• The Reflektor (aka Gifted & Blessed) – palenque
    • The Reflektor (aka Gifted & Blessed) – el mirador
    • The Reflektor (aka Gifted & Blessed) – tulum
    • The Reflektor (aka Gifted & Blessed) – chicken itza
    • 1. palenque
    • 2. el mirador
    • 3. tulum
    • 4. chicken itza

    Woozy electro-funk on Wild Oats! 

    L.A.'s Gabriel Reyes-Whittaker better known as Gifted & Blessed , is recarnated with another alias The Reflektor for his first outing on Kyle Hall's Wild Oats imprint. Drawing inspiration from Mayan civilisation on "LAs Ruinas Mayas".  Industrial machinic patterns on "Palenque" with swirling spacey soundscapes and inter-looping rhythms.  Things get funky on boogie electro number "El Mirador".  Turn over, "Tulum" teams some jumpy drums with warm pads and shimmery hats. Drexciyan-style robust analog electronics on lo-slung electro-funk groove "Chicken Itza". Recommended.

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