• Raybone Jones – Kendal's Journey
    • Raybone Jones – Ronnie's Affair
    • Raybone Jones – Call it What U Want
    • 1. Kendal's Journey
    • 2. Ronnie's Affair
    • 3. Call it What U Want

    Killer Detroit stuff from one of the Motor City's overlooked house producers.

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    Levon Vincent These GamesNovel Sound
    WHITE VINYL 2013 REPRESS!! Levon Vincent's 2008 game changer, finally repressed! Some of the best techno this side of the millenium. Slimmer tracklisting...
    • – these games
    OctoberUnstable Phenomenon (Joey Anderson Remix)Voodoo Down
    Another essential 12" from NYC's Voodoo Down crew - teaming up with Bristol's off-centre techno producer October and NY wunderkid Joey Anderson. Cosmic...
    • – unstable phenomenon
    • – entropy ends
    • – unstable phenomenon (joey anderson remix)
    • – entropy ends (voodoo down remix)
    Stellar Om SourceJoy One MileRVNG Int'l
    Highly recommended album from Stellar Om Source aka Christelle Gualdi, peddling an intricate & tough dancefloor sound borrowing from Early Warp...
    • – Polarity
    • – Par Amour
    • – The Range
    • – Trackers
    • – Fascination
    Dial 81Luminous Stasis Feat. Paul Randolph M1 Sessions
    After the killer Dez Andres 12", M1-Sessions are back with their third installment - "Luminous Stasis" by DIAL.81 featuring vocals from the talented Paul...
    • – luminous stasis
    • – any time
    • – emit yna
    Funkineven & Delroy Edwards Untitled Apron
    Dirty analogue overlords Delroy Edwards and Funkineven here with two straight-no-fussing raw and fierce acid cuts on Funkineven's own Apron.  
    • – XX
    • – X
    St. Julien (Funkineven)St. JulienApron
    Funkineven dons his new guise, St. Julien, for this EP release on his own Apron label. Three tracks of cold, industrial machine music scorched with acid...
    • – Jupiter
    • – St. Julien
    • – Lazor
    K15BordeauxWotNot Music
    Four track EP of soulful, jazz-inflected house from K15 on WotNot Music. 'Bordeaux' kicks things off with an upbeat bass groover full of jazz keys over...
    • – Bordeaux
    • – Bordeaux (Kaidi Tatham remix)
    • – Bordeaux (Glenn Astro & IMYRMIND Feel Dat Distortion remix)
    • – Hall Of Memories
    GB (Gifted & Blessed)Within These MachinesGifted & Blessed
    Recorded live and in one take, 'Within These Machines' encompasses not only GB's stylistic versatility and technical prowess but also the capabilities...
    • – The Gospel
    • – The Road Ahead
    • – Tesla's Notebook
    • – Still Standing
    GB / AFTA-1 / DEGO / RAS G / FUNKINEVENWithin These Machines: Modifications Gifted & Blessed
    Features remixes from Eglo artist FunkinEven, UK legend Dego of 4Hero, Cousin Cockroach and Tek 9 fame, Brainfeeder regular Ras G and AFTA-1, GB’s...
    • – Rain Dance (Afta-1's Modification)
    • – The Road Ahead (Dego's 2000black Modification)
    • – Made It Through (Ras G's Modification)
    • – The Winds Have Passed (FunkinEven's Modification)
    • 1. – Rain Dance (Afta-1's Modification)
    • 2. – The Road Ahead (Dego's 2000black Modification)
    • 3. – Made It Through (Ras G's Modification)
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    The Reflektor (aka Gifted & Blessed) Las Ruinas Mayas Wild Oats
    Woozy electro-funk on Wild Oats!  L.A.'s Gabriel Reyes-Whittaker better known as Gifted & Blessed , is recarnated with another alias The Reflektor...
    • – palenque
    • – el mirador
    • – tulum
    • – chicken itza
    Disco Love Volume 3 BBE
    DJ Friendly mixes and re-edits from digger extraordinaire Al Kent. Not sure where he finds all these gems, very obscure disco cuts and so so good, we can't...
    • the might gents – mighty gents
    • north by northeast – disco unusual
    • bo galigher tsb inc – oh baby/get on down
    • frank & james – how long is forever
    • neo experience – human
    • rhond durand – disco fever pt.3
    NSNT PRJCTLaygo My Faygowild oats
    BACK IN STOCK!!! NSNT stands for "New School N1994 Techno" and is a brand new project from Kyle Hall and the hotly tipped young Detroit Techno producer...
    • – X1 Tr4mps
    • – X2 (We Invented Dis)
    • – X-1.0 Tr4mps
    • – X4 Recog
    MGUNIf You're Reading This EP Don't Be Afraid
    On a roll with a series of killer releases on The Trilogy Tapes and Kyle Hall’s Wild Oats imprint, Detroit's MGUN returns to Don’t Be Afraid...
    • – Hand Over Fifth
    • – Proxy
    • – Funnel Vision
    • – Jijijijij$ijijijiji
    • – Tritan
    • – Bean Chirp
    Moods & Grooves Classics / Andres / John TejadaMoods & Grooves Classics v3Moods & Grooves
    Deep Detroit house grooves - Part 3 of 5 in the classic series features material previously released (Andres and John Tejada & Arian Leviste) on the...
    • Andres – Just A Player
    • Brad Peterson – Trickchords
    • John Tejada & Arian Leviste – Fashion Ave. (Remix)
    • Ewan Jansen – New Stride (Deez Horny Remix)
    Laurel HaloBehind The Green DoorHyperdub
    After a stunning couple of releases for Hyperdub last year, Laurel Halo returns to the more minimal, clubby, beat-driven sound that characterised 2011's...
    • – Throw
    • – UHFFO
    • – NOYFB
    • – Six mission
    Four TetRoundsDomino
    Domino reissue Four Tet's "Rounds" to celebrate the tenth anniversary of his seminal album. Blissed-out, vibrant yet melancholy tracks surprisingly sample-based,...
    • – She Moves She
    • – My Angel Rocks Back And Forth
    • – And They All Looked Broken Hearted
    Psychemagik Presents Magik Sunrise Leng
    Vinyl copies back in stock! One of our most eagerly anticipated albums of the year so far! Those of you who purchased "Magik Cyrkles" will know what...
    • Iasos – Intro
    • Daniel Mathieu – C'Etait Un Beau Dimanche
    • Fox – The Juggler
    • Walter Hawkings – Metropolis
    • Yves Simon – Raconte-Toi
    • Susana Estrada – ¡Gózame Ya!
    • Joey Newman – The One You Love
    Levon Vincent Man Or MistressNovel Sound
    RED VINYL 2013 REPRESS!! Following on from the rough dubby-techno beast 'Double Jointed Sex Freak' released over a year ago, Levon Vincent has re-surfaced...
    • – Man Or Mistress
    • – Making Headway
    • – No Regrets