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Before HD, there was Super 8; before Independent Film, there was Underground Cinema and in the late 1070's and 80's, downtown Manhattan was the epicentre of a new kind of explosive, raw and confrontational filmmaking that bore witness to the rising East Village art and No Wave music scenes and the birth of hip hop.

Filmmaking such as Jim Jarmusch, Beth B, Lizzie Borden and Amos Poe captured New York's gritty vibrance with sdiscsonant tales and deadpan humour. Blacnk City tells the story and succeeds in capturing the glorious and grungy creative energy of another age, illustrated by extraodinary footage of their early work and the derelict landscapes of the Lower East Side.

Interviews with Jim Jarmusch, Debbie Harry, Steve Buscemi, John Luriee, Fab 5 Freddy,Thurston Moore, Richard Kern Lydia Lunch, Amos Poe, Eric Mitchell, Maripol and John Waters explore how a group of young visionaries that had a major influence on independent film today.

NB: Region 2 (UK/Europe)