Kon And Amir Off Track Volume One:The Bronx

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  • 1. Executive suite – When it coomes to loving me (kon's edit)
  • 2. Garden of eden – Everybodys on a trip (kon's edit)
  • 3. Steel city orchestra – Steel city disco (kon's edit)
  • 4. Jorge santana – Darling i love you
  • 5. S.t.u.d band – Success
  • 6. Imp express – 8-1
  • 7. Masterforce – Don't fight the feeling (kon's edit)
  • 8. The london experimental jazz quartet – Destroy the nihlist picnic
  • 9. Claudio mederies – Soar
  • 10. Zelia barbosa – Opiniao
  • 11. Vincent geminiani – Insideieusement les elfes
  • 12. Marius cultier – Nestor:ti patte
  • 13. Adolphe parillon – Country
  • 14. Quintette guineenne – Douga
  • 14. the baron von ohlen quartet – tergiversation (the whistle song)
  • 15. Juan demonio – Esto me gusto
  • 16. larry norezo – Tune for L.N

Diggin deep within the crates, Kon and Amir have unearthed some extremely rare fantastic disco, latin, funk gems! Kon and Amir known some years for their underground mix cds of rare funky breaks. If you liked their selection for BBE's fabulous series Kings Of Diggin' then you will certainly love this well rounded comp. A must have and very limited on vinyl... Highly Recommended!!!! The CD has different tracks to the vinyl, the tracks are as follows: Mixed By Kon - Homebrew: "Once I had a Friend" Garden Of Eden: "Everybody's On A Trip" Sundown: "Spaced Outta Place Pt. 1 & 2" Darryl Douglas: "Holding On" Quest: "Boy Scouts" S.T.U.D. Band: "Success" Masterforce: "Don't Fight The Feeling" Imp Express: "8-1" Steel City Orchestra: "Steel City Disco" Jacqueline Dee & Johnnie Walker: "Farewell To Welfare" Larry Alltop And The Exciters Band: "Dreamin A Dream" Le Stim: "Tribute To Muhammad Ali" Jorge Santana: "Darling I Love You" Round Robin And Brimstone: "Plenty Good Lovin'" CD 2 Mixed By Amir Pat Britt: "Herman's Corner" Horselmat: "Right On" Vincent Geminiani: "Insideieusement Les Elfes" The London Experimental Jazz Quartet: "Destroy the Nihilist Picnic" Zelia Barbosa: "Opiniao" Ex Pro Ovo: "What's the Deal" Gerry Olds Trio: "Gerry's Samba" Sathima Bea Benjamin: "Africa" Marius Cultier: "Nestor: Ti Patte" The Ed Kelly Ensemble: "Samba" Melvyn Price: "Voodoo Love Dance" The Lamont Johnson Sextette: "Aces" Larry Nozero: "Tune for L.N." Anita Moore And The TSU Jazz Ensemble: " Compared to What?" Grab the limited 7" quick which includes two bonus tracks not featured on the album: Matthew L.Cassell-"Heaven" and The Black Souls-"Baki Mutane Nakuka (Black People Crying)"