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  • 1. Unmatched
  • 2. Jump Bugs
  • 3. Karo’s B
  • 4. 5 In
  • 5. Got To Get Up For Monday
  • 6. .Sarah’s E With Extra P
  • 7. Michele’s H With C
  • 8. Ray & Claire
  • 9. Back When Lynn (The Classic)
  • 10. A Blink Of An Eye

House genius Maurice Fulton returns with his debut album under his Syclops moniker!

Syclops is ostensibly the work of the Sheffield-based Fulton and three Finnish jazz-funk musicians, Sven Kortehisto, Hann Sarkari, and Jukka Kantonen, although it seems more probable that it is in fact a solo project.

Blocky robo-funk and house mutations - live sounding carnival-style percussion, robust basslines and computerised bleeps and squelches. Moving from explosive jazzy breakdowns with gospel injections to raw proto-house simplicity.