• Mount Liberation Unlimited – Heavy Metal Emoji
    • Mount Liberation Unlimited – Svensson High Life
    • Mount Liberation Unlimited – L U S H (A Trip In Three Parts)
    • Mount Liberation Unlimited – Sweden Eksotika
    • Mount Liberation Unlimited – Lord Of The Floor
    • Mount Liberation Unlimited – Skogen
    • 1. Heavy Metal Emoji
    • 2. Svensson High Life
    • 3. L U S H (A Trip In Three Parts)
    • 4. Sweden Eksotika
    • 5. Lord Of The Floor
    • 6. Skogen

    Mount Liberation Unlimited hit the Balearic sweet spot with this mixed EP of deep, tripped out sunshine club vibes - ace!

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    Oluko ImoOduduwa / Were Oju Le (The Eyes Are Getting Red)Soundway
    Recorded between Lagos and New York in 1988, the tracks sit at the fault line of the Trinidad-Yoruba connection, blending calypso heritage with the Afrobeat...
      Lord EchoRarities 2010-2020: Japanese Tour SinglesSoundway
      While we patiently await new music, we can revel in versions that escaped the typical overthinking that occurs during the album process, instead reflecting...
        Rex OmarRex OmarSoundway
        With a career spanning 30 years he has evolved the genre, pushed boundaries and dazzled listeners with his inventive output. A definitive piece of Omar's...
          Circus UnderwaterCircus UnderwaterSoundway
          Seminal 1980s ambient/new age record reissued on Soundway. Features artwork from Grateful Dead collaborator, David Lundquist!
            Ayo Manuel1983-90Soundway
            Soundway Records presents Ayo Manuel '1983-1990', a collection of selected works by one of Nigeria's DIY pioneers. This mini compilation selects the stand...
              felbmcycli infiniSoundway
              Dutch multi-instrumentalist Felbm returns with the conceptual album ‘cycli infini’ : a 38-minute composition of metamorphosing tape loops, musical...
              • – cycli infini
              • – cycli infini (excerpt)
              Yoruba SingersBasa Bongo / Black PepperSoundway
              Guyana folk music reinterpreted and infused with Afro-roots and culture, reissued on vinyl for the first time. Stunning issue via Soundway!
                The Yoruba SingersOjinga's OwnSoundway
                The 1974 debut album Ojinga's Own (along with the single Basa Bongo/Black Pepper) by Guyanese Afro-Folk band The Yoruba Singers has been remastered for...
                • – Ojinga's Own
                • – No Intention
                The LahaarThe LahaarSoundway
                Drawing inspiration from the depths of late 70's NYC proto-rap disco instrumentals, Nigerian boogie-funk, jamaican dub and modern jazzy house - The Lahaar...
                  Nenad Jelic and Laza RistovskiOperaSoundway
                  Nenad Jelic is one of the most original artists to appear on the Serbian music scene, a percussionist obsessed with melody and silence, a multidisciplinary...
                    • LP SNDWLP156£20.00
                      Expected 24 FebPreorder
                    Sintesis Moderna: An Alternate Vision of Argentinian Music 1980—1990Soundway
                    **Essential compilation on Soundway!** A digital rewilding of computer and synth powered music, dripping with an impressive variety of influence, from...
                    • Carlos Cutaia – Operativo
                    • El Signo – Dimensiones Ocultas (Ric Piccolo Edit)
                    • Ultimate Warriors – Running Away From You
                    • Abaddon – No Es Computable
                    • Toby – Ain't That Better (Harari Edit)
                    • The Originals – Vamos A La Playa
                    • Mike Ribas – Secuencia Sin Consecuencias
                    • Adalberto Cevasco – Reencuentros No. 2
                    • Los Mœsicos Del Centro – Esquirlas
                    • Divina Gloria – Mediterranee Club
                    • Mike Ribas – Como Son Los Retratos (Harari Edit)
                    • Delight – I Wanna Make You Mine
                    • Gaita – Mueve Tu Cuerpo
                    • Donald – A Ver, A Ver (Ric Piccolo Edit)
                    • Bad Girls – Dance To Dance
                    • Carla Rab – Sexy Films
                    • Los Musicos Del Centro – Aire de Tropicos
                    • Jorge Lopez Ruiz – De Mama Candombe
                    • Jorge Alfano – Fuego
                    • 1. Carlos Cutaia – Operativo
                    • 2. El Signo – Dimensiones Ocultas (Ric Piccolo Edit)
                    • 3. Ultimate Warriors – Running Away From You
                    • View full info and tracklisting
                    Ritmo Fantasia: Balearic Spanish Synth-Pop, Boogie and House (1982-1992)Soundway
                    The 21 track selection curated by Trujillo, a Venezuelan producer, DJ and record collector based in Berlin, explores the forgotten corners of the 1980s...
                    • – Mogambo - Dando Vueltas
                    • – Nsue - Rebelde Silueta
                    • – Cuélebre - Costa Verde
                    ThabaEyes Rest Their FeetSoundway
                    The particular Thaba sound reflects a sonic duality drawing on a double pop heritage of Mbaqanga and Bubblegum artists like The Soul Brothers, Paul Ndlovu...
                    • – Old Tapes
                    • – Warrior
                    • – Vaya Le Nna
                    • – Confided
                    • – Mungu
                    • – Resilient
                    • – Severin
                    • – Throw It All Away
                    • – Tsoma
                    • – Brew
                    Onda De Amor: Synthesized Brazilian Hits That Never Were 1984-94Soundway
                    The mighty Soundway Records present a new compilation, this time turning their attention to South America, specifically Brazil. This is a treasure trove...
                    • Ricardo Bomba – Voce Vai Se Lembrar
                    • Vania Bastos – Tabu (The Sweetest Taboo)
                    • Rosana Mendes & Grupo Veneno – Reague
                    • Grupo Controle Digital – A Festa E Nossa
                    • Villa Box – Break De Rua (Versao Longa)
                    • Batista Junior – Cheira
                    • Dado Brazzawilly – Saramandaia
                    • Anacy Arcanjo – Toque Tambor
                    • Fogo Baiano – O Fogo Do Sol
                    • Dodo Da Bahia & As Virgens De Porto Seguro – Africamerica
                    • Via Negromonte – Love Is All
                    • Electric Boogies – Electric Boogies
                    • Os Abelhudos – Contos De Escola
                    • Nanda Rossi – Livre Pra Voar
                    • Andre Melo – Onda De Amor
                    • Regiao Abissal – Feminina Mulher
                    Me and My FriendsHide Your WaySoundway
                    British quintet Me and My Friends release their captivating and mesmerising second album, Hide Your Way, on Soundway. A unique and singular blend, it's...
                    • – All That Is You
                    • – Droplet
                    • – Holiday
                    Black Truth Rhythm BandIfetayoSoundway
                    Soundway have beautifully reissued afro-centric, Trinidadian band, Black Truth Rhythm Band's 'Ifetayo' album, originally released in 1976. Killer laidback...
                    • – Ifetayo
                    • – You People
                    • – Saved Musician
                    • – Kilimanjaro
                    Kenya Special: Selected East African Recordings From The 1970's & 80'sSoundway
                    Soundway return with another instalment in their acclaimed african "special" series - this time focussing on 70's and 80's Kenya!Having delved deep into...
                    • The Loi Toki Tok – Ware Wa
                    • Slim Ali & The Famous Hodi Boys – Watoto Nyara
                    • The Mombasa Vikings – Mama Matotoya
                    Kiki Gyan 24 Hours In A Disco 1978-82Soundway
                    Seven, super funky discofied Ghanian stompers from Africa's answer to Stevie Wonder, Kiki Gyan!  Collected here is the best of Gyan’s work...
                    • – disco dancer
                    • – 24 hours in disco
                    • – keep on dancing
                    • – pretty pretty girls

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                    Gilles Peterson & Brownswood Recordings present: Future Bubblers 5.0Brownswood Recordings
                    Gilles Peterson and his Brownswood Recordings crew release the next, fifth volume of the excellent 'Future Bubblers' series, continuing the tradition of...
                    • – Magoya - The Most Beautiful Lie feat. Ella Knight
                    • – Mark Cake - Hoon
                    • – Ella Knight - It Don't Matter
                    • – NeONE the Wonderer - Nose Dive
                    • – Conrad Ellis - Make It Last
                    • – Damos Room - Soft Bodied (Widow's Reprise)
                    • – Shakira Alleyne - Floating Soul
                    • – Madi Saskia - Fast or Slow
                    • – Griz-O & JSSO Project - Tabou Remix
                    Ritmo Fantasia: Balearic Spanish Synth-Pop, Boogie and House (1982-1992)Soundway
                    The 21 track selection curated by Trujillo, a Venezuelan producer, DJ and record collector based in Berlin, explores the forgotten corners of the 1980s...
                    • – Mogambo - Dando Vueltas
                    • – Nsue - Rebelde Silueta
                    • – Cuélebre - Costa Verde
                    PigeonYagana EPSoundway
                    MONSTER release on Soundway that effortlessly shifts between Afro-disco, no wave and jazz! The powerful vocal delivery by Guinean singer Falle Nioke lift...
                    • – Yagana
                    • – Nothing Grows
                    • – It's You
                    • – War (Jam)
                    Sun RaStrange Celestial Road (1980)Celestial Recordings
                    The band Sun Ra had at the end of the '70s was surely the funkiest he ever had.
                      Sun RaUniverse In Blue (1972)Saturn
                      Featuring Arkestra stawarts John Gilmore (tenor sax) and June Tyson (vocals). 
                      • – Universe In Blue Part I
                      • – Blackman
                      Ibibio Sound MachineElectricityMerge Records
                      Ibibio Sound Machine are back with their Hot Chip produced 'Electricity' album. Expect a blend of African and electronic elements with the sound of golden...
                      • – Protection From Evil
                      • – Electricity
                      • – Casio (Yak Nda Nda)
                      • – Afo Ken Doko Mien
                      • – All That You Want
                      • – Wanna See Your Face Again
                      • – 17 18 19
                      • – Truth No Lie
                      • – Oyoyo
                      • New LP (Coloured Vinyl) MRG765LPC1£23.00
                        Limited yellow & black splatter vinyl edtion
                        Out of stock Notify me
                      Beispiel (Frank Bretschneider & Jan Jelinek)MusterFaitiche
                      Faitiche presents Beispiel (German for "example", also suggests playing together), a joint project by Frank Bretschneider and Jan Jelinek. 'Muster' is...
                      • – 204:03
                      • – J&F-2A
                      • – FB&JJ2017-1
                      • – J&F-1C
                      • – 1(1.Teil)
                      • – Version1
                      • – 18-6-28-FB&JJ-E
                      • – 3(Kurz)
                      • – 1(2.Teil)&FBJJ(2.Teil)
                      Pencak Killa IV: Melayu Funk & Rare Groove From South East AsiaGila Records
                      Killer selection of obscure and unknown South-East Asian Melayu and Pinoy funk, rare groove, deep soul, disco and AOR!
                      • – Smack - Isang Halik Lang
                      • – Advisors - Tayo Na Sa Disco
                      • – Backdoor Band - Disco Theme
                      • – Coconut’s Band - 1 + 2 = 3
                      • – Jennifer Yen - Together Again
                      • – Black Bone Dog - Khayalan
                      • – Ed Corpus - Dance With Me
                      • – Broery - Mengenangkan Dirimu
                      • – Utha Likumahuwa - Datanglah Ceria
                      Chaos In The CBDBrainstormIn Dust We Trust
                      Wicked dub-house music jams from dynamite duo Chaos In The CBD!
                      • – Echolocation
                      • – Liquid Experience
                      • – Brainstorm
                      • – Mind Massage
                      Money In My PocketThe Joe Gibbs Singles Collection 1972-1973Doctor Bird
                      48 tracks from the Joe Gibbs’ stable of the 1970s, featuring a diversity of performer and musical styles• A 2CD set that includes significant Jamaican...
                        Vince WatsonMystical Rhythm / Moments In TimeEverysoul Audio
                        Reissue of these two CLASSIC, emotive, melodic techno tracks from UK producer, Vince Watson! His most cherished, ethereal, Detroit-channelling tunes, that...
                        • – Mystical Rhythm (VW20 Mix)
                        • – Moments In Time (VW20 Mix)
                        A fantastic new collection of classic and rare remixes of Kraftwerk including versions by François Kervorkian, Orbital, Underground Resistance, DJ Rolando,...
                        • – Radioactivity (William Orbit Hardcore Remix - Kling Klang Edit)
                        • – Radioactivity (François Kervorkian 12” Remix)
                        • – Expo Remix (Underground Resistance Mix)
                        • – Expo Remix (UR Thought 3 Mix)
                        • – Aéro Dynamik (François K. Aero Mix)
                        • 4. – Radioactivity (William Orbit Hardcore Remix - Kling Klang Edit)
                        • 5. – Radioactivity (François Kervorkian 12” Remix)
                        • 12. – Expo Remix (Underground Resistance Mix)
                        • View full info and tracklisting
                        • 3×LP 0190296504761£50.00
                          3x180g black vinyl LPs, in a wide-spined sleeve, with printed inner bags.
                          Out of stock Notify me
                        • 2×CD 0190296504778£26.00
                          2xCD set, packaged in a 4/1 printed capacity card wallet (printed black on the inside), with two inner card wallets for the CDs and an 8-page booklet.
                          Out of stock Notify me
                        Sun RaSun Ra And His Solar Arkestra Visits Planet EarthSaturn
                        Reissue of incredibly rare 1966 album, beautifully done on 180 gram vinyl
                          • Reissue LP Satun9956-11£18.00
                            Out of stock Notify me
                          Sun RaThe Night Of The Purple MoonSaturn
                          Super rare early 70s set Sun Ra with John Gilmore on percussion as well as tenor sax. Includes "Love In Outer Space". Super deep and funky! As featured...