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      • 1. Starting Tone
      • 2. Departure
      • 3. Caught
      • 4. Insects World
      • 5. Underground Cathedral
      • 6. Airshaft N°1
      • 7. Metal Kit
      • 8. Escaping
      • 9. Steam Land
      • 10. Hooter
      • 11. Shelters
      • 12. Nature Death
      • 13. Crystal Mind
      • 14. Airshaft N°2

      Best known to funk / groove collectors for his 70's library efforts (Freezing Point, The Pop World Of Yann Tregger, Schifters, Catchy, Ducks & Drakes) on such cult labels as L'Illustration Musicale, MTS or Montparnasse 2000 or his late funky disco output via projects like Major Symphony or M.B.T. Soul; french trumpet player / composer / arranger Yann Tregger also devoted time and efforts to delve into electronic sound abstraction when needed. Based around the possibilities of the legendary ARP 2600 synthesizer, To The Land Of No Return was an outrageous and nightmarish collection of sound vignettes that pushed the instrument's capabilities to the limit. Thrilling, uneasy, surreal, spellbinding or just plain spaced out - an album "whose theme is the departure of a psychedelic train on a trip with no return to a lost world, leading its only passenger to unreal adventures" according to composer's words. An essential slice of musical lunacy coming from the most experimental fringes of the french library world!

      First time ever reissued on vinyl, remastered from the original tapes in a gimmick cover and a limited edition of only 500 copies!

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