• 7" BCR097£8.99
      Out of stock
    • Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band – My Jamaican Dub
    • Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band – The Healer
    • 1. My Jamaican Dub
    • 2. The Healer

    Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band take on Grace Jones’ nightclub classic 'My Jamaican Guy' backed with Erykah Badu’s homage to the late great J Dilla, 'The Healer'. Ace!

    Other Releases on Big Crown Records

    Holy HiveI Don't Envy Yesterdays / Color It EasyBig Crown Records
    Another blissed-out, breezy, blue-eyed soul/folk vibe from awesome group, Holy Hive. Another winner via the Big Crown label!
    • Holy Hive – I Don't Envy Yesterdays
    • Holy Hive – Color It Easy
    El Michels AffairYeti SeasonBig Crown Records
    Where the group's previous album 'Adult Themes' inspired a soundtrack to an imaginary film, 'Yeti Season' brings us to a different place in time with new...
    • El Michels Affair – Unathi
    • El Michels Affair – Sha Na Na
    • El Michels Affair – Ala Vida
    • El Michels Affair – Fazed Out
    • El Michels Affair – Murkit Gem
    • El Michels Affair – Lesson Learned
    • New LP (Coloured Vinyl)£22.00
      Limited blue vinyl edition
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    • LP£20.00
      Standard black vinyl edition
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    • CD£12.00
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    BrainstorySeasons / Bye ByeBig Crown Records
    'Seasons' showcase Brainstory’s sunny California soul and mixes in a touch of Roy Ayers east coast energy. The result is an infectious and uplifting...
      Lee Fields & The ExpressionsBig Crown Vaults Vol. 1Big Crown Records
      **Unreleased songs that didn’t make their way onto 'Special Night' and 'It Rains Love' albums.** Big Crown launch their 'Big Crown Vaults' series, the...
        • New LP (Coloured Vinyl)£23.00
          Limited coloured vinyl edition
          In stockAdd to Bag
        BrainstoryBuckBig Crown Records
        Second album from LA based band Brainstory on the ever-reliable Big Crown label. Stunning fusion of rock, funk and soul produced by Leon Michels!
        • Brainstory – Breathe
        • Brainstory – Mnemophobia
        • Brainstory – Sorry
        • Brainstory – Dead End
        • Brainstory – Peter Pan
        • Brainstory – Beautyful Beauti
        • Brainstory – Lucid Dream
        • Brainstory – Cover It Up
        • Brainstory – Reclaim
        • Brainstory – Thank You
        • New LP (Coloured Vinyl)£22.99
          Limited coloured vinyl edition
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        • CD£12.99
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        Bobby OrozaStrange Girl / Down On My KneesBig Crown Records
        In the wake of his album classic 'This Love', Bobby Oroza drops 'Strange Girl / Down On My Knees'. This is something of a Big Crown family affair as they...
          Bedford-Stuyvesant Youth In Action Community CorporationTalent Hunt WinnersBig Crown Records
          Big Crown Records is proud to present the reissue of one of Brooklyns most sought after holy grails. Youth in Action, Inc. (YIA) was formed in 1963 when...
            Bobby OrozaThis LoveBig Crown Records
            Deep contemporary soul balladry on the excellent Big Crown label from hotly-tipped talent, Bobby Oroza!
            • Bobby Oroza – May, Maybe, Maybe
            • Bobby Oroza – Your Love Is Too Cold
            • Bobby Oroza – Alone Again
            • Bobby Oroza – Lonely Girl
            • Bobby Oroza – Bobbys Mood
            • Bobby Oroza – Keep On Believing
            • Bobby Oroza – This Love
            • Bobby Oroza – Falling In Love
            • Instrumental LP£22.99
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            • LP£20.99
              Limited 'opaque sandstone' coloured vinyl.
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            • CD£11.99
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            OkonkoloCantosBig Crown Records
            Okonkolo perform Yoruban Santeria music their debut for Big Crown is a a spiritual dance with held together by rhythm, passion and musical virtuosity.
            • Okonkolo – Yemaya
            • Okonkolo – Canto Asoyin
            • Okonkolo – Wolenche Por Chango
            • Okonkolo – Oba
            • Okonkolo – Ochun
            • Okonkolo – Canto Por Obatala
            • Okonkolo – Canto Por Ochun
            • Okonkolo – Obatala
            • Okonkolo – Elegua
            Sunny & The SunlinersGet Down / Cross My HeartBig Crown Records
            Reissue of two rare Sunny & The Sunliners' cover versions! On the a-side is a version of 'Get Down' backed with their take on Billy Stewart's classic 'Cross...
            • Sunny & The Sunliners – Get Down
            • Sunny & The Sunliners – Cross My Heart
            Sunny & The SunlinersLittle Brown Eyed SoulBig Crown Records
            A sweet, low rider / brown eyed soul music classic from 1968, reissued via Big Crown!
            • Sunny & The Sunliners – Cross My Heart
            • Sunny & The Sunliners – Outside Looking In
            • Sunny & The Sunliners – I'll Be There
            • Sunny & The Sunliners – Together
            • Sunny & The Sunliners – Boogaloo Down Broadway
            The ShacksHazeBig Crown Records
            The Shacks draw on the hedonistic rock’n’roll blueprint of the 1960s and 1970s on their dazed, psychedelic album debut 'Haze'!
            • The Shacks – Haze
            • The Shacks – Follow Me
            • The Shacks – Birds
            • The Shacks – Sand Song
            • The Shacks – Texas
            • The Shacks – Cryin'
            • The Shacks – All Day Long
            • The Shacks – My Name Is
            • The Shacks – Blue & Grey
            • The Shacks – Sleeping
            • LP + Download Code£20.99
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            • 2×CD£13.99 £4.00
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            Sunny & The SunlinersSmile Now, Cry LaterBig Crown Records
            Reissue of this classic, low-riding, brown-eyed soul album, 'Smile Now, Cry Later', from 1966 1966. As with most Sunny LPs, this is a mix of soulful originals...
            • Sunny & The Sunliners – Smile Now, Cry Later
            • Sunny & The Sunliners – Forever
            The ShacksThe ShacksBig Crown Records
            Debut EP from one of the most interesting young bands coming out of New York City today.

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              El Michels AffairReasons feat. Bobby Oroza / HippsBig Crown Records
              El Michels Affair bring the heavy soul vibes with this single featuring the great Bobby Oroza! Backed with the solid instrumental cut 'Hipps' from the...
              • El Michels Affair – Hipps
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              Under The Influence Vol. 8: Compiled By Woody BianchiVarious ArtistsZ Records
              Z Records continues its commitment to unearthing the obscure and long forgotten club tracks from the last 40 years through the ever-popular 'Under The...
              • Original Just Us – You're My Latest Inspiration
              • Coco York & Serge Ermoll Ensemble – Come On Everybody
              • Ciecle – Disco Break (Woody Bianchi edit)
              • GC Cameron – If I Love You
              • Rev Jerry Burns & The Youth Ensemble – Rapture
              • Sunny Gayle – I Wanna Know
              • The Magic City Band – Hot Flashes
              • Arlana – Springtime
              • Jay Player – Love Is The Answer
              • Razz Ma Tazz – Sugar Sugar Sugar
              • Rideout – Someone Special
              • Formula One – Can You Feel It
              • Ipanema Brothers – Rio De Janeiro (Woody Bianchi edit)
              • The Variations – I Know Why You're Here
              • 1. Original Just Us – You're My Latest Inspiration
              • 2. Coco York & Serge Ermoll Ensemble – Come On Everybody
              • 3. Ciecle – Disco Break (Woody Bianchi edit)
              • View full info and tracklisting
              • 2×LP£19.00
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              • 2×CD£15.00
                Out of stock
              Shirley ScottOne For MeARC Records
              KILLER rare 1875 Strata East deep jazz released on Gilles Peterson's new label! W/ Harold Vick and Billy Higgins - the bomb!
              • Shirley Scott – Keep On Movin' On
              • LP£18.00
                Out of stock
              • CD£11.00
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              Nora DeanPeace Begins Within / Ay Ay Ay AyHarlem Shuffle
              Back in limited stock.....Very rare early roots tune from Nora Dean, originally issued on Bullet in the U.K. in 1971, hard to find an original copy, so...
              • Nora Dean – Peace Begins Within
              • Nora Dean – Ay Ay Ay Ay
              • 7"£13.00
                Out of stock
              El Michels AffairDhuaanBig Crown Records
              El Michels Affair bring the tough Far Eastern vibes on this block rockin' release for Big Crown! Features lysergic pop duo and labelmates, The Shacks,...
              • El Michels Affair – Dhuaan
              • El Michels Affair – Sha Na Na feat. The Shacks
              • 7"£9.00
                Out of stock
              Barrington LevyA Yah Me DehRoots From The Yard
              Superb early roots tune from Barrington Levy originally released in 1979, limited stock on 7" Clean & loud pressing.
              • Barrington Levy – A Yah Me Deh
              • Barrington Levy – A Yah Me Deh (Version)
              IkonikaBodiesDon't Be Afraid
              Ikonika is back on Don't Be Afraid with an EP of glowing club tracks - ace!
              • Ikonika – Your Body
              • Ikonika – Nobody
              • Ikonika – What Kinda Pain Are We Talking About?
              • Ikonika – Bodied (Roller Mix)
              • 12"£9.99
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              Isaac SassonCantos Campesinos (inc. Hector Plimmer remix)Olindo Records
              Third release in in Olindo Records 'Venezuelan' series of 45s. Featuring two original compositions by Caracas based multi-instrumentalist and composer,...
              • Isaac Sasson – Paseo en un sueño
              • Isaac Sasson – Canción para mi familia, Venezuela
              • Isaac Sasson – Cantos Campesinos (Hector Plimmer Remix)
              • 7"£9.99
                Out of stock
              ESGCome Away With ESGFire Records
              100% UNBELIEVEABLY ESSENTIAL ESG 2nd album - KILLER! This is the second album by the Scroggins sisters, a/k/a ESG -Emerald, Sapphire and Gold - South...
              • ESG – Come Away
              • ESG – Dance
              • ESG – You Make No Sense
              • ESG – Parking Lot Blues
              • ESG – Chistelle
              • ESG – About You
              • ESG – It's Alright
              • ESG – Moody (Spaced Out)
              • ESG – Tiny Sticks
              • ESG – The Beat
              • ESG – My Love For You
              • LP + Download Code£16.99
                Out of stock
              Ruby RushtonSun Khosi / Chrysalis22a
              Ruby Rushton super limited 7"!! Heavy jazz dance mover!! Don't miss out!
              • Ruby Rushton – Sun Khosi
              • Ruby Rushton – Chrysalis
              • 7"£11.99
                Out of stock
              ToborknurdThe Trap / The UnyieldingSatyanaas Records
              Wicked fusion of electronics with the traditional percussion of the darbuka and taishogoto drum. Haunting, ancestral-style, ritual trance music. Ace! Limited...
              • Toborknurd – The Unyielding
              • Toborknurd – The Trap
              • 7"£5.99
                Out of stock
              Huey BrissBlack WaxRules Follow Us
              'Black Wax', the album from West Coast rapper Huey Briss and producer Nikobeats, shows that raw lyricism and laid-back beat production is not about to...
              • Huey Briss – Gil Scott Never Lied (feat. DJ Babu)
              The Golden Sunshine Steel BandDrums & Steel SongKalakuta Soul Recordings
              Reissue of two tracks from The Golden Sunshine Steel Band's sought-after, privately pressed album from 1980.
              • The Golden Sunshine Steel Band – Drums & Steel Song
              • The Golden Sunshine Steel Band – Sunshine Steel
              • 7"£11.99
                Out of stock
              African BrothersRighteous KingdomItal
              Awesome early 70s roots cut from Tony Tuff, Sugar Minott & Derrick Howard with full dub on the B-side.
              • African Brothers – Righteous Kingdom
              • African Brothers – Righteous Kingdom (Version)
              Tom MischBeat Tape 1Beyond The Groove
              'Beat Tape 1' marks the first official release of Tom Misch's instrumental beat tape, which combine elements of jazz, soul and grooves all heavily inspired...
              • Tom Misch – The Real Thing
              • Tom Misch – In A Special Way
              • Tom Misch – Summer
              • Tom Misch – Take Me Back
              • Tom Misch – Keep Moving
              • Tom Misch – Lush Lyfe
              • Tom Misch – Epiphany
              • 2×LP£17.99
                Out of stock
              SunlightsquareHanging Tough / The GrooveAlim Music
              BBE's offshoot label Alim Music continues its output with this 45 featuring two monster cover versions performed by Sunlightsquare. First up is ‘Hanging...
              • Sunlightsquare – Hanging Tough
              • Sunlightsquare – The Groove
              • 7"£10.99
                Out of stock
              The Kingdom of ZydecoBy Michael Tisserand
              IMPORT USA PAPERBACK BOOK 50% OFF RETAIL PRICE. CHEAPER THAN AMAZON! There’s a musical kingdom in the American South that’s not marked on any map....
              • Book (650g)£14.99
                Out of stock
              Louie Vega presents Leroy Burgess & The Universal Robot Band feat. Patrick AdamsBarely Breaking Even (7" Edition)Alim Music
              Louie Vega reboots the CLASSIC boogie jam, 'Barely Breaking Even' that was originally written by Leroy Burgess back in 1982. This updated version is tastefully...
              • Louie Vega presents Leroy Burgess & The Universal Robot Band feat. Patrick Adams – Barely Breaking Even (Louie Vega Boogie Mix) (Radio Edit)
              • Louie Vega presents Leroy Burgess & The Universal Robot Band feat. Patrick Adams – Barely Breaking Even (Louie Vega Boogie Mix) (Radio Edit Instrumental)
              • 1. Barely Breaking Even (Louie Vega Boogie Mix) (Radio Edit)
              • 2. Barely Breaking Even (Louie Vega Boogie Mix) (Radio Edit Instrumental)
              • View full info and tracklisting
              • 7"£10.99
                Out of stock
              African BrothersHow LongItal
              Great roots vocal cut from African Brothers with Tony Tuff on lead, originally released on Ital records in 1973 with dub on the flip.
              • African Brothers – How Long
              • African Brothers – How Long (Version)
              RTKal, Fox, Shanique Marie, Equiknoxx & Swing TingJump to the Bar / Rum & Buckfast RiddimSwing Ting
              A bouncy JA-to-UK bashment banger via Swing Ting that features a hefty combination of producers and vocalists from both the Equiknoxx and Swing Ting camps!
              • RTKal, Fox, Shanique Marie, Equiknoxx & Swing Ting – Jump to the Bar
              • Equiknoxx & Swing Ting – Rum & Buckfast Riddim
              Barrington LevyPraise His NamePower House/VP
              One of Barrington Levy's best tunes over a killer militant roots rhythm from 1983 produced by George Phang with version on the flip.
              • Barrington Levy – Praise His Name
              • Barrington Levy – Praise His Name (Version)
              Robert FfrenchI Am WonderingJamwax
              Robert Ffrench originally laid this one down in Creative Sound Studio in Kingston in 1985, but it could well be hot off the press yesterday. Here it comes...
              • Robert Ffrench – I Am Wondering
              • Shortie Ranks – Dance In A Skate Land
              • 12"£12.99
                Out of stock
              Pura Vida Presents: Beach Diggin' Volume 4 Hand Picked By Mambo & GutsVariousHeavenly Sweetness
              14 more exquisite funky grooves of the rare variety to provide the ideal soundtrack for chilling on the beach.As usual with Beach Diggin' the selectors...
              • Boris Gardiner – Breezin
              • Glen Ricks – I've Been Waiting For You
              • Serginho Meriti – Bon Momentos
              • Sue Barker – Love To The People
              • Shoody – Tokyo Melody
              • Taxi – Crosslines
              • Alec Khaoli – Soul Brother
              • Bebeto – Neguinhio Poeta
              • 2×LP£19.99
                In stockAdd to Bag
              • CD£13.99
                Out of stock
              Alton EllisPumping InHarlem Shuffle
              Never released before on 7” This cracking up-tempo track from 1970 has a heavy guitar work, a killer organ and some real gutsy vocals to boot.The sound...
              • Alton Ellis – Pumping In
              • Alton Ellis – Knock On Wood
              African BrothersTorturingBlack Roots
              Wicked roots track featuring Sugar Minott, Tony Tuff & Derrick Howard, with lead vocals by Tony Tuff.
              • African Brothers – Torturing