The Midnight Express Show Band Let Us Take You For A Ride

    • The Midnight Express Show Band – Dangerzone (Remix)
    • The Midnight Express Show Band – Dangerzone (Original)
    • 1. Dangerzone (Remix)
    • 2. Dangerzone (Instrumental)
    • 3. Dangerzone (Original)

    Wow! We're so glad we were able to score some copies on this one. A repress from this sublime boogie cut from 1983 that even made it to the top of the Rhythm & Blues charts at the time. A solid cut with a chunky electronic bassline, catchy horn riff and vocals (from Robbie M). On the flip T. Noble provided an instrumental also. Well recommended! The Midnight Express Show Band was the band from Robbie M, a Rock Island native from the Midwest area called the quad Cities, and has performed with performers like Roger Troutman and Zapp, The Temptations, War, The Dazz Band, The Chi-lites and more. Highly Recommended!

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