Johnny Colon Boogaloo Blues

  • 1. Boogaloo Blues
  • 2. Jumpy
  • 3. Mira Ven Aca
  • 4. Descarga
  • 5. Guantanamera
  • 6. Mi Querida Bomba
  • 7. Judy Part II
  • 8. Canallon

Classic 60's New York boogaloo album that includes monster tracks like "Boogaloo Blues" and "Jumpy"!

Boogaloo was the fusion of Cuban son with pop, soul, RnB, and other African-American forms of music in the unique melting pot of 1960's New York. This was Johnny Colon's debut album and it thoroughly embraced the hip boogaloo sound, going on to sell more than three million copies worldwide, making it a classic!

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