Jerome Derradji Presents The American Boogie Down

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  • 1. Visons of Tomorrow – Galaxy
  • 2. DIT – You Bring Out the Best in Me
  • 3. Devarne – You Are Number One
  • 4. Greyship Daviz – Get Up Get Down and Let Your Body Pop
  • 5. Lonnie Givens – The heat is On
  • 6. The Morning After – Get It
  • 7. The Right Direction – Midnight Rhythm
  • 8. Tony Cook Presents Vernon Cheely – Get to the point
  • 9. The Fabulous Kings – If You Like What We're Doing
  • 10. Destiny in Time Band – Dance
  • 11. Devarne – Kiss You Everywhere
  • 12. Monofide – Party

A great double disc compilation of rare boogie from BBE focusing on records from the American Hearland of the Mid-West, outside of the regular roll-call of major 'soul cities' such as New York and Detroit. BBE has teamed up with Chicago based Still Music to bring you a slice of phenomenally rare Disco / Boogie tracks. ‘The American Boogie Down’ was compiled and mixed by Still Music label owner Jerome Derradji and comes as a double CD with a mixed disc and an unmixed disc. This compilation is taken from ‘Past Due Records’, Still Music’s famous disco reissue division. It includes two unreleased tracks from Chicago’s Morning After and Detroit’s Monofide. Outside of New York City, the sound of late 1970s soul music was adhered to almost begrudgingly. Up to that point, most of Middle America had been allowed to remain blissfully behind the curve, appropriating the fashions coming out of the urban cultural centers at a leisurely pace. But by the time of disco music’s explosion, mass media and the major label machines were functioning effectively enough to make even the sleepiest burgs more aware. Highly Recommended!