• Leon Lowman – Bumpin' On Sunset
    • Leon Lowman – Morning Song
    • Leon Lowman – Open
    • Leon Lowman – Fluorescent Funk
    • Leon Lowman – Liquid Diamonds
    • 1. Bumpin' On Sunset
    • 2. Morning Song
    • 3. Open
    • 4. Friends
    • 5. Narrow River
    • 6. The Want
    • 7. Fluorescent Funk
    • 8. Back To Grasslands
    • 9. Liquid Diamonds
    • 10. Forest Of Fear
    • 11. Andrea
    • 12. Listen

    Rare and obscure album of unique low fi synth funk and surf ambience!

    From the same folks that co-compiled the awesome ‘Into The Light: A Journey into Greek Electronic Music’, comes this killer album of lo-­fi beach funk and lazy synth jams from Rhode Island keyboardist Leon Lowman!

    East Coast synthesizer loving Lowman privately released two albums “Syntheseas” (1980) and it’s follow up cassette only “Sound Horizon” (1982).  Both albums now highly sought-after "liquid Diamonds" brings together the highlights along with previously unreleased material from the time. 

    Other Releases on Music From Memory

    Outro Tempo II: Electronic And Contemporary Music From Brazil, 1984-1996Various ArtistsMusic From Memory
    The second essential instalment of Music From Memory’s Brazilian, 'Outro Tempo' series! This volume focuses upon on a new wave of experimental pop and...
    • May East – Maraka
    • Dequinha e Zaba – Preposições
    • Oharaska – A Fábula
    • Fausto Fawcett – Shopping de Voodoos
    • R.H. Jackson – O Gato de Schrödinger
    • Edson Natale – Nina Maika
    • Akira S – Tokei
    • Low Key Hackers – Emotionless
    • Chance – Samba do Morro
    • Jorge Degas – Ilha Grande
    • Priscilla Ermel – Americua
    • Voluntários Da Pátria – Marcha
    • Angel's Breath – Velvet
    • Fausto Fawcett – Império Dos Sentidos
    • Chance – Intro-Amazônia
    • Tetê Espíndola – Quero-Quero
    • Nelson Angelo – Harmonía de Água
    • Jorge Mello – A Natureza Reza
    • Júlio Pimentel – Gersal
    • Sebastião Neto – Carrousel
    Outro Tempo: Single PromocionalVarious ArtistsMusic From Memory
    Ahead of a second volume of the highly anticipated 'Outro Tempo' compilation, Music From Memory drops this teaser EP with the never before heard cassette...
    • Bruhahá Babélico – Babélico II
    • Individual Industry – Eyes
    Suso SáizNothing Is ObjectiveMusic From Memory
    Cult, Spanish ambient composer, Suso Saiz deepens his relationship with Music From Memory with the release the album, 'Nothing Is Objective' and features...
    • Suso Sáiz – Meccano
    • Suso Sáiz – Anti-Stress For Babies And Families
    • Suso Sáiz – Con Los Ojos
    • Suso Sáiz – Abrazo Mirando
    • Suso Sáiz – Mexican Bells (For Jorge Reyes)
    • Suso Sáiz – Grounded
    • Suso Sáiz – Minimal Distance
    • Suso Sáiz – Una Voz
    • Suso Sáiz – Objective Void
    • Suso Sáiz – Dulce (feat. Christian Fennesz)
    • Suso Sáiz – Healthy Digestion
    • Suso Sáiz – Scrub Your Ego
    • Suso Sáiz – Forma Horizonte
    • Suso Sáiz – Frogs In Love
    • Suso Sáiz – From Memory
    • Suso Sáiz – Nothing Ends 2018
    Jonny NashMake A WildernessMusic From Memory
    Lush ambient and drone pieces from Jonny Nash via Music From Memory!
    • Jonny Nash – Root
    • Jonny Nash – Shell
    • Jonny Nash – Perfume Dream
    • Jonny Nash – Flower
    • Jonny Nash – Trees Bearing Fruit
    • Jonny Nash – Place
    • Jonny Nash – Language Collapsed
    • Jonny Nash – Apparition
    GarrettPrivate Life IIMusic From Memory
    Dam Funk dons his Garrett guise once again and takes us to the frontiers of electronic funk, kosmiche, new age and dream house music via Music From Memory...
    • Garrett – Gotta Get Thru It
    • Garrett – Changes
    • Garrett – Awaiting The Light
    • Garrett – Warn Sentiments
    • Garrett – Sitting At The Bar Waiting
    • Garrett – Conflicted Lovers
    • Garrett – Stay
    VictorAmerikan DreadMusic From Memory
    Originally pressed on a now hard to find 7", this gem crosses over the dub, disco, rock and new wave. This reissue via Music From Memory features new...
    • Victor – Amerikan Dread
    • Victor – Amerikan Dread (N.Y.C. Dub)
    • Victor – Amerikan Dread (Lipelis Extended Dub)
    • Victor – Amerikan Dread (Androo Dub Remix)
    Günther BeckersWalkmanMusic From Memory
    Music From Memory reissue Günther Beckers' 1982 album, 'Walkman' - minimalist variations around an acoustic guitar, guitar synth, rhythm box and haunting...
    • Günther Beckers – Klandschwaden
    • Günther Beckers – Walkman
    • Günther Beckers – Kichina
    • Günther Beckers – Torso
    • Günther Beckers – Farbflügel
    • Günther Beckers – Flugzeit
    • Günther Beckers – Herzschläge
    • Günther Beckers – Farbwalzer
    • Günther Beckers – Vollmond
    • Günther Beckers – Zeitlupentraum
    Orquesta De Las NubesThe Order Of ChangeMusic From Memory
    Following on from their excellent retrospective compilation of solo work and an album of recent work in 2016, Music From Memory continue to explore the...
    • Orquesta De Las Nubes – Un Regalo
    • Orquesta De Las Nubes – Vendrán Lluvias Suaves
    • Orquesta De Las Nubes – Tres Ostras
    • Orquesta De Las Nubes – Tiempo De Espera
    • Orquesta De Las Nubes – Para Que Pasen Las Termitas
    • Orquesta De Las Nubes – Cama Diarmónica
    • Orquesta De Las Nubes – Como Un Guante
    • Orquesta De Las Nubes – El Orden Del Azar
    • Orquesta De Las Nubes – Me Paro Cuando Suena: Divertimento 2: Tiestos
    • Orquesta De Las Nubes – Ella No Lleva Gafas
    Kuniyuki TakahashiEarly Tape Works (1986-1993) Vol. 2Music From Memory
    The music of Japanese producer and DJ, Kuniyuki Takahashi, comes into focus on this Music From Memory compilation. A selection of tracks gathered from...
    • Kuniyuki Takahashi – Island
    • Kuniyuki Takahashi – Your Home
    • Kuniyuki Takahashi – Asia
    • Kuniyuki Takahashi – Echoes Of The Past
    • Kuniyuki Takahashi – Ai Iro
    • Kuniyuki Takahashi – Sakura No Mizu
    • Kuniyuki Takahashi – Imagination
    Michal TurtleReturn To JekaMusic From Memory
    Music From Memory return with more ‘Music From The Living Room’. Delving further into the archives of British musician, Michal Turtle. ‘Return To...
    • Michal Turtle – Reincarnation
    • Michal Turtle – Hyper Ethnic Blues
    • Michal Turtle – Uiko's Return To Jeka
    • Michal Turtle – Dub This Heavy
    • Michal Turtle – Feel The Pain
    • Michal Turtle – Jovan's Island
    • Michal Turtle – On The Plateau
    • Michal Turtle – Uiko's Dream
    TerekkeImprovisational LoopsMusic From Memory
    L.I.E.S. regular, Terekke tempers the pace a little for Music From Memory for an album of nebulous ambient escapism. RIYL Stars Of The Lid, Eno, GAS etc.
    • Terekke – unother
    • Terekke – Nuwav2
    • Terekke – Wav1
    • Terekke – ambien
    • Terekke – arrpfaded
    • Terekke – soft g
    • Terekke – 220 g
    • Terekke – l8r h8r
    Geoffrey Landers1 by 1Music From Memory
    Music From Memory brings together the works of American experimental musician Geoffrey Landers. During a period spanning from 1979 to 1987, this Denver,...
    • Geoffrey Landers – So
    • Geoffrey Landers – Logarithms
    • Geoffrey Landers – Breedlove
    • Geoffrey Landers – Sex Music
    • Geoffrey Landers – Carry Me Off
    • Geoffrey Landers – Say You'll Say So
    • Geoffrey Landers – Camella
    • Geoffrey Landers – It's Telling On Me
    • Geoffrey Landers – Sandbars Alone
    • Geoffrey Landers – Don't Push Me
    • Geoffrey Landers – Anodyne
    • Geoffrey Landers – Minord Birds
    • Geoffrey Landers – Brian's Having A Party
    • Geoffrey Landers – Nisei
    • Geoffrey Landers – Smooth Edges
    • Geoffrey Landers – Overhead Glass
    • Geoffrey Landers – The Alluring Pause
    • Geoffrey Landers – Excerptsfrom Ground Zero
    • Geoffrey Landers – 1 by 1
    • Geoffrey Landers – Mack
    CalibanDigital Reggae / Supernatural MagicMusic From Memory
    Reissue of this extremely obscure digital / computerized dancehall tune from '84 on Music From Memory! This issue features extra production from TAPES...
    • Caliban – Digital Reggae
    • Caliban – Digital Reggae Remix
    • Caliban – Supernatural Magic
    RichenelLa DiferenciaMusic From Memory
    Rare 80's boogie / electrosoul music from obscure dutch pin-up, Richenel. A selection of tracks that were previously available on a very sought-after...
    • Richenel – Autumn
    • Richenel – Slave Of The Body / Mind
    • Richenel – I Won't Bite
    • Richenel – Gentle Friend
    • Richenel – Baby Please
    • Richenel – La Diferencia
    Outro Tempo: Electronic and Contemporary Music From Brazil, 1978-1992Various ArtistsMusic From Memory
    Music From Memory take us on a trip to the heart of the Amazon rainforest. This double LP explores the outer reaches of Brazilian music, where...
    • Piry Reis – O Sol Na Janela
    • Nando Carneiro – G.R.E.S. Luxo Artezana
    • Cinema – Sem Toto
    • Os Mulheres Negras – So Quero Um Xodo
    • Fernando Falcao – Amanhecer Tabajra
    • Anno Luz – Por Que
    • Andrea Daltro – Kiua
    • Os Mulheres Negras – Maoscolorida
    • Bene Fonteles – O M M
    • Carlinhos Santos – Giramundo
    • Priscilla Ermel – Gestos De Equilibrio
    • Carioca – Branca
    • Marco Bosco – Sol Da Manha
    • Maria Rita – Cantico Brasileiro No. 3 (Kamaiura)
    • Marco Bosco – Madeira II
    • Priscilla Ermel – Corpo Do Vento
    • Luhli E Lucina – E Foi
    • 2×LP£22.99
      Out of stock
    • 2×CD£16.99
      In stockAdd to Bag
    Suso SáizRainworksMusic From Memory
    Following last year’s compilation of archival recordings by Suso Saiz titled ’Odisea’, Music From Memory are thrilled to mark their 20th release...
    • Suso Sáiz – From Memory And The Sky
    • Suso Sáiz – The Way Of The Water
    • Suso Sáiz – The Hiding Place
    • Suso Sáiz – They Don't Love Each Other
    • Suso Sáiz – Nothing Ends
    • Suso Sáiz – A Rainy Afternoon
    • CD£15.99
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    • 2×LP£19.99
      In stockAdd to Bag
    Roberto MusciTower Of SilenceMusic From Memory
    Travelling extensively across Asia and Africa between 1974-1985 to study music, Musci made many field recordings and collected many instruments on his...
    • Roberto Musci – Improbably Music
    • Roberto Musci – Nexus On The Beach
    • Roberto Musci – Lidia After The Snow
    • Roberto Musci – Water Music
    • Roberto Musci – Woman Of Water And Music
    • Roberto Musci – Lullabies... Mother Sings... Father Plays...
    • Roberto Musci – Back Railway To
    • Roberto Musci – Tamatave
    • Roberto Musci – Semar
    • Roberto Musci – Tower Of Silence
    • Roberto Musci – Claudia, Wilhelm R And Me
    • Roberto Musci – Voices Of The Ancient
    • Roberto Musci – Blue Garden
    • Roberto Musci – When A Dolphin Saves A Baby
    • Roberto Musci – Katak Dance For H Partch
    • Roberto Musci – Night Music
    • Roberto Musci – The Way Of Discreet Zen
    • Roberto Musci – Ghost Train
    • Roberto Musci – Kioko's Deck
    • Roberto Musci – Shadow Player
    • Roberto Musci – Empty Boulevard
    • Roberto Musci – The Ups And Downs Of Chewing Gum
    • Roberto Musci – A Tale For C
    Joel GrahamGeomancy / Night Music From Memory
    Music From Memory launch their new 12" series with material from Joel Graham who originally self-released the material on this release in the mid...
    • Joel Graham – Geomancy
    • Joel Graham – Night
    Vito RicciI Was Crossing A BridgeMusic From Memory
    Back in stock! On the leading edge of NYC’s underground music scene, Vito Ricci produced only a handful of self-released cassettes and one LP between...
    • Vito Ricci – The Ship Was Sailing
    • Vito Ricci – Hollywood
    • Vito Ricci – Music In Fourths
    • Vito Ricci – Dub It
    • Vito Ricci – Bachelor
    • Vito Ricci – Commie Stories - Part 5
    • Vito Ricci – I'm At That Party Right Now
    • Vito Ricci – Cross-Court (Get It)
    • Vito Ricci – Getting There
    • Vito Ricci – Commie Stories - Part 9
    • Vito Ricci – The Centre Of The Bridge
    • Vito Ricci – Deep Felt Music
    • Vito Ricci – Inferno - Part 1
    • Vito Ricci – Inferno - Part 3
    • Vito Ricci – Dox E Koo (Solo Voice)
    • Vito Ricci – Inferno - Part 2
    • Vito Ricci – The Bride
    Gigi MasinTalk To The Sea Music From Memory
    For their much anticipated second release 'Music From Memory' take you into the world of Italian musician Gigi Masin. Part of only a small and very...
    • Gigi Masin – The Word Love
    • Gigi Masin – Fata Morgana
    • Gigi Masin – Redanzen

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      Michael Boothman Touch (Repress)Invisible City Editions
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        Earl Sweatshirt Doris Colombia
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        • Earl Sweatshirt – Pre (feat SK La' Flare)
        • Earl Sweatshirt – Burgundy (feat Vince Staples)
        • Earl Sweatshirt – Sunday (feat Frank Ocean)
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        Arthur RussellThe World Of Arthur RussellSoul Jazz Records
        New fully remastered re-release of Soul Jazz Records’ ‘The World of Arthur Russell’, the seminal collection of Arthur Russell’s essential music...
        • Dinosuar L – Go Bang (Francois K Mix)
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        • Arthur Russell – Keeping Up
        • Arthur Russell – In The Light Of The Miracle
        • Arthur Russell – A Little Lost
        • Loose Joints – Pop Your Funk
        • Arthur Russell – Lets Go Swimming (Walter Gibbons Mix)
        • Dinosuar L – In The Cornbelt (Larry Levan Mix)
        • Arthur Russell – Treehouse
        • Indian Ocean – Schoolbell/Treehouse (Walter Gibbons Mix)
        Trevino3 & 1 EP3024
        Marcus Intalex makes his return to Martyn's 3024 label as Trevino and rolls out four, supple fusions of electro, acid, house and techno.
        • Trevino – Gone
        • Trevino – Twelve
        • Trevino – Regnie
        • Trevino – Pimlico
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        Ghosts On TapeNo Guestlist / Still Got the FeelingIcee Hot
        Ghosts On Tape unleash this tough EP of four, supple-limbed box jams that borrows a Lil' Louis 'Club Lonely' vocal hook. Finnish producer, Arttu, is drafted...
        • Ghosts On Tape – No Guestlist
        • Ghosts On Tape – No Guestlist (Underground Mix)
        • Ghosts On Tape – No Guest (Arttu Remix)
        • Ghosts On Tape – Still Got the Feeling
        Gilles Peterson Presents Sun Ra And His ArkestraTo Those Of Earth... And Other WorldsStrut
        Following up on last year’s collection 'In The Orbit Of Ra' Strut head back into the vast Sun Ra universe with a curated set from Ra’s immense...
        • Sun Ra and His Intergalactic Infinity Arkestra – Love in Outer Space
        • Sun Ra and His Solar Arkestra – On Jupiter
        • Sun Ra and His Myth Science Arkestra – Spontaneous Simplicity
        • The Cosmic Rays With Sun Ra and The Arkestra – Dreaming
        • Sun Ra and His Myth Science Arkestra – Black Sky And Blue Moon
        • 1. Sun Ra and His Intergalactic Infinity Arkestra – Love in Outer Space
        • 2. Sun Ra and His Solar Arkestra – On Jupiter
        • 3. Sun Ra and His Myth Science Arkestra – Spontaneous Simplicity
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        G & D ( Georgia Anne Muldrow & Dudley Perkins )LighthouseSomeothaship
        Left field west coast LP from Stones Throw related husband & wife duo Georgia Anne Muldrow and Dudley Perkins aka Declaime
          • LP£16.99
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          Fatima YamahaWhat's A Girl To DoDekmantel
          Repress of this somehow missed by many yet sought after release. Originally released in 2004 and again in 2012 on a second EP, the vinyl has become a wants...
          • Fatima Yamaha – What's A Girl To Do
          • Fatima Yamaha – Plum Jelly
          • Fatima Yamaha – Half Moon Rising
          • Fatima Yamaha – Between Worlds
          • 12"£6.99
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          Keyboard Masher KM Editions 05 Keyboard Masher
          Cosmic diggers Keyboard Masher return with a fifth instalment from their KM Editions series! Psychemagik and Claremont56 fans will love this! A dramatic...
          • Keyboard Masher – El Halcon Rising
          • Keyboard Masher – Eastern Promise
          • Keyboard Masher – La Luz
          • 12"£9.99
            Out of stock
          Dip In The PoolOn RetinaeMusic From Memory
          Reissue of this dreamy, minimal j-pop gem from 1989 from Japanese new wave duo, Dip In The Pool! Music From Memory release these impossibly rare...
          • Dip In The Pool – On Retinae (West Version)
          • Dip In The Pool – On Retinae (East Version)
          • 12"£10.99
            Out of stock
          Andras Fox ft Oscar S ThornEmbassy Cafe Dopeness Galore
          Romantic deep house - warm retro/futuristic music with a strong Larry Heard/early 90's house influence. For fans of Dream 2 Science, KDJ etc - check it! 
          • Andras Fox ft Oscar S Thorn – Romance
          • Andras Fox ft Oscar S Thorn – Running Late
          • Andras Fox ft Oscar S Thorn – Waiting...
          • Andras Fox ft Oscar S Thorn – Slow Dope
          • 12"£7.99
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          LascaMaoRufar Dos TamborinsNames You Can Trust
          Debut release from Brazilian percussion ensemble LascaMão. A modern & heavy mix of Afro-Brazilian traditions created specifically for the dance!
          • LascaMao – Rufar Dos Tamborins
          • LascaMao – Caminho De Minas
          • 7"£7.99
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          Golden Teacher Divine / RaveinstigatorSounds Of The Universe / Soul Jazz Records
          The bomb from Glasgow's finest! New 300-press edition in white card sleeve.  EXCLUSIVE Sounds of The Universe/Soul Jazz Records 12"...
          • Golden Teacher – Divine (6.58)
          • Golden Teacher – Raveinstigator (8.45)
          • 12"£9.99
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          The J.B.'sFood For Thought (1972)People
          Probably the best J.B's album in the world ! Full of great tracks.Every track on this album is a funk classic - 'Pass the Peas', 'Gimme Some More' 'Hot...
            OsborneHold Up / Joe Goddard Remix & Tuff City Kids (Gerd Janson and Phillip Lauer) RemixesSpectral
            Cuddly Hot Chip / 2 Bears member, Joe Goddard, provides a vocal for a rare production outing by Osbourne. 'Hold Up' employs a tough Roland kick drum to...
            • Osborne – Hold Up (feat. Joe Goddard)
            • Osborne – Hold Up (Joe's Dub)
            • Osborne – All Night
            • Osborne – All Night (Tuff City Kids Remix)
            • 12"£7.99
              Out of stock
            Napoleon CherryWalk AloneMusic From Memory
            The subject of Music From Memory’s latest compilation release is the elusive and mysterious Philadelphian musician Napoleon Cherry (aka Cool Waters). In...
            • Napoleon Cherry – Clap Your Hands
            • Napoleon Cherry – No Need For Us To Explain
            • Napoleon Cherry – Rejuvenation
            • Napoleon Cherry – Stay With Me
            • Napoleon Cherry – When You Had The Chance
            • Napoleon Cherry – Know I'm Not The One
            • Napoleon Cherry – Believe It Or Not
            • Napoleon Cherry – Don't Hide
            • Napoleon Cherry – Walk Alone
            • Napoleon Cherry – I've Been Waiting
            • LP£11.99
              Out of stock
              Paul Zaza Le Payback Baby Grand
              Sought-after cosmic jazz funk album from 1977! Plastic disco in the style of Jean Pierre Massiera! Check the title track "Le Payback", a French sleazy...
              • Paul Zaza – Le Payback
              • Paul Zaza – Struttin'
              • Paul Zaza – Feelin' Good
              • Paul Zaza – The Forge
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              Jackie Mittoo In Cold Blood Striker Lee - Reggae Retro
              Striker Lee original 1970's album - limited edition 180 gram vinyl.  Rare and hard to find original release format 1970’s Roots vocal, D.J....
              • Jackie Mittoo – The Ranking King
              • Jackie Mittoo – Rockers Delete
              • Jackie Mittoo – Earthquake
              • New LP (180g)£15.99
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              The idea behind "Masse" is that three different producers meet with three different choreographers from the Berlin State Ballet Berghain. This resulted...
              • Masse – Unknown Touch
              • Masse – Affect Structure
              • Masse – I Am Not Responsible For That
              • Masse – But Then I’m Different
              • CD£11.99
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              Paradise BangkokThe Eastern Connection Paradise Bangkok
              Second Mix CD from Paradise Bangkok - Very limited comes with full colour gatefold sleeve , CD full of Tropical musical delights!! Documenting little known...
              • Paradise Bangkok – sample one
              • Paradise Bangkok – sample two
              • Paradise Bangkok – sample three
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