Focus Music of South Africa


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    "Focus on Music of South Africa" provides an in-depth look at the full spectrum of South African music, a musical culture that epitomizes the enormous ethnic, religious, linguistic, class, and gender diversity of the nation itself. Drawing on extensive field and archival research, as well as her own personal experiences, noted ethnomusicologist and South African native Carol A. Muller looks at how South Africans have used music to express a sense of place in South Africa, on the African continent, and around the world.Part One, "Creating Connections", provides introductory materials for the study of South African Music.

    Part Two, "Musical Migrations", moves to a more focused overview of significant musical styles in twentieth-century South Africa - particularly those known through world circuits. Part Three, "Focusing In", takes the reader into the heart of two musical cultures with case studies on South African jazz and the music of the Zulu-language followers of Isaiah Shembe. The accompanying CD offers vivid examples of traditional, popular, and classical South African musical styles.

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