Divine Horsemen The Living Gods of Haiti (1947-54/1985)

Mystic Fire
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This film is an amazing (definitive?) documentary about Vodou in Haiti. Filmed in stunning black and white between 1947-54 when Deren lived in Haiti (and became invloved in Vodou herself) and edited together in 1985. THe music is amazing roots sounds of vodou of Haiti.

Legendary film from avant garde film maker Maya Deren which contains some of the earliest images of real Voudou ceremonies in Haiti - from the late forties and early fifties! Many of Maya Deren's films display a fascination with trance states and her genuine interest in Voudoun - a religion which she came to practice - is apparent in this sensitive and unique early insiders-eye view of a range of secret ceremonies and rituals! As well as getting to see the Rara and Mardi Gras celebrations, the viewer attends the rituals of Rada, Petro, and Congo cults, whose devotees commune with the cosmic powers through invocations - ritual offerings, song, and dance. The Voudoun pantheon of deities are introduced as living gods actually taking possession of their devotees.

Once again, this film is amazing!

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