Paul White Rapping With Paul White

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  • 1. intro: we make lots of noise
  • 2. right on
  • 3. trust ft guilty simpson
  • 4. run shit ft marv won
  • 5. one of life's pleasures ft danny brown
  • 6. the doldrums
  • 7. life is flashing interlude
  • 8. stampeding elephants ft moe pope
  • 9. rotten apples ft tranquill
  • 10. thirty davis
  • 11. a weird day ft homeboy sandman
  • 12. african new wave
  • 13. indigo glow ft jehst
  • 14. dirty slang ft guilty simpson
  • 15. a new way
  • 16. evasive action
  • 17. wily walruses ft nancy elizabeth
  • 18. outro: we'll never end

FINALLY AVAILABLE ON CD! The inevitable Paul White rap album is finally here!

Since landing 'The Dragon Fly' on a limited 7" four years ago, psychedelic beatsmith Paul White has become one of the UK's best and well-loved producers!

Wigged-out and innovative as ever! Quirky beats built from sometimes bizaare indian vocal loops, afro percussion, rocky organ cut-ups sourced from dusty soul, jazz, funk, library and soundtrack samples. An all star cast of both UK and US based rappers such as Guilty Simpson, Jehst, Danny Brown, Moe Pope, Tranquill, Homeboy Sandman and more do the beats justice!