MM/KM Mix Mup and Kassem Mosse

    The Trilogy Tapes
    • 12" EP£12.99
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    • MM/KM – Unterwegs Mit Cash Von St.Vinzenz
    • MM/KM – Galagonmixdown
    • 1. Bust A Move
    • 2. Unterwegs Mit Cash Von St.Vinzenz
    • 3. Birds Flying In The Sun Like U Know How
    • 4. MM KM End To Funk
    • 5. Lost In NPE2
    • 6. Galagonmixdown

    Given a much needed repress. Deadly, minimal, mini-LP from Mix Mup and Kassem Mosse on Will Bankhead's The Trilogy Tapes. Hypnotic machinic rhythms -defo one for the more open-minded, outsider techno/house lovers. 

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    Acid - Can You Jack?Soul Jazz Records

    Following on from our new Acid-Mysterons Invade The Jackin' Zone, 

    Soul Jazz Records are re-releasing theis long out of print classic album Acid – Can You Jack? Chicago Acid and Experimental House 1985-95.

    Double CD set with 48-page outsize booklet and slipcase. Two separate volume of super-loud heavyweight 180gm double vinyl (each with free download codes) housed in heavyweight sleeves. Also now available here as an exclusive to this site  digital download for the first time.

    The extensive sleevenotes to this release charting the phenomenal rise of Chicago house and acid music are written by Tim Lawrence, author or the the definitive book on dance music ‘Love Saves The Day’, as well as the Arthur Russell biography Hold On To Your Dreams: Arthur Russell and the Downtown Music Scene 1973-92.  Lawrence also wrote the text for Voguing and The House Ballroom Scene of New York, 1989-92, also published by Soul Jazz Records/Books.

    The album features all-time classic full-length 12" tracks such as Phuture’s ‘Acid Trax’ and Sleezy D’s ‘I’ve Lost Control’, Jamie Principle’s ‘Baby Wants to Ride’ alongside many rare and experimental tracks including , Marshall Jefferson’s “Go Wild Rhythm Tracks”, Virgo's 'Take Me Higher' and many more.

    The large booklet also contains exclusive photos and interviews with a number of the key players in the birth and rise of Chicago’s original house music scene from originators like Jefferson, DJ Pierre and Adonis to second wave artists like Cajmere and Roy Davis Jnr.


    Reviews of Acid - Can You Jack?:

    'Impeccably timed compilation from Soul Jazz Records' Pitchfork

    'Soul Jazz can do no wrong in terms of compiling in my eyes' Resident Advisor

    'Suitably comprehensive, featuring many of the touchstone works now widely considered classics'XLR8R

    • Maurice – This Is Acid
    • The Sweat Boyz – Do You Want To Perculate
    • Virgo – Go Wild Rhythm Track
    • Mr Fingers – Beyond The Clouds
    • Tyree – Acid Crash
    • Phuture – Phuture Jacks
    • Fresh – Dum Dum Part 2
    • Roy Davis Jnr – Acid Bass
    • Sleezy D – I've Lost Control
    • Virgo Four – Take Me Higher
    • DJ Pierre – Box Energy
    • Frankie Knuckles featuring Jamie Principle – Baby Wants To Ride
    • Tyree – Acid Over
    • Green Velvet – Explorer
    • Two Of A Kind – Like This
    • Armando – Downfall
    • Phuture – Acid Tracks
    • Deluxe 2×CD£12.99
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    Heatsick Snakes & Ladders EP Sounds Of The Universe / Soul Jazz Records

    Trippy experimental club tracks from Steven Warwick aka Heatsick exclusive to our Sounds Of The Universe imprint. Limited to 300 copies - available only direct from our store or websites

    All artwork designed by Heatsick himself and includes 12 X 12 hand-screen printed numbered artwork.

    "Snakes & Ladders" - where Casio stabs and a barking bassline builds up to a stretching crescendo of white-noise percussion - a rhythm track from the Music Box heyday performed in striking Casio tones. 

    The ultimate night driving music  - "Time Smudge" is an interstellar journey through trippy space pads and grinding pedalled bass. 

    Heatsick explains:

    "Snakes & Ladders deals with game theory on the grid, slithering around precariously only to fall down a worm(snake?) hole on Time Smudge, reprogramming the ride"


    Check out the "Snakes & Ladder" here video directed by Pedro Maia with BRÁULIO BANDEIRA AND SMEETA NARANG Production RGB/XYZ STUDIO

    • – Snakes & Ladders
    • – Time Smudge
    N'Draman Blintch Cikamele Cosmic Sounds

    Bonkers legendary 70’s Nigerian ELECTRONIC FUNK album produced by William Onyeabour! 4 tracks of the highest quality afro-beat with an electronic twist… all different tempos, moods and grooves covered. This seminal rare LP has now been remastered and is available on a limited pressing. Blimming marvelous!

    • – Man-Nou
    • – I First \"U\" Last
    • – Saigner-L\'Afrique
    • LP£11.99
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    Paperclip People The Secret Tapes Of Dr. Eich Planet E


    Polished up, remastered edition of this 1996 classic compilation from Carl Craig under one of his many aliases, complete with brand new artwork.  Some of Carl Craig's finest work - featuring classics "Oscillator", "Climax" & "Throw".  Groundbreaking material and continues innovate until this day - ruddy brilliant!

    • – oscillator
    • – paperclip man
    • – the climax
    • – floor
    • – throw
    • – steam
    • 2×LP£14.99
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    ExilesFussing & FightingExile

    Top Top repress of 1980 U.K. Reggae band Exiles with their highly sought after tune "Fussing & Fighting" originally released on 12" this time on a 7" with great dub and hard card company sleeve.

    • – Fussing & Fighting
    • – Fuss & Fight Dub
    • 7"£5.99
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    Good God Apocryphal HymnsNumero Group

    Throw those hands in the air - the third installment in Numero's series of otherworldly gospel, robed funk and spiritual soul, penned powerfully by the genre's lesser-known disciples has been delivered. 

    The same independently-financed D.I.Y sound heard on the brilliant "Personal Space" compilation rings throughout these gospel obscurities. Far from the traditional gospel stomping hand-clapping choirs, "Apocryphal Hymn" is packed with psychedelic guitars, heavenly harmonies, kooky electronic percussion and bleeding french horn. 

    • Robert Vanderbilt & the Foundation Of Souls – – A Message Especially From God
    • Spiritual Harmonizers – God’s Love
    • Sensational Saints – That’s All I Need
    • Shelton Kilby – Poor Wayfaring Stranger
    • Supreme Jubilees – It’ll All Be Over
    • 1. Robert Vanderbilt & the Foundation Of Souls – – A Message Especially From God
    • 2. Spiritual Harmonizers – God’s Love
    • 3. Sensational Saints – That’s All I Need
    • View full info and tracklisting
    • 2×LP£21.99
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    • CD£17.99
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    Gesloten Cirkel Hole: Transportation AAD RemixBerceuse Heroique

    S.O.T.U favs Gesloten Cirkel are back following their killer 12" on Murder Capitol and remix for Clone. Seven minute brooding bass stomper "Hole" puts the frighteners on the Aside. The flip offers a cruder alternative, a remix by Transportation AA (Boddika and DRKSTRL) - a coarsely constructed industrial bellyache, with a grizzly bottom end.



    • – Hole
    • – Transportation AAD Remix
    • 12"£11.99
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    Omar S Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself FXHE


    All new, unreleased material from Alexander O Smith to follow up his 2011 "It Can Be Done But Only I Can Do It" on his FXHE Detroit-based imprint. Omar S in his prime - fourteen strong tracks of Detroit deep house and techno. Motorik tracky hynotism, stripped down and melodic, with his signature crisp spanking drums, machinic rhythms, warm chords and weighty bass. Love it! 

    Vinyl - Part 1 - 2x12"

    I Just Want (mixed by Luke Hess

    Air Of The Day

    Be Yoself


    The Shit Baby

    Helter Shelter



    Vinyl - Part 2

    Messier's Sixty Eight

    Dumpster Graves

    She's Sah Hero Nik

    Broken Bamalance Horn

    Force Fed The Meds

    Its Money In The D

    • – I Just Want (mixed by Luke Hess)
    • – Rewind
    • – Helter Shelter
    • – Amalthea
    • CD£16.99
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    • 2×12" Pack 1£18.99
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    • 2×12" Pack 2£18.99
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    Basic Soul Unit Motional Response Still Music

    Stuart Li's long awaited Basic Soul Unit debut LP on Jerome Derradji's Still Music!

    "Motional Response" sees Canadian BSU, skirting the line between deep dusty house and subliminal melodic techno. 

    Heavily armed with a plethora of analogue gear, BSU weaves intricate synth harmonies, over dreamy warm pads and raw acid basslines.  

    This is slick, pure sophistication; the crisp minimalism of A Made Up Sound, elements of Carl Craig and the raw, sometimes industrial jackin' vibe of classic Chicago like Larry Heard. 

    Vinyl tracklisting:


    A2. CLOUDS


    B2. THIS




    D2. LET GO

    • – BREATHE
    • – CLOUDS
    • – ALL OVER ME
    • CD£12.99
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    • 2×LP£14.99
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    Juniper/Sul/Kassem Mosse/HeronThe Palace EPMeandyou

    Top notch, house / techno showcase from this sumptuous line-up. Vital club-friendly dynamics with the artists, between them, melting synth-wave into spatial, Basic Channel style techno. In a word - essential. 

    • Juniper – They Came To Find Us
    • Sul – Ain't Been Idle
    • Kassem Mosse – STOSW
    • Heron – Lost In The Dust.
    • 12"£8.99
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    Kassem Mosse / Simone WhiteThree VersionsHonest Jon's

    Simone White's folk induced stylings get a trio of stunning remixes courtesy of Kassem Mosse. 'Flowers In May' weighs in at over nine minutes as it is taken into an epic, textured, evocative place oozing lush electronics and soothing pads. 'In The Water Where The City Ends' is a haunting affair aided by clicky woodblock rhythms. 'Long Moon' rounds off the EP as a rich sonic tapestry which ambles along gently with downbeat jazz percussion. Top notch!

    • – Flowers In May
    • – In The Water Where The City Ends
    • – Long Moon
    • 12"£7.99
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    RocketnumbernineLone Raver / Black and Blue / Steel DrummerSoul Jazz Records

    Their first single was released on Kieran Hebden (FOURTET)’s own label and Rocketnumbernine have been touring and performing alongside FOURTET since 2010.

    The meeting between Fourtet and Rocketnumbernine came from both group's connection to Steve Reid, the veteran radical drummer who recorded a number of albums on Soul Jazz.

    Rocketnumbernine have recently had live sessions on GILLES PETERSON's RADIO ONE show as well as performing at the Gilles Peterson WORLDWIDE Awards.

    The group have just returned from playing with RADIOHEAD in New York.

    This is a VERY LIMITED 12” single EP on SOUL JAZZ RECORDS.

    RocketNumberNine are London based brothers Ben (keyboards) and Tom Page (drums).

    • – Lone Raver
    • – Black and Blue
    • – Steel Drummer
    Charles Bradley Victim Of Love Daptone

    The follow up to his acclaimed debut, "Victim Of Love" is a powerful, heartfelt love confessional from Charles Bradley on the ever-brillaint retro-soul label Daptone.

    There are some singers that when you hear them sing you actually feel the pain, Charles Bradley is one of them. Singing from a place that no doctor is yet to find - gritty almost screams powered by raw emotion.  Discovered by the Daptone crew whilst working as a James Brown tribute act, the vocal comparisons are obviously there, likely to make your hair stand up on its ends - beautiful psychedelic soul. 

    • – You Put The Flame On It
    • – Victim Of Love
    • – Love Bug Blues
    • LP£20.00
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    • CD£13.99
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    Heatsick Convergence No 'label'

    Brimming with stimuli from these four minimalist drum machine workouts from Heatsick.

    Warming up with cute chords on "Benelux" before opening up in the 2nd half of the tune with grizzly bass, tight Chicago groove with mad-hatter style free jazz strings. Really good.  Druggy, dubby grooves on "Spacescape". The flip, "Convergence" has a melting pot to sounds, mashing up off-kilter african drumming, deep Chicago house and oddball synth action. Quirky DJ tool "The juggler" rounds things off.

    • – benelux
    • – spacescape
    • – convergence
    • – the juggler
    • 12"£6.99
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    Jimmy McGriffElectric Funk (1969)Blue Note

    Super organ funk from 1969 on Blue Note - loads of great tracks, check the audio !

    • – chris cross
    • – the bird wave
    • – spear for moon dog - part one & two
    • Reissue LP£8.99
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    Vereker Slain EP The Trilogy Tapes

    L.I.E.S, Russsian Torrent Versions cohort Vereker makes his debut on Will Bankhead's The Trilogy Tapes.  Stomping, grisly, suspenseful four tracker from the Californian disruptor. 

    • – Slain
    • – Untitled
    • – Marked
    • – Untamed
    • 12"£9.99
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    Gherkin Jerks 1990 EP Alleviated

    One of Larry Heard's most sought after releases!


    Originally recorded in 1989, this is the first time this has been available since 1990.


    Stylistically different to his Mr Fingers, Fingers Inc. and The It productions, Gherkin Jerks was an outlet for him to nature his more experimental and techno-orientated tracks.


    Cited as a major source of inspiration for Hieroglyphic Being and Theo Parrish - the influence of these tracks can still be felt today!


    These 6 tracks are all brilliant, find your favourite, ours happen to be the tribal extra terrestial vibe of  "Space Dance"  the cosmic thud of ''Saturn V''.   It may be an over-used word but trust us this is ESSENTIAL!

    • – meltdown
    • – blast off
    • – red planet
    • – saturn v
    • – space dance
    • – strange creatures
    • 12"£9.99
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    Gherkin Jerks Stomp The Beat Alleviated

    One of Larry Heard's most sought after releases!


    Originally recorded in 1988  this is the first time this has been available since 1990.


    Stylistically different to his Mr Fingers, Fingers Inc. and The It productions, Gherkin Jerks was an outlet for him to nature his more experimental and techno-orientated tracks.


    Cited as a major source of inspiration for Hieroglyphic Being and Theo Parrish - the influence of these tracks can still be felt today!


    These 6 tracks are all brilliant - find your favourite, ours happen to "Don't Dis The Beat", "Din Sync", "Acid Indigestion", "Midi Beats"... actually forget that we love them ALL!   It may be an over-used word but trust us this is ESSENTIAL!

    • – Dont dis the beat
    • – Tar-disc
    • – Acid Indigestion
    • – Midi Beats
    • – Parameters
    • – Din Sync (Get Up And Do Your Thang)
    • 12"£9.99
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