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  • 1. Thousand Year Stare
  • 2. Advancements In Disgust
  • 3. Superlifer
  • 4. Find Our Way
  • 5. Pleading For Annihilation
  • 6. Care Less
  • 7. World After
  • 8. Muscle Dysmorphia

New album from cosmic electronic-pop weirdo Gary War on Spectrum Spools!

The album kicks off with the incredibly anthemic "Thousand Yard Stare", which asserts immediately that the album is very different than previous efforts, crafted with hind-sight in mind and glowing with ambition. We can hear the melancholy voice of a man lost in the cosmos with nothing to lose going for broke, it's all or nothing. Tracks like "Superlifer" and "Pleading for Annihilation" contain such a powerful energy and pack such a wallop that you won't possibly be able to stand still. There is a great juxtaposition however, with songs like "Advancements in Disgust" and "World After" experimenting with new styles of pop/rock structure and incorporation of odd rhythm and melody.