• 1. new binghi
  • 2. happy song
  • 3. food clothing and shelter
  • 4. sunshine
  • 5. jungle
  • 6. invocation
  • 7. thanks and praise

The 'Frkwys' series is the work of experimental New York based imprint Rvng Intl who focus on making unexpected and unusual musical pairings. The eagerly anticipated ninth instalment, this time LA experimentalists Sun Araw and M. Geddes Gengras met legendary Jamaican nyabinghi dub vocal group The Congos to create the album “Icon Give Thank”, plus a feature film documenting the young musicians’ time spent living and learning the way of The Congos.

Melodic, cosmic, experimental mediations ornamented with The Congos’ soulful vocal leads and four-part harmonies. A must have!