• 1. Do the funky penguin
  • 2. Funky president (people it's bad)
  • 3. Get me back on time (engine number 9)
  • 4. I beleive in miracles
  • 5. I know you got soul
  • 6. Cramp your style
  • 7. It's a new day
  • 8. It's just begun
  • 9. Last night changed it all
  • 10. Synthetic substitutio
  • 11. Funky worm
  • 12. The mexican
  • 13. Think (about it)

The Street beat records crew are back again with this wicked 13 track instrumental album of classic funk and soul bangers! Yes! You heard right INSTRUMENTALS!  After hearing how good these tracks are as instrumentals it's hard to beleive they ever posessed vocals!!!!

includes beats by Bobby Byrd, James Brown, Melvin Bliss, Esther Williams, Rufus Thomas, All The People, Jackson Sisters, Babe Ruth and and many more!!!!!

An absolute Delight-Highly Recommended!