• The Upsetters – Strong Drink
    • The Upsetters – Strong Dub
    • 1. Strong Drink
    • 2. Strong Dub

    Never been released before version of Junior Murvins 'False Teacher' Black Ark mayhem. Lead melodica is most likely Augustus Pablo. Full on B side that is not on the album and unique to this 45. Taken from a dub plate and polished up. The sound of minds at the end of tether!!

    Other Releases by The Upsetters

    The UpsettersSoulful I / Wolf ManRandy's
      • Original 7" 007£30.00
        Vinyl condition: VG+Sleeve condition: VG+Original Pre-Owned JA 45
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      The UpsettersLama Lava Mix 1Pressure Sounds
      Raw 'specials' from the Upsetter. Both sides cut from dub plates. The A side is slightly less spacey and the B side which has never been out before is...
      • – Lama Lava Mix 1
      • – Lama Lava Mix 2

      Other Releases on Pressure Sounds

      DubismChePressure Sounds
      Second release from Dubism. Featuring Diggory Kenrick on Flute and Paolo 'DubFiles' Baldini on Bass Guitar and mixing. Pete Holdsworth on Guidance and...
      • – Che
      • – Che Version
      Ska ShotsPressure Sounds
      On August 5th 1962, after 300 years of British rule, which had soaked the earth of the island in blood, Jamaica was finally independent. The country that...
      • – Roland Alphonso - "Live Desire" (Trombone version)
      • – The Skatalites - "Live Wire"
      • – Lynn Taitt - "Ska-Ta-Shot" (take 2)
      • – Roland Alphonso - "Step Down" (Low Riff)
      • – Jackie Mittoo - "Warlock"
      • – Roland Alphonso - "Determination" (take 2)
      • – oland Alphonso - "Determination" (take 5)
      • – Don Drummond - "Love In The Afternoon"
      • – Roland Alphonso - "El Cid" (take 4)
      • – Johnny Moore - "Red Is Danger" (take 3)
      • – Roland Alphonso - "VC10" (take 3)
      • – Johnny Moore - "Yogi Man" (take 1)
      • – Roland Alphonso - "Tough Talk" (take 1)
      • – Roland Alphonso - "Tough Talk" (take 4)
      • 1. – Roland Alphonso - "Live Desire" (Trombone version)
      • 2. – The Skatalites - "Live Wire"
      • 3. – Lynn Taitt - "Ska-Ta-Shot" (take 2)
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      Lee Perry & The UpsettersDub Plate PressurePressure Sounds
        • Original 7" PSS 035£8.00
          Vinyl condition: VG+Sleeve condition: VG+Original Pre-Owned Reggae 45
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        Devon IronsJerusalemPressure Sounds
          • Original 7" PSS 013£8.00
            Vinyl condition: VG+Sleeve condition: VG+Original Pre-Owned Reggae 45
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          Herman Chin-LoyMusicism DubPressure Sounds
          From Producer, Studio, Label & Shop owner Herman Chin-Loy who gave the world one of the first dub album "Aquarius Dub" originally released in 1971. This...
          • – Armagideon War Dub
          • – The Greatest Love Dub
          • – Baby Come On Dub
          • – Why Do You Idle Dub
          • – She’s Gone Dub
          • – Feeling Is Right Dub
          • – Don’t Fight The Man Dub
          • – Troubled World Dub
          • – It's Alright Dub
          • – No Malice Me Chalice Dub
          • – Song Of My Mother Dub
          • – Them A Fight Dub
          • – Secret Admirer Dub
          • – I Love You So Dub
          • – Nobody Wants To Die Dub
          • – You'll Never Know Dub
          Al Brown & Inner ForceDub CutsPressure Sounds
          Al Brown is a fine Jamaican singer who came closest to troubling the UK charts with his Al Green cover version ‘Here I Am Baby.’ In the early 1980’s...
          • – Dub Me Again
          • – Dub Of Books
          • – Ghetto Situation
          • – Liquid Dub Part 1
          • – Hungry Dub Part 1
          • – Poor And Simple Version
          • – Family Version
          • – Ghetto Love Part 1
          Patrick AndyNo Easy Game / Show A Little LovePressure Sounds
          A conscious roots celebration on the A side with Patrick Andy on lead vocal and Yabby You on harmony. A thumping rhythm with Tommy McCook leading the horns...
          • – No Easy Game / Show A Little Love
          • – Show A Little Love
          Patrick AndyVivian Jackson Presents Living In Mount ZionPressure Sounds
          The seed for this album comes from a tape compiled but never released by Vivian “Yabby You” Jackson, labelled “The Best Of Patrick Andy”. On the...
          • – Living In Mount Zion
          • – Living In Mount Zion Version
          • – Got To Give Some Help
          • – Got To Give Some Help Dub
          • – Youths Of Today
          • – Youths Of Today Version
          • – Give Thanks
          • – Give Thanks Dub
          • – You Don’t Want Me
          • – You Don’t Want Me Version
          • – Call On Jah
          • – Love Of A Woman Dub
          Al Brown & DubfilesTribulation On The Land E.P.Pressure Sounds
          Rare obscure roots vocal cut from Al Brown & Inner Force given three superb new dub twists from Italian dub maestro Paolo Baldini, plus the original cut....
          • Al Brown & Inner Force – Tribulation On The Land
          • Dubfiles – Dub On The Land
          • Dubfiles – Tribulation Dub Part 1
          • Dubfiles – Tribulation Dub Part 2
          Barry BrownPraisesPressure Sounds
          Barry Brown had originally started out as a DJ called Jah Smile, but he had also been part of a group with Rod Taylor and Johnny Lee who recorded...
          • – Step It Up Youthman extended – Barry Brown
          • – Natty Rootsman part 1 – Barry Brown
          • – Natty Rootsman part 2 – The Aggrovators
          • – Fittest Of The Fittest part 1 – Barry Brown
          • – Fittest Of The Fittest part 2 – The Aggrovators
          • – We Can’t Dub Like This – The Aggrovators
          • – Longer (intro)
          • – Look How Long vocal – Barry Brown
          • – Look How Long Dub – The Aggrovators
          • – Longer (outro)
          • – From Creation vocal – Barry Brown
          • – Creative Vibes (xylophone) – Diggory Kenrick
          • – Give Thanks And Praise vocal – Barry Brown
          • – Give Thanks And Praise (Lion Mix) – Barry Brown
          • – Give Thanks part 3 – The Aggrovators
          • 1. – Step It Up Youthman extended – Barry Brown
          • 2. – Natty Rootsman part 1 – Barry Brown
          • 3. – Natty Rootsman part 2 – The Aggrovators
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          Lee Perry & FriendsBlack Art From The Black ArkPressure Sounds
          Rare and unreleased roots recordings from The Black Ark and producer Lee Perry with various singers & players featuring two dubplate cuts from Junior Murvin...
          • – Roots Train - Junior Murvin (Unreleased Dubplate Mix)
          • – Woman Gotta Have Love - Jimmy Riley (Unreleased Dubplate Mix)
          • – Set Up Yourself – The Upsetters
          • – Brotherly Love – Henrick Nicholson (12” mix)
          • – Let’s Fall in Love – Junior Murvin
          • – Say a Little Prayer – Eric Donaldson (12” mix)
          • – I Never Had It So Good – Jimmy Riley
          • – Mister Craven – Junior Murvin
          • – Such Is Life – Lord Creator (12” mix)
          • – Such Is Life Version – The Upsetters
          • – Nuh Fi Run It Down – Danny Clarke
          • – Nuh Fi Run It Down Version – The Upsetters
          • – What a Sin – Lee Perry (extended mix)
          • – Ska Baby – Bobby Ellis
          • – Ska Version – The Upsetters
          • – Beard Man Shuffle – The Upsetters
          • – Oh Me Oh My – Bree Daniels CD Bonus track
          • – Oh Me Oh Dub – The Upsetters Cd Bonus track
          • 1. – Roots Train - Junior Murvin (Unreleased Dubplate Mix)
          • 2. – Woman Gotta Have Love - Jimmy Riley (Unreleased Dubplate Mix)
          • 3. – Set Up Yourself – The Upsetters
          • View full info and tracklisting
          Joy LindsayThis Child Of MinePressure Sounds
          One off stocking of rare Pressure Sound 7" from 2014, superb reissue of mid 70s soulful female roots vocal with killer Jimmy Radway dub on the flip. Comes...
          • – This Child Of Mine
          Bobby Ellis And The UpsettersSka BabyPressure Sounds
          Ska Baby by Bobby Ellis. Produced and Directed by the Upsetter. Subtle Black Ark instrumental. Comes with a lovely dub on the flipside. In a custom bag....
          • – Ska Baby
          • – Ska Version
          Dukey McCallaI've Got The PowerPressure Sounds
          Produced by Pat Kelly and originally released as an extremely limited pressing in 1970, Dukey McCella’s “I’ve Got the Power,” has become a cult...
          • – I've Got The Power
          Frankie JonesGun FeverPressure Sounds
          Frankie Jones’ “Gun Fever” is a dark and heavy piece of digital roots; a rare representation of 80s Jamaican music that appealed equally to the UK...
          • – Gun Fever
          • – Gun Fever (Version)
          James EastwoodDarkest Night / The Red SeaPressure Sounds
          A dark, driving version of the Soul Vendor’s “Darker Shade of Black” led by Eastwood’s wild, fuzzed-out guitar. Its most likely that James Eastwood...
          • James Eastwood – Darkest Night
          • Augustus Pablo – The Red Sea
          Sounds UnlimitedMiddle East Skank / Song Of The EastPressure Sounds
          Sounds Unlimited’s “Middle East Skank” is grounded by the familiar “Drum Song” bass line, allowing Chin Loy and his musicians the freedom to...
          • Sounds Unlimited – Middle East Skank
          • Augustus Pablo – Song Of The East
          Errol WalkerBetter FuturePressure Sounds
          Positivity flows this single from Errol ‘Bagga’ Walker. Born and raised in Kingston’s Trench town area Errol Walker cut a few tunes as vocalist...
          • Errol Walker – Better Future
          • The Upsetters – Future Dub
          Bunny LeeEnter Into Dub / Come To Me In DubPressure Sounds
          Four heavyweight dub remixes of two Bunny Lee rhythms laid in the early 80s by an updated Aggrovators, featuring Sly and Robbie . First are two re-works...
          • – Enter Into Dub Version 1
          Busty BrownSoon I'm Gonna Make ItPressure Sounds
          A superb single by the vocalist Busty Brown who is somewhat of a mystery other than that he recorded for the usual roll call of Jamaican producers such...
            Yabby YouBeware / Lazy MoodPressure Sounds
            Over stock 7" only copies from the Pressure Sounds limited "Songs Of Unity & Love" dubplate 2017 Box Set...Blink and there gone...
            • – Beware
            • – Lazy Mood
            Phil PrattThe War Is On Dub StylePressure Sounds
            Very rare Phil Pratt produced dub album "The War Is On Dub Style" gets reissued for the first time with original tunes on the vinyl and with 3 extra vocal...
              Devon IronsJerusalemPressure Sounds
              The original cut of the Althea and Donna ‘Gone to Negril’ track. Released by Pressure Sounds in 2005 and then deleted. Now on the Talent 77 label,...
              • Devon Irons – Jerusalem
              • The Talent Crew – Version
              Bunny Lee & The AggrovatorsSuper Dub Disco StylePressure Sounds
              Originally released in 1979 on West London label "Jamaica Sound" Superb dub album mixed at King Tubby's & Channel One. Vinyl is single vinyl and the...
              • – Money In Your Pocket Dub
              • – Shalin Temple Dub
              • – Portobello Special Dub
              • – The Revolutionaries Heavy Weight Dub
              • – The Scientist Dub
              Delroy WilsonGo Away DreamPressure Sounds
              A Delroy Wilson set that has slipped between the cracks a little bit. A great singer who perhaps we take for granted due to the volume of releases. Check...
                Lloyd ParksShake Up Yu DreadPressure Sounds
                Rare 70s roots tune from Lloyd Parks, 2nd of two new represses from Pressure Sounds.
                • – Shake Up Yu Dread
                • – Shake Up Dubwise
                George DekkerFoey ManPressure Sounds
                Late 60s recordings from George Dekker, now repressed with a different b-side from Bunny Lee's All Stars "Scarface" 
                • George Dekker – Foey Man
                • Bunny Lee All Stars – Scarface
                Gladstone AndersonHoly Mount Zion / Love Is Like A PasswordPressure Sounds
                Strong roots rockers from Channel One Studios with vocals by Gladstone Anderson & Mike Brooks, produced by Jah Lloyd & Mike Brooks. Both tunes with...
                • Gladstone Anderson – Holy Mount Zion
                • – Holy Mount Zion Version
                • Mike Brooks – Love Is Like A Password
                • – Love Is Like A Password Version
                Bunny Lee & FriendsTape Rolling!Pressure Sounds
                Delving into the vaults of Jamaican producer Bunny Lee once again with some superb choice unreleased cuts from 1971-74 featuring legendary...
                • Slim Smith – The Time Has Come (Unreleased Cut)
                • I Roy & Augustus Pablo – Devil's Brother In Law (Unreleased Cut)
                • Cornell Campbell – I Wonder Why
                • John Holt – Stick By Me (Unreleased Cut)
                • Horace Andy – Man Next Door (Unreleased Cut)
                • Delroy Wilson – Any Heart Can Be Broken (Unreleased Cut)
                • Vin Gordon – Riding For A Fall
                • 1. Slim Smith – The Time Has Come (Unreleased Cut)
                • 2. I Roy & Augustus Pablo – Devil's Brother In Law (Unreleased Cut)
                • 5. Cornell Campbell – I Wonder Why
                • View full info and tracklisting
                Lee PerryMr Perry I PresumePressure Sounds
                'Mr Perry I Presume' finds Pressure Sounds focusing on the rare music and exclusive mixes of the revered Upsetter himself, Lee 'Scratch' Perry. This 16-track...
                • George Faith – Don’t Be Afraid (12” mix)
                • The Gatherers – Word (Acapella Mix)
                • Lee Perry & The Upsetters – Jah I
                • Joy White – Lay Besides You
                • The Upsetters – Big Bird Skank
                • Noel Robinson – Along The Way
                • The Upsetters – Along The Way (Version)
                • The Upsetters – War and Peace
                • The Upsetters – Sun is Shining
                • Peter & Paul – Ethiopia Land
                • Keith Rowe & The Upsetters – Groovy Situation
                • Susan and Bunny – Keep On Trying
                • The Upsetters – Police and Dub
                • Keith Rowe & The Upsetters – Living My Life
                • The Upsetters – Devils Dub Plate
                • Augustus Pablo & The Upsetters – Keep On Moving
                Jimmy RileyLive It To Know It: Self Productions Protest Songs & Dub Plates 1975-1985Pressure Sounds
                Superb 17 track compilation of the former Uniques singer's self produced rare roots tunes from 1975 to 1985. Check 'Majority Rule' 'Gunman of JA' 'Nyah-Bingi'...
                • – Gunman Of JA
                • – Gunman Of JA (King Tubby’s Dub Plate Mix)
                • – Nyah-Bingi
                • – From The Ghetto
                • – Give Thanks And Praise
                • – Majority Rule
                The InturnsConsider YourselfPressure Sounds
                A.K.A. The Viceroys killer rare roots album from 1976 produced by Phil Pratt. Recorded at Channel One Studios with Wesley Tinglin & Neville Ingram...
                • – Send Us
                • – Consider Yourself
                • – Detour
                • – Nothing Is Impossible
                • – Jah Ho
                Bunny 'Striker' LeeFull UpPressure Sounds
                Killer selection from Pressure Sounds of Bunny 'Striker' Lee's late 60s early 70s productions in the new faster style of reggae. Featuring Delroy Wilson,...
                • Bunny Lee Allstars – Ivan Itler The Conqueror
                • Dave Barker – Smooth And Sorts
                • Rico Rodriguez & Tommy McCook – Going West
                • Bunny Lee Allstars – Joe Lewis
                • Bunny Lee Allstars – Full Up
                • 1. Bunny Lee Allstars – Ivan Itler The Conqueror
                • 2. Dave Barker – Smooth And Sorts
                • 3. Rico Rodriguez & Tommy McCook – Going West
                • View full info and tracklisting
                Lee PerryVoodooismPressure Sounds
                BACK IN STOCK ON VINYL..Great early Pressure Sound compilation  of Lee Perry productions from the seventies featuring Zap Pow, Leo Graham, Earl Sixteen,...
                • James Booms – Psalms 20
                • Errol Walker – Better Future
                • Zap Pow – River
                • The Hombres – Africa
                • Lloyd & Devon – Wolf Out Deh
                Roy GrahamWhy Should YouPressure Sounds
                An obscure Black Ark rarity produced by Phil Pratt at the Black Ark.
                • – Why Should You

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                The UpsettersLama Lava Mix 1Pressure Sounds
                Raw 'specials' from the Upsetter. Both sides cut from dub plates. The A side is slightly less spacey and the B side which has never been out before is...
                • – Lama Lava Mix 1
                • – Lama Lava Mix 2
                Desmond Dekker And The AcesFu Man ChuBeverley's
                This is one of Desmond Dekker's best tunes from the late 60s originally on a b-side!! Highly recommended
                • – Fu Man Chu
                The Upsetters / Dub OrganiserChim CheriePressure Sounds
                Yet another seriously sought after dub plate from the golden age of sound systems! Popularised by General Echo and also known as 'Billie Jean' the b side...
                • The Upsetters – Chim Cherie
                • Original 7" PSS036£8.00
                  Vinyl condition: VG+Sleeve condition: VG+Original Pre-Owned UK 45
                The EthiopiansTrain To SkavilleJJ
                All time classic early reggae tune on a very clean and loud repress with original label, rare instrumental version on the b-side.
                • – Train To Skaville
                • – Version
                Horace AndySkylarkingAttack
                The second cut of "Skylarking" this time produced by Bunny Lee in 1973 with killer dub by King Tubby on the flip. clean and loud pressings
                • – Skylarking
                The UpsettersHigh Plains DrifterPressure Sounds
                classic early upsetters instumental cut from the early 70s. all four new 7" releases come with special designed sleeve.
                • – High Plains Drifter
                Big YouthTown Without PityPressure Sounds
                rare and obscure funky cut from big youth in the mid 70s here reissued by pressure sounds on heavyweight vinyl and cardboard sleeve. check the flip for...
                • – Town Without Pity
                • – Youth In The Garden
                The FugitivesMusical PressureDoctor Bird
                two killer rocksteady nuggets from the fugitives on this rare repress with full label reproduction on clean and loud pressing, very limited get 'em while...
                • – Musical Pressure
                • – Cantelope Rock
                Ruby & The MudflapsIs That Enough? / Country GirlCordial Recordings
                'Is That Enough?' and 'Country Girl' were both originally recorded in the 70s and have never been available until now! 'Is That Enough?' is a glorious...
                • – Is That Enough?
                • – Country Girl
                Johnny ClarkeAin't No SunshineClocktower
                Bill Wither's soul jazz classic 'Ain't No Sunshine' revisited by Johnny Clarke inna rockers stylee with dub and "Natty Gongo" on the flip also with version. Brilliant!
                • – Ain't No Sunshine
                • – Version
                • – Natty Congo
                • – Version
                RippleI Don't Know What It Is But Keep That Light Shining On Me (Keith Lawrence Re-fix)White
                Essential party disco/reggae mash up from Keith Lawrence!
                • – I Don't Know What It Is But Keep That Light Shining On Me (Keith Lawrence Re-fix)
                Lee Perry & The UpsettersDub Plate PressurePressure Sounds
                lee perry's killer dubs from the black ark a-side taken from the forthcoming pressure sounds album "sound system scratch" b-side not on album.
                • – Dub Plate Pressure
                • – Dub Plate Version
                Theon CrossIntra-INew Soil
                Theon Cross' album 'Intra-I' finds the gifted tuba player and composer creating a sound system powered by breath. This unique record is an uplifting...
                • – Intro
                • – We Go Again
                • – Roots feat. Shumba Massai
                • – The Spiral feat. Afronaut Zu & Ahnansé
                • – Trust The Journey
                • – 40tude
                • – Watching Over (Bless Up Dad)
                • – Forward Progression II
                • – Play To Win feat. Consensus
                • – Universal Alignment feat. Oren Marshal
                Ken BootheSatta MassaganaAttack
                Bunny Lee production from the mid 70s of the roots reggae national anthem, with I Roy's DJ version on the flip
                • – Satta Massa Gana
                The WailersDo It NiceBeverley's
                wicked funky tune recorded for leslie kong's label in 1970 with unreleased version on the b-side.clean and loud pressings limited stock.
                • – Do It Nice
                Roland AlphonsoSausage aka Middle EastPyramid
                a.k.a. "middle east"  - two soul/r&b to reggae cuts from the late 60s from roland alphonso and the beverly's all stars. great pressings get 'em...
                • – Sausage
                • – Soul Finger
                King Tubbys And The Roots RadicsNorth Circular Dub (No No No Rhythm)Rootikal
                Two killer unreleased dubs from the early eighties of the No No No & a real leftfield mix of Real Rock rhythms mixed at King Tubbys by the man himself...
                • – North Circular Dub (No No No Rhythm)
                • – 95 South Dub (Real Rock Rhythm)
                Maximum JoyStretch1972
                Classic Bristolian punk-funk party starter from 1981 that was originally released on cult UK label Y Records before being picked up in the US by legendary...
                • – Stretch
                • – Silent Street / Silent Dub
                Louis and Bebe BarronForbidden Planet (1952)Poppy Disc
                A classic of Science fiction cinema Forbidden Planet's innovative electronic music score (credited as "electronic tonalities" ) was composed by Louis and...
                • – main titles- overture
                • – deceleration
                • – once around altair
                Derrick MorganBlazing FireBeverley's
                Classic early ska vocal cut with unreleased version (check the gong!!) on the flip. slighty warped but does not effect play.
                • – Blazing Fire
                • – Version
                Toots And The Maytals54 46 Was My NumberBeverleys
                Stone cold jump up classic with Pressure Drop on the b-side
                • – 54 46 Was My Number
                • – Pressure Drop
                The FrightnrsMore To Say VersionsDaptone Records
                It's rare for a debut album, especially one in such a polarizing genre like Reggae, to garner the kind of universal fanfare The Frightnrs' 2016 Nothing...
                • – All My Tears Version
                • – Dispute Version
                • – More To Say Version
                • – Gotta Find A Way Version
                • – Purple Version
                • – Trouble Version
                • – Till Then Version
                • – Lookin Version
                • – What Have I Done Version
                • – Do Unto Others Version
                • – Gonna Make Time Version
                Errol WalkerJohn PublicOrchid
                Superb 70s roots rocker from the Black Ark on limited repress, check dub for Lee Perry's studio tricks and tings.
                • Errol Walker – John Public
                • Upsetters – Public Version