of five years Guelewar released a series of sought-after albums and the best bits are collected here!

A must have for African music fans!