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Seminal outrageous 'adult' cartoon about a cat who likes sex and drugs. Includes seminal lines like 'Have you ever been fucked by an Aardvark?'. VERY funky and groovy soundtrack includes Cal Tjader, Bernard Purdie, Charles Earland and more.

Double-bill of the classic counterculture animated films, based on the promiscuous, dope-smoking feline created by Robert Crumb. In 'Fritz the Cat' (1972), Fritz takes a trip to New York, where he hangs out with Black Panthers, Hell's Angels, some lady cats, and indulges in the psychedelic drug scene. In the sequel, 'Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat' (1974), Fritz takes a drug-induced trip and dreams about his other eight lives, where he is alternately an astronaut, Hitler's psychiatrist, and the pupil of an Indian guru living in the sewers of New York.

three DVDs - two films plus interviews etc!

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