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  • 1. la juventud
  • 2. tu tu ratan
  • 3. maria la o
  • 4. anoche aprendi
  • 5. chez jose
  • 6. rica combinacion
  • 7. mi guaguanco
  • 8. orchestra harlow
  • 9. solo tu
  • 10. adios mama
  • 11. el lorito y el carbon

Heavy Smokin' is the 1965 debut album for the Fania label legendary piano player and bandleader Larry Harlow. At the time, his orchestra included a swinging trumpet and trombone section with acclaimed Cuban trumpet player Alfredo 'Chocolate'; Armenteros, lead trombonist Mark Weinstein, and lead vocalist Felo Brito. Harlow's knowledge of traditional Cuban styles (guaguanco, son montuno, etc.) as well as his attention to songwriting and orchestration are all evident here.

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