Lovers and Strangers An Immigrant History of Post-War Britain


    Drawing on an amazing array of unusual and surprising sources, Clair Wills' wonderful new book brings to life the incredible diversity and strangeness of the migrant experience. She introduces us to lovers, scroungers, dancers, homeowners, teachers, drinkers, carers and many more to show the opportunities and excitement as much as the humiliation and poverty that could be part of the new arrivals' experience.

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    Giovanni's RoomJames BaldwinPenguin

    When David meets the sensual Giovanni in a bohemian bar, he is swept into a passionate love affair. But his girlfriend's return to Paris destroys everything. Unable to admit to the truth, David pretends the liaison never happened - while Giovanni's life descends into tragedy.

    United by the theme of love, the writings in the Great Loves series span over two thousand years and vastly different worlds. Readers will be introduced to love's endlessly fascinating possibilities and extremities: romantic love, platonic love, erotic love, gay love, virginal love, adulterous love, parental love, filial love, nostalgic love, unrequited love, illicit love, not to mention lost love, twisted and obsessional love...

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      WarholA Life as ArtPenguin

      When critics attacked Andy Warhol's Marilyn paintings as shallow, the Pop artist was happy to present himself as shallower still: He claimed that he silkscreened to avoid the hard work of painting, although he was actually a meticulous workaholic; in interviews he presented himself as a silly naïf when in private he was the canniest of sophisticates. Blake Gopnik's definitive biography digs deep into the contradictions and radical genius that led Andy Warhol to revolutionise our cultural world.

        KraftwerkFuture Music from GermanyPenguin

        'We are not artists nor musicians. We are workers.' Ignoring nearly all rock traditions, experimenting in near-total secrecy in their Düsseldorf studio, Kraftwerk fused sound and technology, graphic design and performance, modernist Bauhaus aesthetics and Rhineland industrialisation - even human and machine - to change the course of modern music. This is the story of Kraftwerk the cultural phenomenon, who turned electronic music into avant-garde concept art and created the soundtrack to our digital age.

          Post-Soul NationBy Nelson GeorgePenguin

          A social critic and award-winning author of Hip Hop America describes the splintering of African-American culture in the 1980s, examining the dichotomy between influential black entertainers, athletes, politicians, and spiritual leaders and the rampant drug use and crime that ravaged once-vital black neighborhoods.

          Secondhand USA paperback in good cond

            Beneath the Underdog by Charles Mingusby Charles MingusPenguin
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              JunkyBy William S. BurroughsPenguin
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                Come Back Charleston Blueby Chester HimesPenguin

                Our of print edition secondhand paperback in good cond. (sticker on spine)

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                  Lord Jimby Joseph ConradPenguin

                  s/hand paperback

                    Hard TimesBy Charles DickensPenguin

                    Second-hand paperback

                      Waging Heavy PeaceThe Autobiography of Neil YoungPenguin

                      Neil Young is a singular figure in the history of rock and pop culture in the last four decades, inducted not once but twice into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

                      Reflective, insightful and disarmingly honest, Waging Heavy Peace is Neil Young's long-awaited memoir. From his youth in Canada to his crazy journey out to California, through Buffalo Springfield and Crosby, Stills & Nash, to his massively successful solo career and his re-emergence as the patron saint of grunge on to his role today as one of the last uncompromised and uncompromising survivors of rock 'n' roll - this is Neil's story told in his own words.

                      Young presents a kaleidoscopic view of personal life and musical creativity; it's a journey that spans the snows of Ontario to the LSD-laden boulevards of 1966 Los Angeles to the contemplative paradise of Hawaii today. Along the way he writes about the music, the victims, the girls and the drugs; about his happy family life but also about the health problems he and his children have experienced; about guitars, cars and sound systems; about Canada and California and Hawaii.

                        Gang Lands Brazilby Ross KempPenguin

                        Brazil gangs.

                        s/hand paperback

                          Jean GenetMiracle of the RosePenguin

                          Second-hand paperback

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                            James Baldwin: Artist on Fireby W.J. WeatherbyMichael Joseph

                            A portrait of James Baldwin tracing his development from the ghettos of Harlem to Paris and back to America where his active participation in civil rights brought him in close contact with Dr Martin Luther King, Robert Kennedy, Marlon Brando and Norman Mailer.

                              • Original Book (900g)£15.00
                                Out of print UK 1st edn. hardback w/dustjacket ex-library with stamps, plastic around dust jacket
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                              Running The Voodoo DownThe Electric Music Of Miles DavisBackbeat Books

                              This book re-assesses Miles Davis' "electric period" and analyzes its continuing influence on contemporary music. While jazz purists often revile this phase - which encompasses the entire second half of his career, from 1967 until his death in 1991 - this book takes a new, appreciative look at this music and shows its importance to Davis' career and to jazz as a whole. The author also reveals surprising connections between Davis, Jimi Hendrix and Sly Stone, particularly the ways they fed each other's creativity.

                                The Music Industry RawPirates, Clubs, House and GarageAuthorHouse

                                What you will go onto read is a part biography, part dissection and part educational book that start's at the very beginning with a young boy who was inspired by London, family life, football and world music, a love that nearly ended in a long term prison sentence. Fortunately not only Tony, but the many that went on to succeed because of his drive and direction, he was given another chance, this turned into his sliding doors effect, and not only did it change his life but the lives of many others. Creator of a leading London record label and manager for one of the pioneering acts over the past decade, Tony Portelli became part creator of a genre of music that took inspiration and street culture and turned it into careers for many who also had a dream. So what has been written within these pages, a first of its kind from a genre, is probably the most contentious behind the scene's book ever written about the Music Industry.

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                                  Ferdinand DennisBehind The Frontlines

                                  'A journey into Afro-Britain'

                                    • Original Book (300g)£12.00
                                      Out-of-print secondhand Hardback with dustjacket, both in clean solid order
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                                    Staying PowerThe History of Black People in BritainPluto Press

                                    Staying Power is recognised as the definitive history of black people in Britain, an epic story that begins with the Roman conquest and continues to this day. In a comprehensive account, Peter Fryer reveals how Africans, Asians and their descendants, previously hidden from history, have profoundly influenced and shaped events in Britain over the course of the last two thousand years. This new edition includes a foreword by Paul Gilroy explaining the genesis of the book and its continuing significance in black history today.

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                                      Gotta Go Gotta FlowLife, Love, and Lust on Chicago's South Side From the SeventiesCity Files Press

                                      DELUXE IMPORT USA HARDBACK BOOK. OVER £20 OFF - MORE THAN 60% OFF. A GREAT BOOK

                                      AWESOME BACK - wicked photos Chicago black club life in the 1970s. Accompanied by some super deep words and poems. This book rocks!

                                      Michael Abramson takes out his small Leica camera at Pepper’s Hideout on Chicago’s South Side. 1974. Cool music. Cool scene. Over the next three years, Abramson takes thousands of vivid photographs of smoke-filled Pepper’s, Perv’s House, the Patio Lounge, High Chaparral, and other black nightclubs. Not so much the clubs, but the night people who fill the crowded bars until sunrise. Enter Patricia Smith, a nationally acclaimed poet who grew up not far from these clubs. She creates words that capture the culture of Chicago’s black nightclubs and the urban life that nurtured them. She brings his night world back to life. Smith’s words and Abramson’s photographs record the vitality of a special place and time.

                                        Reggae SoundsystemOriginal Reggae Album Cover ArtSoul Jazz Books

                                        Reggae Soundsystem! is a new deluxe 200 page hard-back 12”x12” book featuring hundreds of stunning full size record cover designs that span the history of reggae music. 

                                        The book is compiled by the celebrated author and reggae expert Steve Barrow (Rough Guide to Reggae/ Blood and Fire Records) and Stuart Baker (Soul Jazz Records). 

                                        Beginning in the 1950s, Jamaican music developed into one of the most important and influential music industries in the world. From its early Mento (Jamaican Calypso) beginnings through to the invention of Ska, Rocksteady, Roots, Dub and Dancehall, Jamaican music is also one of the richest and innovative veins in popular music.

                                        This stunning hardback deluxe book looks at the endless visually creativity of  reggae record cover designs, iconic, classic, rare and unique artwork spanning sixty years of Jamaican sounds.

                                          RevivalLondon 1989 - 1993Hoxton Mini Press

                                          Harlesden and Willesden has a rich history of multiculturalism. Roy Mehta's exquisite black and white photographs capture the daily rituals of its various communities, most notably the Black and Irish, engaged in seemingly simple activities at home, in the street and at church. Shot from 1989-1993, the images move from profound moments of faith to quiet moments at home and to the noisy streets outside and remind us that every moment is an opportunity for connection and reflection.

                                            Black TestimonyVoices of Britain's West IndiansBy Thomas J. Cottle
                                              • Original Book (400g)£18.00
                                                Hardback UK first edition 1978 with dustjacket (ex-library has stamps, stickers, etc).
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                                              The UpsettersReturn Of The Super ApeUpsetter Records

                                              Classic cult-favourite dub album from Lee Perry recorded at the Black Ark. Originally released in 1977 on Lion Of Judah / Upsetter records.

                                              Check "Dyon Anaswa", "Psyche & Trim", "Return Of The Super Ape"

                                              Highly recommended !

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                                                SeenBlack Style UKBooth Clibborn Editiions

                                                This volume explores the immeasurable impact of Black subculture on British streets, dance floors, wardrobes and beauty parlours over the past three decades. It gives unique visual expression to the energy and innovation of a range of fashion trends and musical subcultures, including ragga, drum 'n' bass, house, and UK garage, through a wealth of unpublished images from legendary and contemporary photographers including Dennis Morris and David Swindells. Compiled by journalist and cultural commentator Ekow Eshun, with contributions from creative icons like DJs Trevor Nelson and Norman Jay.

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                                                  Full Crewby Karline SmithThe X Press

                                                  Yardie style. out of print uk paperback set in Manchester. Karline Smith is 'the first black British female crime writer'

                                                    • Original Book (300g)£9.00
                                                      Vinyl condition: VG+
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                                                    Cover Art of Studio One RecordsDeluxe Hardback 12x12" 200 page BookSoul Jazz Books

                                                    Available for limited period at special discount price!

                                                    100% Absolutely essential! Super-deluxe 12x12" hardback 200 page plus, hundreds of classic Studio One sleeves including loads of killer rarities!

                                                    Introduction by Steve Barrow.

                                                    This is a seriously heavyweight guide to the great Studio One Records, Reggae's greatest ever record label. From the extensive introduction by Steve Barrow (Author of the Rough Guide to Reggae/Founder of Blood & Fire Records), through hundreds of full size classic sleeves to the clossing 'collector's section' featuring rare silkscreens, alternate sleeves and more, Cover Art of Studio One brings you the artwork from Sir Coxsone's greatest achievement.

                                                    Features classic and rare sleeves from Horace Andy, The Skatalites, Jackie Mittoo, Ken Boothe, Alton Ellis, Bob Marley and The Wailers, Toots and The Maytals, Dillinger, Sugar Minott, Lone Ranger and many, many, many more. A goldmine of design, and a who's who of Reggae.

                                                    Features on the book:

                                                    The Quietus (A Guide to Soul Jazz and Studio One)

                                                    The Independent

                                                    BBC London - Robert Elms Radio Show (Steve Barrow and Stuart Baker talk about Studio One)

                                                      From Jazz Funk & Fusion To Acid JazzThe History Of The UK Jazz Dance Scene By SnowboyAuthorHouse

                                                      This is the first time the history of the uniquely British 'Jazz Dance' scene has been documented in such depth, written over a period of 10 years by Mark Cotgrove, aka Snowboy, the noted bandleader, DJ, club promoter, journalist and Afro-Cuban percussionist. This amazing 300 page book contains over 200 interviews and documents the scene's fast-flying footsteps through its inception in the Jazz Funk movement of the 70's, through the underground Black British dance scene of the early 80's, on to the massive Acid Jazz phenomenon and beyond! This is a labour of love by Snowboy dedicated to the dancers, the DJs and the clubs all over the UK - like The Goldmine, Electric Ballroom, Berlin and The Wag - where Jazz Dance flourished and staked it's own place in the history of British Black Music club culture.

                                                        Policing By Multi-Racial ConsentThe Handsworth Experience By John BrownBedford Square Press
                                                          • Original Book (250g)£10.00
                                                            Secondhand paperback in ok condition ex library with stamps, some wear to cover
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                                                          Focus Music of South AfricaRoutledge

                                                          Great book, comes with free CD.

                                                          "Focus on Music of South Africa" provides an in-depth look at the full spectrum of South African music, a musical culture that epitomizes the enormous ethnic, religious, linguistic, class, and gender diversity of the nation itself. Drawing on extensive field and archival research, as well as her own personal experiences, noted ethnomusicologist and South African native Carol A. Muller looks at how South Africans have used music to express a sense of place in South Africa, on the African continent, and around the world.Part One, "Creating Connections", provides introductory materials for the study of South African Music.

                                                          Part Two, "Musical Migrations", moves to a more focused overview of significant musical styles in twentieth-century South Africa - particularly those known through world circuits. Part Three, "Focusing In", takes the reader into the heart of two musical cultures with case studies on South African jazz and the music of the Zulu-language followers of Isaiah Shembe. The accompanying CD offers vivid examples of traditional, popular, and classical South African musical styles.

                                                            • Book (600g)£41.99
                                                              Out of stock
                                                            Language In Jamaicaby Pauline ChristieArawak Publications

                                                            The author, as her life's work, has studied language in Jamaica. As a result of her extensive study and anaysis, she has determined that the best approach to literacy in Jamaica is to embrace Patwa, also known as Patois or Creole, as a learning tool.

                                                              • Book (200g)£9.99
                                                                Out of stock
                                                              Black Music In Our CultureCurricular Ideas On The Subjects, Materials And ProblemsKent State University Press

                                                              Second-hand ex-library hardback book, missing dustcover

                                                                • Original Book (400g)£12.00
                                                                  Sleeve condition: VGOriginal USA hardback book,
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                                                                Black Popular MusicIn Britain Since 1945Routledge

                                                                Black Popular Music in Britain Since 1945 provides the first broad scholarly discussion of this music since 1990. The book critically examines key moments in the history of black British popular music from 1940s jazz to 1970s soul and reggae, 1990s Jungle and the sounds of Dubstep and Grime that have echoed through the 2000s.

                                                                  • Book (450g)£39.99
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                                                                  Changing JamaicaAdam Kuper

                                                                  Original secondhand hardback first edition (laminated dust jacket, ex library w/stamps)

                                                                    • Original Book (400g)£12.00
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                                                                    Shades Of BlackAssembling Black Arts In 1980s BritainDuke University Press

                                                                    Import USA Paperback edition

                                                                    In the 1980s - at the height of Thatcherism and in the wake of civil unrest and rioting in a number of British cities - the Black Arts Movement burst onto the British art scene with breathtaking intensity, changing the nature and perception of British culture irreversibly. This richly illustrated volume presents a history of that movement. It brings together in a lively dialogue leading artists, curators, art historians, and critics - many of whom were actively involved in the Black Arts Movement.Combining cultural theory with anecdote and experience, the contributors debate how the work of the black British artists of the 1980s should be viewed historically. They consider the political, cultural, and artistic developments that sparked the movement even as they explore the extent to which such a diverse body of work can be said to constitute a distinct artistic movement - particularly given that "black" in Britain in the 1980s encompassed those of South Asian, North and sub-Saharan African, and Caribbean descent, referring as much to shared experiences of disenfranchisement as to shades of skin.

                                                                    Contributors include Stanley Abe, Jawad Al-Nawab, Rasheed Araeen, David A. Bailey, Adelaide Bannerman, Ian Baucom, Dawoud Bey, Sonia Boyce, Allan deSouza, Jean Fisher, Stuart Hall, Lubaina Himid, Naseem Khan, susan pui san lok, Kobena Mercer, Yong Soon Min, Keith Piper, Zineb Sedira, Gilane Tawadros, Leon Wainwright, and Judith Wilson.

                                                                      Colonial Immigrants In A British CityA Class Analysis By John Rex And Sally TomlinsonRKP

                                                                      Secondhand out of print paperback, small tear on back, inscription inside

                                                                        • Original Book (500g)£10.00
                                                                          Out of stock
                                                                        This Is How We FlowRhythm In Black CulturesUniversity Of South Carolina Press

                                                                        These essays explore the meaning, motif and theme of rhythm in black cultures throughout the USA and Africa. They discuss music and dance, the visual arts, architecture, theatre, literature and film, and suggest that an African aesthetic, revolving around the motif of rhythm, does exist.

                                                                          • Book (450g)£20.00 £10.00
                                                                            Out of stock
                                                                          Lee PerryDisco Devil Volume 3 (6 More Classics From The Black Ark Studio 1977-79)Studio 16

                                                                          3rd instalment of the Disco Devil Black Ark series featuring Max Romeo, Jolly Brothers,Leroy Sibbles, Devon Irons and more.

                                                                          • Jolly Brothers – Conscious Man (Seven Leaves 12" Mix 1977)
                                                                          • Max Romeo – Norman (Upsetter 12" Mix 1978)
                                                                          • Leroy Sibbles – Garden Of Life (Big Spanner Disco Ajax 12" Mix 1978)
                                                                          • King Scratch – Dread Lion (Black Art 12" 1977)
                                                                          • The Mistic – Forward With The Orthodox (Special 7" edit 2019)
                                                                          • Devon Irons – When Jah Come (Special 7" edit 2019)
                                                                          • 1. Jolly Brothers – Conscious Man (Seven Leaves 12" Mix 1977)
                                                                          • 2. Max Romeo – Norman (Upsetter 12" Mix 1978)
                                                                          • 3. Leroy Sibbles – Garden Of Life (Big Spanner Disco Ajax 12" Mix 1978)
                                                                          • View full info and tracklisting
                                                                          • LP£12.00
                                                                            Out of stock