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  • 1. Eruption 1 (31:04)
  • 2. Eruption 2 (25:30)


Listed erroneously as a Schnitzler solo album, “Eruption” is now presented as the third and final LP by the group Kluster - brought out under Schnizler's name in 1971 due to issues over the album's financing.

Seen  alongside  “Klopfzeichen”  and  “Zwei  Osterei”,  “Eruption”  is  a different beast altogether - without lyrics, more methodical and with a more structured intensity to the live electronics. The album is a revealing document of a band striving to stretch the musical spectrum during the  early 1970s, and indeed how capable they were of doing so. Moebius and Roedelius went on working together as Cluster, collaborating with ppl like Eno, and Conrad Schnitzler began developing his own vision of electronic music. Still, all three had their roots in Kluster.