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  • 1. Odessa
  • 2. Sun
  • 3. Kaili
  • 4. Found Out
  • 5. Bowls
  • 6. Leave House
  • 7. Hannibal
  • 8. Lalibela
  • 9. Jamelia

This is the new album from Caribou on City Slang!

Caribou is multi-instrumentalist, arranger, composer, singer and songwriter Dan Snaith! A Canadian living in London, Dan Snaith has making music for over ten years. His recent live shows have seen him collaborating with Four Tet, Flaming Lips and Sun Ra musicians. Swim' showcases a fresh, organic psychedelic poppy Four Tet-esque sound "that sounds like it's made out of water rather than made out of metallic stuff"! Breathtakingly gorgeous yet dancefloor-ready!