• Pilah meets Birdy Nixon – Country Side
    • Pilah meets Birdy Nixon – Country Dub
    • Pilah meets Birdy Nixon – Supposed To Be
    • Pilah meets Birdy Nixon – Innocence And Vertue
    • Pilah meets Birdy Nixon – Letter To The Devil
    • Pilah meets Birdy Nixon – Follow Me
    • Pilah meets Birdy Nixon – Follow The White Dub
    • Pilah meets Birdy Nixon – Shadows (Discomix)
    • 1. Country Side
    • 2. Country Dub
    • 3. Supposed To Be
    • 4. Innocence And Vertue
    • 5. Letter To The Devil
    • 6. Follow Me
    • 7. Follow The White Dub
    • 8. Shadows (Discomix)

    Pilah started his carreer as guitarist in Kaly Live Dub, a band from Lyon, in 1995.

    Pioneer of the french dub, Kaly Live dub made a lot of international tours.

    He founded in 2000 the well known Dub Addict Sound System with the selector Nineteen Dub in 2000. This Collective gather other producers like Anti Bypass, Boudou, Roots Massacre, and singer like Joe Pilgrm and Learoy Green. They adapt studio mixing method to the live.

    Pilah mixes live his own productions and offer some rough sets of sharp reggae-dub, DIY manipulations, with voices of singers like Rod Taylor, Echo Minott or Shanti D.

    During his live sessions, he likes to snake up norms and standards, combining reggae sounds to corrosive dub and neat arrangements.

    He released his first production in 2005 with Dub Addict Sound Sytem for the S.O.U.N.D 12” serie. Since then, he collaborated with many labels, like Jarring Effect, Hammerbass or Sound Around. Today, he presents his new album O’CLOCK with Bat Records.

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