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    • Tommy Mandel – I Alpha (Flutes)
    • Tommy Mandel – II Beta (First Of All...)
    • Tommy Mandel – III Gamma (Life Goes On)
    • Tommy Mandel – IV Delta (Looking)
    • Tommy Mandel – V Epsilon (Sleeping)
    • Tommy Mandel – VI Zeta (Kin Tama)
    • Tommy Mandel – VII Eta (Pastel)
    • Tommy Mandel – VIII Theta (Butterfly)
    • 1. I Alpha (Flutes)
    • 2. II Beta (First Of All...)
    • 3. III Gamma (Life Goes On)
    • 4. IV Delta (Looking)
    • 5. V Epsilon (Sleeping)
    • 6. VI Zeta (Kin Tama)
    • 7. VII Eta (Pastel)
    • 8. VIII Theta (Butterfly)

    Tommy Mandel previously cassette only album from 1984 'Music For Insomniacs' is reissued for the first time via Invisible City Editions.

    "Fans of Mort Garson, Woo, Brian Bennett, Angelo Badalamenti, Klaus Schonning and Bruce Haack will rejoice at their new sleepy time soundtrack".

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    Oluko ImoPraise-JahInvisible City Editions

    Invisible City Editions officially reissue the sublime extended 12” version of 'Praise Jah', this eccentric island-disco rarity from '1979, distinct with crazy electronic effects! Essential.

    • – Praise-Jah
    • – Praise-Jah (Version)

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          Flying VipersCuttingsJump Up! Records

          Flying Vipers’ sound is of another time and place. Deeply in debt to the original Jamaican engineers of the ’70s who turned their mixing consoles into the lead instrument, the Vipers lay down steady drum & bass driven rhythms with jazz tinged melodies and post-punk attitude. Recorded and mixed on a vintage cassette 8-track in a dank basement in Waltham Massachusetts, the songs are manipulated with twists and turns of the console, saturated tape delays and exaggerated EQ until the track becomes something new. Cuttings is the Vipers first full length album, building on the foundation of The Green & Copper Tape EPs while adding more horns, vintage synths, and eccentric effects. The band may have been begrudgingly prophetic when they released the first single “Two Twenties Clash” in February 2020, as shortly after the world turned upside down dealing with the Covid-19 crisis and America struggles with reconciling its racist foundations. Within its 12 instrumental tracks, Cuttings is a sonic search for meditation amidst the madness.

          • – Leaf Miner
          • – Two Twenties Clash
          • – Gesho
          • – Flight of the Gorgon
          • – Willy's Wonder
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          • – Devil's Harvest
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          • – Son Of Scorpio
          • – Mash Tun Babylon
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          • – Afro Blue
          • – Love Vibrations
          • – Blues Medley (Everyday I Have The Blues / Stormy Monday Blues)
          • – Little B's Poem
          • – Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head
          • – Love From The Sun
          • – People Make The World Go Round
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