Tito Puente Tito Puente and His Concert Orchestra

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  • 1. El Ray Del Timbal
  • 2. Mambo Diablo
  • 3. Ah Ah
  • 4. Last Tango in Paris
  • 5. Ritual Fire Dance
  • 6. 110th St and 5th Avenue
  • 7. Black Brothers
  • 8. Matacumbe
  • 9. Preparate Para Banarte
  • 10. Picadillo

Amazingly good album from the king of latin percussion, Tito Puente! If you only own one Tito Puente album you should make sure it's this one! A non-stop string of powerhouse percussive latin jazz bombs featuring the Gilles Peterson Dingwalls classic 110th St & 5th Avenue and the jazz fusion wah wah guitar-propelled Last Tango In Paris! Every track's a winner! Frenetic percussion, HUGE horn stabs, funky fusion influenced tracks and fiery salsa! Unbeatable! Highly recommended!