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  • 1. sama yai
  • 2. satay muso
  • 3. ndigal
  • 4. dimba nyima
  • 5. titi
  • 6. na dinding fatty
  • 7. gore nga
  • 8. linga ham
  • 9. gamo jigimar

Psychedelic Gambian Soul!

Karantamba were led by Bai "Sweet Fingers" Janha, composer, arranger, guitar player of Guelewar & Ifang Bondi - Bai Janha is undisputedly the most important musician to have come from Gambia.

Band leader of the groups Black Star, Whales Band, Fabulous Eagles & Supreme Eagles, founder of the group Alligators who later became the Guellewar, Bai is the one who created the unique psychedelic sound in the region of Sene-Gambia, mixing traditional compositions with Soul. 

Recorded in 1984, "Ndigal" has bever before been released - brilliantly percussive, with imaginative guitar playing from "Sweet Fingers". Includes booklet with extensive liner notes, stories and photographs.