Walter Bishop Keeper of My Soul

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  • 1. Soul Village
  • 2. N'Dugu's Prayer
  • 3. Summertime
  • 4. Those Who Chant
  • 5. Keeper of My Soul
  • 6. Blue Bossa
  • 7. Sweet Rosa

On his second and last Black Jazz album Keeper of My Soul (1973), Walter Bishop Jr. plays acoustic and electric pianos and organ with a sense of uplift, a quality characterizing the best soul-jazz of the day. Opening number "Soul Village" is a fascinating union of jazz and funk; today, it still sounds fresh in its immediacy.

Here Bishop brings personality to his playing of a plugged-in piano, no easy task, while young saxophonist Ronnie Laws, a few years away from his descent into the disco-fusion abyss, captures in his solo some of the saxophone-generated warmth associated with his mentor, David "Fathead" Newman. The little-remembered vibraphonist Woody Murray handles himself well, and the funk rhythm section cooks.