• Me and My Friends – All That Is You
    • Me and My Friends – Droplet
    • Me and My Friends – Holiday
    • 1. All That Is You
    • 2. Droplet
    • 3. Holiday
    • 4. Leave My Bones
    • 5. Hide
    • 6. Stray
    • 7. You Don't Know

    British quintet Me and My Friends release their captivating and mesmerising second album, Hide Your Way, on Soundway. A unique and singular blend, it's the sound of English folk colliding head-on with the golden-era music of 1970s West Africa and the Caribbean. Recommended!

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    Padang Moonrise: The Birth Of The Modern Indonesian Recording Industry 1955-1969Soundway
    Java, the most populous island in the archipelago of over 17,000 islands and 1300 distinct ethnic groups, and its capital city Jakarta, was where most...
    • Orkes Teruna Ria – Bulan Dagoan
    • Yanti Bersaudara – Gumbira
    • Orkes Suita Rama – Tepui Tepui
    • Band Nada Kentjana – Djaleuleudja
    • Orkes Lokananta – Nganggo Teklek Nang Krikilan
    • Orkes Teruna Ria – Budjang Talalai
    • Orkes Kelana Ria – Ya Mahmud
    • Orkes Teruna Ria – Geleang Sapi
    • Zaenal Combo – Ampat Lima Dalam Djambangan
    • Zaenal Combo – Seruling
    • Orkes Kelana Ria – Sojang
    • Mus D.S. – Neleng Neng Kung
    • Orkes Gumarang – Malin Kundang
    • Orkes Tropicana – Pantjaran Kasih
    • Orkes Teruna Ria – Tak Ton Tong
    • Orkes Lokananta – Tari Bali
    • Orkes Kelana Ria – Emplek Emplek Ketepu
    • Mus D.S. – Ahai Dara
    • Orkes Kelana Ria – Semoga
    Sintesis Moderna: An Alternate Vision of Argentinian Music 1980—1990Soundway
    **Essential compilation on Soundway!** A digital rewilding of computer and synth powered music, dripping with an impressive variety of influence, from...
    • Carlos Cutaia – Operativo
    • El Signo – Dimensiones Ocultas (Ric Piccolo Edit)
    • Ultimate Warriors – Running Away From You
    • Abaddon – No Es Computable
    • Toby – Ain't That Better (Harari Edit)
    • The Originals – Vamos A La Playa
    • Mike Ribas – Secuencia Sin Consecuencias
    • Adalberto Cevasco – Reencuentros No. 2
    • Los Mœsicos Del Centro – Esquirlas
    • Divina Gloria – Mediterranee Club
    • Mike Ribas – Como Son Los Retratos (Harari Edit)
    • Delight – I Wanna Make You Mine
    • Gaita – Mueve Tu Cuerpo
    • Donald – A Ver, A Ver (Ric Piccolo Edit)
    • Bad Girls – Dance To Dance
    • Carla Rab – Sexy Films
    • Los Musicos Del Centro – Aire de Tropicos
    • Jorge Lopez Ruiz – De Mama Candombe
    • Jorge Alfano – Fuego
    • 1. Carlos Cutaia – Operativo
    • 2. El Signo – Dimensiones Ocultas (Ric Piccolo Edit)
    • 3. Ultimate Warriors – Running Away From You
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    Charles AmoahSweet VibrationSoundway
    One of the most well-known disco and burger highlife artists of the time, Charles Amoah originally began his career as a drummer. Playing with Alex Konadu's...
    • – Shake Your Body To The Beat
    • – Fighting Spirit
    • – Sweet Vibration
    • – Shake Your Body To The Beat (Long Version)
    • – Scratch My Back
    • – Life's Like Being In A Boxing Ring
    • – Jungle Rock
    • – Our Love's On Fire
    Clear Path EnsembleSolar EclipseSoundway
    Clear Path Ensemble bottles the energy of that burgeoning movement and distils it into moody morsels of differing styles. From electric jazz to ambient,...
      Sai GalaxyGet It As You MoveSoundway
      Drawing from the influence of 70s and 80s Nigerian artists such as Nkono Teles, Jake Sollo and Mike Umoh, the Sai Galaxy collective is on a mission to...
      • Sai Galaxy – Rendezvous Feat. Vanessa Baker
      • Sai Galaxy – Obio Feat. Gabriel Otu
      • Sai Galaxy – Don't Wanna Be Your Lover Feat. Raymond Lédon
      • Sai Galaxy – Get It In The Sun Feat. Olugbade Okunade
      • 1. Sai Galaxy – Rendezvous Feat. Vanessa Baker
      • 2. Sai Galaxy – Obio Feat. Gabriel Otu
      • 3. Sai Galaxy – Don't Wanna Be Your Lover Feat. Raymond Lédon
      • View full info and tracklisting
      Mount Liberation UnlimitedWelcome To The JungleSoundway
      Mount Liberation Unlimited hit the Balearic sweet spot with this mixed EP of deep, tripped out sunshine club vibes - ace!
      • – Heavy Metal Emoji
      • – Svensson High Life
      • – L U S H (A Trip In Three Parts)
      • – Sweden Eksotika
      • – Lord Of The Floor
      • – Skogen
      Ritmo Fantasia: Balearic Spanish Synth-Pop, Boogie and House (1982-1992)Soundway
      The 21 track selection curated by Trujillo, a Venezuelan producer, DJ and record collector based in Berlin, explores the forgotten corners of the 1980s...
      • – Mogambo - Dando Vueltas
      • – Nsue - Rebelde Silueta
      • – Cuélebre - Costa Verde
      ThabaEyes Rest Their FeetSoundway
      The particular Thaba sound reflects a sonic duality drawing on a double pop heritage of Mbaqanga and Bubblegum artists like The Soul Brothers, Paul Ndlovu...
      • – Old Tapes
      • – Warrior
      • – Vaya Le Nna
      • – Confided
      • – Mungu
      • – Resilient
      • – Severin
      • – Throw It All Away
      • – Tsoma
      • – Brew
      Shaluza Max / Tabu Ley RochereauMangase / Hafi DeoSoundway
      Repress! On the A-side South African singer, Shaluza Max's massive Mashkandi / house anthem from 2002 gets a first release on vinyl. This track was a...
      • Shaluza Max – Mangase
      • Tabu Ley Rochereau – Hafi Deo
      Onda De Amor: Synthesized Brazilian Hits That Never Were 1984-94Soundway
      The mighty Soundway Records present a new compilation, this time turning their attention to South America, specifically Brazil. This is a treasure trove...
      • Ricardo Bomba – Voce Vai Se Lembrar
      • Vania Bastos – Tabu (The Sweetest Taboo)
      • Rosana Mendes & Grupo Veneno – Reague
      • Grupo Controle Digital – A Festa E Nossa
      • Villa Box – Break De Rua (Versao Longa)
      • Batista Junior – Cheira
      • Dado Brazzawilly – Saramandaia
      • Anacy Arcanjo – Toque Tambor
      • Fogo Baiano – O Fogo Do Sol
      • Dodo Da Bahia & As Virgens De Porto Seguro – Africamerica
      • Via Negromonte – Love Is All
      • Electric Boogies – Electric Boogies
      • Os Abelhudos – Contos De Escola
      • Nanda Rossi – Livre Pra Voar
      • Andre Melo – Onda De Amor
      • Regiao Abissal – Feminina Mulher
      Gumba Fire: Bubblegum Soul & Synth Boogie In 1980s South AfricaSoundway
      Soundway dig deep again and present a selection of 18 rare 1980s cuts that highlight the period that nestles in between the ‘70s (where American-influenced...
      • The Survivals – My Brother
      • Stimela – Mind Games
      • Hot Soul Singers – Hlala Nami
      • Zoom – Wayawaya
      • Ashiko – Gumba Fire (Madlakadlaka)
      • Monwa & Sun – Heartbeat
      • Ntombi Ndaba – Do You Trust Amajita?
      • The Black Five – Selallane
      • Starlight – Picnicing
      • Zasha – Hayi Ngodlame
      • Condry Ziqubu – She’s Impossible
      • General Peter Maringa – Listen To Me
      • Zasha – Arrow Dub
      • Ozila – Wola Wola
      • 3×LP£23.00
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      The HeliocentricsA World Of MasksSoundway
      Since first appearing on DJ Shadow’s 2006 album The Outsider, The Heliocentrics have gone on to release a string of records that float through...
      • – Made Of The Sun
      • – Time
      • – Human Zoo
      • – A World Of Masks
      • – Capital Of Alone
      • – Dawn Chorus
      • – The Silverback
      • – Oh Brother
      • – The Uncertainty Principle
      • New LP (180g)£17.00
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      • CD£9.99
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      Doing It In Lagos: Boogie, Pop & Disco In 1980's NigeriaSoundway
      Soundway release a compilation of twenty rare, and mostly unavailable, tracks from the world of Nigerian pop and club culture from the early 80's! A stunning...
      • Hotline – Fellas Doing It In Lagos
      • Peter Abdul – Don't You Know
      • Steve Monite – Only You
      • Oby Onyioha – Enjoy Your Life
      • Kio Amachree – Ivory
      • Livy Ekemezie – Holiday Action
      • 3×LP + 7"£23.00
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      Me & My FriendsHide Your WaySoundway
      A unique and singular blend, the sound of English folk colliding head-on with the golden-era of 1970s West Africa and the Caribbean.
        Susso, aka bassist / producer Huw Bennett, creates music inspired by, and directly sampling, the magnificent sounds of the Mandinka people, recorded...
        • – Keira (intro)
        • – Mamadou
        • – Bani
        • – Ansumana
        • – Foday Kunda
        • – Suso Kunda
        • – Alagi
        • – Tomora
        • – Kankurang
        • – Son Kunda
        Family AtlanticaCosmic UnitySoundway
        Family Atlantica blend psychedelic highlife, steel-pan Ethio-funk, calypso, baião and equatorial jazz. 'Cosmic Unity' is the band's second, long-playing...
        • – Okoroba
        • – Enjera
        • – Cacao
        • – Visa
        • – Puerta
        • – La Humanidad
        • – El Rio
        • – Baiao Infinito
        • – Neti Neti
        • – Near The Ocean
        • – Efik
        • – Blue Atlantic
        • – Cosmic Unity
        • – Blanca Y Negra
        • – Canto De Pilon
        • LP£13.99
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        Joe MensahCry Laughter (RSD 16)Soundway
        LP Extremely rare Nigerian album available now for the first time in it's entirety since the '70s. Strictly limited to 500 copies for Record Store...
            Hedzoleh SoundzHedzolehSoundway
            Hedzoleh Soundz were one of the first and most original ‘Afro’ bands from 1970s Ghana playing an unusual mix of traditional music from across...
            • – Rekpete
            • – Omusu Da Fe M'Musu
            • – Hedzoleh!
            • New LP £17.00
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            • CD£8.99
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            Kiki Gyan 24 Hours In A Disco 1978-82Soundway
            Seven, super funky discofied Ghanian stompers from Africa's answer to Stevie Wonder, Kiki Gyan!  Collected here is the best of Gyan’s work...
            • – disco dancer
            • – 24 hours in disco
            • – keep on dancing
            • – pretty pretty girls
            • 2×LP£19.00
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            • CD£13.00
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                • – Goin' Down South
                • – Prints Tie
                • – Ummh
                • – A Night In Barcelona
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                  • – Colours
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                  Revelation: Issue 6We Jazz
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                    Judy MowattBlack WomanCaroline International
                    Second solo album from I-Three member Judy Mowatt originally released in 1979 featuring "Zion Chant" Black Woman" plus 5 extra tracks new to CD
                      Brown SpiritsDead End ExitsNo Label
                      We got 50 more! So if you want one you need to order NOW as they gonna fly! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EXCLUSIVE!!!!! UNBELIEVABLY...
                      • Brown Spirits – Dead End Exits (Part 1)
                      • Brown Spirits – Dead End Exits (Part 2)
                      • 7" (SOTU Exclusive)£10.00
                        Exclusive Limited hand stamped and printed 'white label' 7" release of 100 copies - one per customer!
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                      Synthesis Sound ArchiveHidden Future | Reverse SynthesisSynthesis Sound Archive
                      Wicked cosmic jazz invocation from musician/artist collective Hidden Future. Unsettling yet strangely mediatative all at the same time — one for...
                      • – Hidden Future
                      • – Reverse Synthesis
                      Tomaga / Floating Points & Marta SalogniIntimate ImmensityPhonica Records Special Editions
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                      • Tomaga – Intimate Immensity (Floating Points & Marta Salogni Remix)
                      • Floating Points & Marta Salogni – A Call From The Eaves
                      • 1. Tomaga – Intimate Immensity (Floating Points & Marta Salogni Remix)
                      • 2. Floating Points & Marta Salogni – A Call From The Eaves
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                      Donald ByrdLive Cookin’ with Blue Note at Montreux (1973)Blue Note
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                        Burning SpearMarcus Garvey / Garvey's GhostMango
                        Contains Burning Spear’s classic 1975 album “Marcus Garvey” with the dub version on one CD. Classic roots!
                          T.P. Orchestre Poly-RythmoAfro​-​FunkAcid Jazz
                          Formed in 1968 by leader Clément Mélomé, T.P. Orchestre Poly-Rythmo became the leading group in Benin and the cornerstone of the Albarika Store label...
                            Steve Pointdexter / TraxmanBack To The Future EPFactory Music Chicago
                            New label from Chicago house music heroes Steve Pointdexter and Traxman! Tough, raw, jackin' house music traxx plus some rare Armando material!
                              The WailersCatch A FireTuff Gong
                              Disc 1: The unreleased 1973 original Jamaica versions with Disc 2: The original Island release.Superb two CD set featuring The Wailers versions & Chris...
                                Matthew HalsallChanging EarthGondwana Records
                                **Very limited - one per customer!**Sublime, deep, meditative jazz from Matthew Halsall in a beautifully designed sleeve by the legendary Designers Republic....
                                • – Positive Activity
                                • – Changing Earth
                                • – Yogic Flying
                                • – Upper Space
                                TraxmanDa Jacking EPFactory Music Chicago
                                Killer new material from Dance Mania legend, Traxman! Hard, raw house music traxx from Chicago!
                                • – Da Jack
                                • – Punk Funk
                                • – Punk Funk (Corkys Punk Out Rework)
                                • – Dat Hot Number
                                • – Johnny Funk
                                Dixie Peach meets The DisciplesDivide & ConquerPartial
                                Fresh heavyweight speaker-distressing business from The Disciples with a vocal track from the legendary Dixie Peach (Jah Tubbys, Fashion). "Divide and...
                                • – Divide & Conquer
                                • – Divisive Dub
                                • – Dub Conquerer
                                • – Togetherness Dub
                                Gary SarachoEn Medio (1973)ABC Impulse
                                VERY HEAVY JAZZ ALBUM on IMPULSE 1973!This is a deep, deep Latin meets Strata-East vibe Jazz west coast bomb on Impulse! Saracho was a Los Angeles keyboard...
                                • – sunday's church
                                • – senor baker
                                Michael PalmerGive Me The WorkPower House
                                Limited copies of original 12" from 1986 on Power House featuring Michael Palmer slick vocal cut of "Give Me The Work" with Leroy Smart & Charlie Chaplin...
                                • Michael Palmer – Give Me The Work
                                • Sly & Robbie – Working Skank
                                • Leroy Smart – Bank Account
                                • Sly & Robbie – Midlands/Natwest Dub
                                Island Records Presents Dub (38 Hard And Heavy Dub Cuts)Island Records
                                Out of print awesome collection of 38 dub wise mixes of some of J.A. & U.K. artists of the 70s & 80s featuring Burning Spear, Rico, Steel Pulse, Aswad,...
                                  BDF All StarsItal Lion SerenadeItal Counselor
                                  A wicked relick of Aswad's "Hey Jah Children" rhythm from the "Babylon" soundtrack. Four great versions from the BDF All Stars plus front cover sticker...
                                  • – Ital Lion Serenade
                                  • – Dub Serenade
                                  • – Operation Swamp 81
                                  • – Sus Dub
                                  Joseph LalibelaJah Kingdom ComeIndica Dubs
                                  Heavy new roots steppers from Indica Dubs and vocalist Joseph Lalibela with melodica cut from Vanya O plus two dubs.
                                  • Joseph Lalibela – Jah Kingdom Come
                                  • Indica Dubs – Jah Kingdom Dub
                                  • Vanya O – `Open The Gates
                                  • Indica Dubs – Open The Dub
                                  Eek-A-MouseMost WantedGreensleeves Records
                                  Tuff selection of Eek-A-Mouse's early 80s roots recordings featuring killers as "Ganja Smuggling" "Anarexol" "Wa-Do-Dem" and many many more
                                    Cloud OnePatty DukeSound of New York
                                    Classic NYC disco joint produced by the greats Peter Brown and Patrick Adams!
                                      Gigi MasinPlays Venezia13
                                      In an incredible stroke of luck, the Silentes sub-imprint, 13, returns with a long-awaited, expanded reissue of one of their most beloved and sought-after...
                                      • – Venezia 2016
                                      • – Abandoned Venice (For Harold Budd)
                                      The Mighty DiamondsRight TimeFront Line
                                      All time classic vocal roots harmony from The Mighty Diamonds originally released in 1976. Every track a killer!
                                        IC All-StarsRuby's TriumphItal Counselor
                                        A musical tribute to Ruby Bridges featuring Chris Lane (Fashion Records) & Inyaki (BDF All Stars) At the tender age of six, Ruby Bridges advanced the cause...
                                        • – Ruby's Triumph
                                        • – 14 November 1960 Version
                                        • – Arc of Justice
                                        • – Justice Dub
                                        Burning SpearSocial LivingIsland Records
                                        Classic 1978 Roots rock reggae from Winston Rodney on fire with tunes "Civilized Reggae" "Marcus Children Suffer" "Institution" and many more..plus "Living...
                                          The Dub Organiser meets Soothsayer HornsSoul Dragon AnthemItal Counselor
                                          Chris 'Dub Organiser' Lane mixes four heavy roots dub cuts featuring the Soothsayer Horn section. Take yer pick of the dubs, equally strong firing on all...
                                          • – Soul Dragon Anthem
                                          • – Soulful Dub
                                          • – Never You Wake the Dragon
                                          • – Dragon Fire Version
                                          LinkwoodStereoAthens Of The North
                                          More lo-fi house music, electro-funk, synth pop instrumentals, primitive techno and out-there kosmiche vibes from the awesome talent, Linkwood! Another...
                                          • – I'm Ready
                                          • – RunStop
                                          • – Joystick
                                          • – Love
                                          • – S-Mode
                                          • – DipDab
                                          • – Clusters
                                          • – Ping
                                          • – Flightpath
                                          • – Glow
                                          • – Lookup
                                          Kyle HallTechnically Deep EPForget The Clock
                                          Detroit's Kyle Hall brings the funk with swingin' four track house music EP via his own Forget The Clock label!
                                          • – Sit in Dat 4
                                          • – Alignment
                                          • – Pounce
                                          Fast Eddie & TraxmanTha WestsidersFactory Music Chicago
                                          Tough acid traxx from two legends of the Chicago house scene, Fast Eddie and Traxman!
                                          • – Eddie's House
                                          • – It's Sick
                                          • – Welcome To The Pleasure Dome
                                          • – Ain't It Funky
                                          • – Free Speech
                                          The GladiatorsTrenchtown Mix UpFront Line
                                          Their classic debut roots album from 1976 originally released by Virgin records in the U.K. full of killer tunes of new & old reworks..
                                            The FrightnrsYou, Still / TuesdayDaptone Records
                                            Attention DJ's! It is our distinct pleasure to offer up "You, Still" b/w "Tuesday", two bangers from The Frightnrs latest long-player, Always..this time...