Bite Harder The Music De Wolfe Studio Sampler vol.2

De Wolfe
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  • 1. Peter Reno – Street Girl (Instrumental)
  • 2. Ludovic Decosne & Pierre Daubresse – Gloaming
  • 3. The Lemondips – Who's Gonna Buy (Instrumental)
  • 4. Nick Ingman – Down Home
  • 5. Barry Stoller – Funky Spider
  • 6. Alan Parker – Crater
  • 7. Peter Reno – Silver Thrust
  • 8. Simon Haseley – Precinct
  • 9. Keith Papworth – Hair Raiser
  • 10. Reg Tilsley – Warlock
  • 11. Johnny Hawsworth – Sandy Beach
  • 12. Jack Trombey – Underlay no.3
  • 13. Simon Hasely – Hammerhead
  • 14. Simon Park – Motives 1
  • 15. Roger Jackson – Flashpoint
  • 16. Pierre Arvay – Skyway
  • 17. Peter Reno – Renegade
  • 18. Simon Park – Ooze
  • 19. John Saunders – Myriad

Bite Harder is the long awaited follow up to the daddy of all library albums, Bite Hard, originally released on BBE back in 1997 in collaboration with super talented Joel Martin (Quiet Village), the De Wolfe Music Library are compiling (with great care and love) some rare slices of OST ephemera from their 100 year-old vaults!

The De Wolfe library catalogue is legendary with everyone from the likes of Mark Ronson, Jay Z, Ja Rule, The Gorillaz and Lily Allen dipping into the legendary vaults to source out some sampling delights.  This is the 4th in the de Wolfe re-issue series, collecting some rare unreleased slices of psychedelic rock, steel band funk, cosmic prog, afro-beat and beyond. Includes original tracks as sampled by hip hop's Kool G Rap & M.O.P., High & Mighty & Cam`Ron. Key tracks included are THE ELECTRIC BANANA - 'STREET GIRL (INSTRUMENTAL)', LUDOVIC DECOSNE & PIERRE DAUBRESSE - 'GLOAMING', ALAN PARKER - 'CRATER', JOHNNY HAWKSWORTH - 'SANDY?BEACH', SIMON PARK - 'MOTIVES 1', ROGER JACKSON - 'FLASHPOINT', REG TILSLEY - 'WARLOCK', LEMONDIPS - 'WHO'S GONNA BUY (INTRUMENTAL)' and many many more!

A sampling dream obviously for hip hop fans this album is also a superb listen and rare opportunity to hear this fantatsic music!

*tracklist:The vinyl tracklisting is as follow:

A Side

1. The Electric Banana - Street Girl (Instrumental)

2. Ludovic Decosne & Pierre Daubresse - Gloaming

3. The Lemondips - Who's Gonna Buy (Instrumental)

4. Nick Ingman - Down Home

5. Barry Stoller - Funky Spider

6. Alan Parker - Crater

7. Peter Reno - Silver Thrust

B Side

1. Simon Park - Motives 1

2. Reg Tilsley - Warlock

3. Johnny Hawsworth Sandy Beach

4. Keith Papworth Hair Raiser

5. Roger Jackson - Flashpoint

6. Simon Park - Ooze

7. John Saunders Myriad

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