Mankunku Quartet Yakhal' Inkomo (Deluxe Half-speed Remastered Edition)

    Mr Bongo
    • LP (180 gram)£23.00
      Deluxe, half-speed remastered edition in a tip-on sleeve
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    • CD£11.00
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    • Mankunku Quartet – Yakhal' Inkomo
    • Mankunku Quartet – Dedication (To Daddy Trane And Brother Shorter)
    • Mankunku Quartet – Doodlin'
    • Mankunku Quartet – Bessie's Blues
    • 1. Yakhal' Inkomo
    • 2. Dedication (To Daddy Trane And Brother Shorter)
    • 3. Doodlin'
    • 4. Bessie's Blues

    Saxophonist Winston 'Mankunku' Ngozi's 1968 masterpiece Yakhal'Inkomo stands in the front rank of global jazz recordings. A certified jazz classic in South Africa, but like so many other crucial South African jazz LPs, it was never released outside the country, and went unheard at the time by the wider world. Highly recommended!

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      Danny KrivitMr Bongo Edits Volume 1Mr Bongo
      More than just simple re-touches or loops to make the track easier to mix, Danny works his magic by employing all those years of studying and working with...
      • Sabu Martinez – Hotel Alyssa Soussie (Danny Krivit Edit)
      • Nico Gomez And His Afro Percussion Inc. – Lupita (Danny Krivit Edit)
      • 1. Sabu Martinez – Hotel Alyssa Soussie (Danny Krivit Edit)
      • 2. Nico Gomez And His Afro Percussion Inc. – Lupita (Danny Krivit Edit)
      • View full info and tracklisting
      Daniel SalinasAtlantisMr Bongo
      INCLUDES THE LEGENDARY Straussmania!'Atlantis' is a smouldering jazz-funk, cinematic excursion courtesy of the Brazilianmaestro, Daniel Salinas. A conductor,...
      • – Like A Rainy Night
      • – Straussmania
      • LP£23.00
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      • CD£11.00
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      Sadar Bahar and Marc DavisDisco GospelMr Bongo
      Two under-the-radar disco / gospel fusion tracks that have been given a new lease of life courtesy of these masters of their craft First up is the feel-good...
        Módulo 1000Não Fale Com ParedesMr Bongo
        Formed in Rio de Janeiro in 1969, Módulo 1000 honed their craft as the house band in clubs and resorts in São Paulo where they predominantly covered...
        • – Turpe Est Sine Crine Caput
        • – Não Fale Com Paredes
        • – Espêlho
        • – Lem - Ed - Êcalg
        • – Ôlho Por Ôlho, Dente Por Dente
        • – Metrô Mental
        • – Teclados
        • – Salve-Se Quem Puder
        • – Animália
        SoyuzForce of the WindMr Bongo
        'Force of the Wind' holds all the trademarks, beauty, and eccentricities of classic Brazilian recordings, from the 60s and 70s — think artists such...
        • – Song With No Words
        • – Offscreen
        • – I Knew It - feat. Kate NV
        • – Glance
        • – How Are You - feat. Sessa
        • – Beige Days
        • – Morning Moon
        • – Force of the Wind
        • – Weather Report
        Akira Ishikawa & Count BuffaloesUganda (Dawn Of African Rock)Mr Bongo
        For this offering, originally released in 1972 on Toshiba Records, Akira Ishikawa takes us on a deep tripped-out journey. 'Uganda (Dawn of Rock)' is a...
        • – Wanyamana Mapambazuko
        • – Na Tu Penda Sana
        • – Vita
        • – Pygmy
        Glenn Fallows & Mark TreffelThe Globeflower Masters Vol. 2MR BONGO
        Louder Than War emphatically stated, "It's impossible not to like The Globeflower Masters Vol. 1.", with Gigwise echoing that praise "slickly compelling...
          Beverley SkeeteWarm / If The Feeling Is RightMR BONGO
          'Warm' is UK street-soul / electronic boogie at its finest. An infectious groove that features an amazing vocal performance invites you to fall in love....
          • – Warm
          • – If The Feeling Is Right
          Horace Tapscott QuintetThe QuintetMr Bongo
          This previously unreleased album by the Horace Tapscott Quintet was unearthed from master tapes in the Flying Dutchman archives. Recorded in 1969 and was...
          • – World Peace
          • – Your Child
          • – For Fats
          Marxist Love Disco EnsembleMLDEMr Bongo
          Merging disco, post-disco 80s pop, and boogie into the fold, 'MLDE' was recorded using only analogue instruments, giving it warmth and space. Recorded...
            Arthur VerocaiArthur Verocai (50th Anniversary Edition)Mr Bongo
            Melancholic, psych folk-Brazilian classic!!! Lush beautiful arrangements, sample-laden gem! In 1972 a repressive Brazilian military dictatorship frowned...
            • – Caboclo
            • – Pelas Sombras
            • – Sylvia
            • – Dedicada A Ela
            • New LP (Coloured Vinyl)£36.00
              Limited coloured vinyl edition. Half-speed mastered.
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            Lester RobertsonAkirfa / Untitled BalladMr Bongo
            Lester has worked with some of the greats of jazz including Gerald Wilson, Anita O'Day, Lionel Hampton and Roy Porter Sound Machine on the classic 'Jessica'...
              Os Novos Crioulous / Supersom T.aMar Afunda / Brasileira RoxaMr Bongo
              'Mar Afunda', what a track! Instantly addictive with its relaxed guitar and Cuica samba-rock beauty and mighty- fne vocal arrangements by Os Novos Crioulos....
                Os Carbonos / Sandra De SaPassaro Selvagem / Palco AzulMr Bongo
                'Pássaro Selvagem' is taken from the latter years of their career. Its a bass driven, boogie-funk groove (with a bassline not too dissimilar to Queen...
                  Brazilian Boys / Rubinho E Mauro AssumpcaoSuper Herois / Tudo AiMr Bongo
                  First up is a lesser-known Brazilian Boys track titled 'Super Herois'. This slightly trippy and quirky funk-rock groove is taken off an obscure 7" on CID...
                    Brazilian Beats BrooklynMr Bongo
                    **Reissue of Mr Bongo's classic compilation** Compiled by Sean Marquand and Greg Caz, 2 DJs well-known for their epic parties at Williamsburg’s legendary...
                    • Nonato E Seu Conjunto – Cafúa
                    • Novos Crioulos – Mar Afunda
                    • Zé Roberto – Crioula Multicolorida
                    • Rita Lee – Agora É Moda
                    • Trio Esperança – Não Aguento Você
                    • Toni Tornado – O Jornaleiro
                    • Som Três – Tanga
                    • Noriel Vilela – 16 Toneladas
                    • Chocolate Da Bahia – Êle Guenta
                    • Tim Maia – É Necessário
                    Mr Bongo Record Club: Vol. 5Mr Bongo
                    For Vol. 5 of Mr Bongo's 'Record Club' series, the label look to a broad church - from Brazil to Cuba, Ghana, Jamaica, Japan, Mauritania, South Africa,...
                      • 2×LP£23.00
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                      • CD£11.00
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                      Luke Una presents E Soul CulturaMr Bongo
                      With some of the best DJs and selectors there is a certain mysterious sound or underlying feeling which unites the music they play, regardless of genre,...
                      • – Robson Jorge & Lincoln Olivetti - "Eva
                      • – Chene Noir - Le Train
                      • – Metropolis - Every Time I See Him
                      • – The Brand New Heavies - Stay This Way (feat. N'Dea Davenport - The Lunar dub)
                      • – Typesun - The PL (Extended edit)
                      • – King Errisson - Space Queen
                      • – Yusef Lateef - Robot Man
                      • – Daniel Humair, Francois Jeanneau & Henri Texier - "Le Cyclope
                      • – Airto Moreira - O Galho Da Roseira (The Branches Of The Rose Tree)
                      • – Francisco - Wache
                      • – Nar'Chiveol - Apocalypse Now Ho
                      • – On - Southern Freeez
                      • – Soylent Green - After All
                      • 2×LP£23.00
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                      • CD£11.00
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                      Fab 5 FreddyDown By Law / Subway BeatMr Bongo
                      As pieces of musical curation go, Kenny Dope’s reimagining and reediting of the Wild Style breakbeats is outstanding. While the music from the ‘Wild...
                        Grandmaster CazWild Style Theme Rap No.1Mr Bongo
                        When it comes to the pantheon of hip-hop movies, ‘Wild Style’ is number one. While the actual plot carries about as much weight as ‘Beat Street’...
                          Kev LuckhurstWild Style! Lesson Part 1+2Mr Bongo
                          Phat Kev might well be best known for his breakthrough mix album Brazilianbeats 'n Pieces, which dropped on Mr Bongo in 2007. He's a true-skool hip hop...
                            The Brkn RecordThe Architecture Of Oppression Part 1Mr Bongo
                            DEEP JAZZ on MR BONGOSThe Brkn Record is a new project led and produced by Jake Ferguson, the co-founder and bass player for the UK's foundational deep...
                            • – Assimilation
                            • – His Mother's Eyes
                            • – The Investigator
                            • – Break The Chains
                            • – A Police Service, Not A Police Force
                            • – Hackney Ain't Innocent
                            • – On The Daily
                            • – Say Black
                            • – The Babylon Encounter
                            • – Witness The Whiteness
                            • – Lifeline
                            • New LP (Coloured Vinyl)£23.00 £11.50
                              Limited coloured vinyl edition
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                            • CD£11.00
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                            Hozan Yamamoto & Yu ImaiAkuma Ga Kitarite Fue Wo FukuMr Bongo
                            Reissue of the original soundtrack to the Japanese mystery and suspense movie from 1979, 'Devil's Flute'. Hozan Yamamoto was invited to compose the soundtrack...
                            • – Kaendaiko
                            • – Tengindoujiken
                            • – Kindaichikousuke Nishie Yuku
                            • LP£23.00
                              Out of stock
                            • CD£11.00
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                            Glenn Fallows & Mark TreffelThe Globeflower Masters Vol.1Mr Bongo
                            Glenn Fallows & Mark Treffel's 'The Globeflower Masters Vol. 1' takes its inspiration from classic soundtrack and cinematic composers such as Axelrod,...
                            • – Faith In Time
                            • – Scene In Roma
                            • – Who Knows When
                            • – Hidden In The Pampas
                            • – Fear Me Now
                            • – How It Shimmers
                            • – El Ejido
                            • – Arise
                            • LP£20.00
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                            • CD£11.00
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                            The Pro-TeensI Flip My Life Every Time I FlyMr Bongo
                            Superb, widescreen, cinematic funk and 70s library music vibes from Oz band The Pro-Teens! Features members of Surprise Chef and Karate Boogaloo and highly...
                            • – I Flip My Life Every Time I Fly
                            • – No One Understands Me (I'm OG)
                            • – Spray It, Don't Say It
                            • – Convo
                            • – Peppery Weapons
                            • – Snooch Is Too Busy For This Shit
                            • – The Pro-Teens Ruined My Life
                            • – Ya Gotta Love This City
                            • – I Hate Turbulence
                            • – Greta Thunburg
                            • – Elephant On The Wall
                            • – Slow Fast
                            • New LP (Coloured Vinyl)£23.00
                              Limited orange vinyl edition
                              Out of stock
                            • CD£11.00
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                            Golden Boys / Silvio C SarSegura Na Cintura Dela (O Gavi O) / Beco Sem Sa daMr Bongo
                            A monster Brazilian funk / samba rock double-sider from of the mighty Golden Boys and Silvio C Sar. Both tracks produced by the great Milton Miranda.
                            • – Golden Boys - Segura Na Cintura Dela (O Gavi o)
                            • – Silvio C Sar - Beco Sem Sa da
                            Incredible Bongo BandBongo RockMr Bongo
                            Special Limited Edition Silver Pressing for RSD 2021. A foundation of hip hop featuring‘Apache’, Kool Herc’s ‘national anthemof hip hop’. Sampled...
                              • New LP £23.00
                                RSD 2021 DROP 1. Available online from 6pm Sat June 12
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                              Sven WunderImpasto / Prussian BlueMr Bongo
                              Wild, psychedelic, cinematic funk vibes from the huge talent, Sven Wunder! Huge recommendation for the psych and prog enthusiasts; folk or jazz aficionados...
                              • – Impasto
                              • – Prussian Blue
                              The Original Sound Of MaliMr Bongo
                              Killer comp showcasing the rich history of musical innovation from Mali - arguably the most sophiscated form of African music. Vik Sohonie...
                              • Idrissa Soumaoro et L’Eclipse de L’Ija – Nissodia (Joie de l’op misme)
                              • Les Ambassadeurs du Motel de Bamako – Tiecolom-Ba
                              • Super Tentemba Jazz – Mangan
                              • Rail Band – Mouodilo
                              • Les Ambassadeurs du Motel de Bamako – M’Bouram-Mousso
                              • Sorry Bamba – Yayoroba
                              • Super Djata Band – Worodara
                              • Zani Diabate et Le Super Djata Band – Fadingna Kouma
                              • Salif Keita – Mandjou
                              • Alou Fane & Daouda Sangare_ – Komagni Bela
                              • Super Djata Band de Bamako – Mali Ni Woula
                              • Idrissa Soumaoro et L’Eclipse de L’Ija – Fama Allah
                              • 1. Idrissa Soumaoro et L’Eclipse de L’Ija – Nissodia (Joie de l’op misme)
                              • 2. Les Ambassadeurs du Motel de Bamako – Tiecolom-Ba
                              • 3. Super Tentemba Jazz – Mangan
                              • View full info and tracklisting
                              Black SheepTry Counting SheepMr Bongo
                              Reissue of the UK only 45 of this stone cold, hip hop classic from '91!
                                Black SheepFlavor Of The MonthMr Bongo
                                1991 hip hop CLASSIC taken from their game-changing album 'A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing'!
                                • – Flavor Of The Month
                                • – Butt...In The Meantime
                                Kit SebastianRain / KosmosMr Bongo
                                From the ‘Mantra Moderne’ sessions are two previously unreleased tracks in the duo's signature contemporary style: a fusion of Anatolian Psychedelia,...
                                  Asha PuthliAsha PuthliMr Bongo
                                  Official Mr Bongo coloured vinyl re-issue for Record Store Day 2020.Asha's debut self-titled album is a wonderful fusion of jazz, soul, blues, and disco.It...
                                    Dee Dee BridgewaterAfro BlueMr Bongo
                                    It's the bomb - don't miss this chance to only one of the finest and rarest Japanese-only-released albums ever! Dee Dee Bridgewater's 1974 album ‘Afro...
                                    • – Afro Blue
                                    • – Love Vibrations
                                    • – Blues Medley (Everyday I Have The Blues / Stormy Monday Blues)
                                    • – Little B's Poem
                                    • – Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head
                                    • – Love From The Sun
                                    • – People Make The World Go Round
                                    • LP£21.99
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                                    • CD£11.00
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                                    Strut return to the rich archives of Black Fire Records for the 'Drum Message' album by Ghanaian master percussionist Okyerema Asante from 1977.
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                                    • – Asante Sana
                                    • – Follow Me
                                    • – Sabi
                                    • – Mother Africa
                                    • – Never Fly Away From The Funk
                                    • – Play A Sweet Rhythm On The Drums
                                    • – Adowa
                                    • – Sabi (Black Fire mix)
                                    • – Kazi's Awekening
                                    • – To The Ancestors
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                                    From The Streets Of Jamaica Vol. 1Stop Point Records
                                    Wicked selection from J.A. producer Keeling Beckford featuring The Mighty Diamonds original cut of "Shame & Pride", Tony Brevitt's superb "Don't Get Weary"...
                                    • Tony Brevett – Don't Get Weary
                                    • I-Roy – Joe Frazier
                                    • Tony Brevett – Don't Get Weary Version
                                    • The Heptones – Let's Get It On
                                    • Delroy Wilson – Money
                                    • Pat Kelly – Whiter Shade Of Pale
                                    • The Mighty Diamonds – Shame And Pride
                                    • Pat Kelly – It's A Good Day
                                    • Keeling Beckford – Slip Away
                                    • Gregory Isaacs – Let's Dance
                                    Henryk DebichZblizenieAstigmatic Records
                                    A library music / soundtrack collectors dream - opulent, exotic orchestrated arrangements with heavy, heavy b-boy/girl style breaks! Check the monster...
                                    • – Puma
                                    • – Wampiry
                                    • – Wewnątrz i na zewnątrz
                                    • – Marzanna
                                    • – Zbliżenie
                                    • – Rodzinna wyspa
                                    • – Sjesta
                                    • – Błyski i cienie
                                    • – Ostinato - Riff
                                    • LP (180 gram)£23.00
                                      Includes a booklet detailing the work and history of Henryk Debich and the Łódź Orchestra.
                                      In stockAdd to Bag
                                    • CD£12.00
                                      Includes a booklet detailing the work and history of Henryk Debich and the Łódź Orchestra.
                                      Out of stock
                                    Gregory Isaacs / Alton EllisWillow TreeCharly
                                    A clash of two of Jamaica's greatest vocalists on one tune (Willow Tree) Alton Ellis's recorded for Treasure Isle in the sixties while Gregory...
                                    • Gregory Isaacs – Willow Tree
                                    • Alton Ellis – Willow Tree
                                    • 7"£8.00
                                      Out of stock
                                    The Brkn RecordThe Architecture Of Oppression Part 1Mr Bongo
                                    DEEP JAZZ on MR BONGOSThe Brkn Record is a new project led and produced by Jake Ferguson, the co-founder and bass player for the UK's foundational deep...
                                    • – Assimilation
                                    • – His Mother's Eyes
                                    • – The Investigator
                                    • – Break The Chains
                                    • – A Police Service, Not A Police Force
                                    • – Hackney Ain't Innocent
                                    • – On The Daily
                                    • – Say Black
                                    • – The Babylon Encounter
                                    • – Witness The Whiteness
                                    • – Lifeline
                                    • New LP (Coloured Vinyl)£23.00 £11.50
                                      Limited coloured vinyl edition
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                                    • CD£11.00
                                      Out of stock
                                    Count Ossie & The Mystic Revelation Of RastafariTales Of MozambiqueSoul Jazz Records
                                    Following on from the recent super-deluxe box set edition of The Mystic Revelation of Rastafari's 'Grounation', Soul Jazz Records are releasing a new edition...
                                    • – Sam's Intro
                                    • – Tales Of Mozambique
                                    • – Selam Nna Wadada (Peace & Love)
                                    • – No Night In Zion
                                    • – I Am A Warrior
                                    • – Wicked Babylon
                                    • – Let Freedom Reign
                                    • – Lock, Stock And Barrel
                                    • – Nigerian Reggae
                                    • – Run One Mile
                                    • – Rasta Reggae*
                                    • – Samia*
                                    Danger Mouse & Black ThoughtCheat CodesBMG
                                    Essential hip hop record filled with killer productions from Danger Mouse and great flows by Black Thought. Danger Mouse’s first hip-hop album in seventeen...
                                      • New LP (Coloured Vinyl)£23.99
                                        Limited orange vinyl edition
                                        Out of stock
                                      Kondi BandWe FamousStrut
                                      Kondi Band return with their second album, ‘We Famous’. This recording further hones the group’s unique fusions of Sorie Kondi’s inimitable vocals...
                                      • – We Famous (Introduction)
                                      • – Don’t Follow Sweetness
                                      • – Shake Your Tumba
                                      • – She Doesn’t Love You feat. Mariama
                                      • – It’s God’s World (So Don’t Do Bad)
                                      • – Fatou
                                      • – The Sweetness Is Gone
                                      • – Everything That Sierra Leone Has
                                      • – How Will It Be For Me In This World?
                                      • – Got No Money, I Want You
                                      • LP£25.00
                                        Out of stock
                                      • CD£11.00
                                        Out of stock
                                      Wajazz: Japanese Jazz Spectacle Vol. I - Deep, Heavy & Beautiful Jazz From Japan 1968-1984)180g
                                      Essential 14 track collection of “WaJazz” music selected and compiled by renowned Japanese jazz expert Yusuke Ogawa, owner of the Universounds record...
                                        Moor MotherJazz CodesANTI
                                        'Jazz Codes' uses free jazz as a starting point but the collection continues the recent turn in Moor Mother's multifaceted catalog toward more melody,...
                                        • – Rap Jasm (feat. Akai Solo & Justmadnice)
                                        • New LP (Coloured Vinyl)£2.00
                                          Limited gold and yellow 'galaxy' coloured vinyl edition
                                          Out of stock
                                        • LP£22.00
                                          Black Vinyl
                                          Out of stock
                                        • CD£11.00
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                                        Black RiotEarly Jungle, Rave and HardcoreSoul Jazz Records
                                        VINYL FACTORY COMPILATION OF THE YEAR 2020!!! See chart here ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Soul...
                                        • Rhythm For Reasons – The Smokers Rhythm
                                        • Babylon Timewarp – Durban Poison
                                        • The Terrorist – RK1
                                        • DJ Dubplate – Tings A Go On
                                        • Leviticus – Burial (Lovers Rock Mix)
                                        • The Freaky – Time and Age
                                        • Trip One – Snowball Remix
                                        • DJ Krome & Mr. Time – Ganja Man
                                        • New Vision – Way Of Life
                                        • DJ Dubplate – Original Rubadubstyle
                                        • Hi Fi Power – Chill Out (Raggafunks U)
                                        • Nu Jacks featuring Ivory Ranks – House Sensation
                                        SaultNINEForever Living Originals
                                        Sault - the clandestine collective with a talent that knows no bounds - return with their incredible album 'NINE'; infectious, catchy, ardent soul music...
                                        • – Haha
                                        • – London Gangs
                                        • – Trap Life
                                        • – Fear
                                        • – Mike’s Story (feat. Michael Ofo)
                                        • – Bitter Streets
                                        • – Alcohol
                                        • – You from London (feat. Little Simz)
                                        • – 9
                                        • – Light’s In Your Hands
                                        • LP£22.00
                                          Out of stock
                                        • CD£14.00
                                          Out of stock
                                        Spiritual Jazz 12: Impulse!Jazzman
                                        Jazzman delves deep into the catalogue of legendary label, Impulse! for the 12th release in their crucial 'Spiritual Jazz' series. This compilation features...
                                        • John Coltrane – A Love Supreme - Pt 1 Acknowledgement
                                        • Elvin Jones – Fantazm
                                        • Max Roach – Lonesome Lover
                                        • Yusef Lateef – Sister Mamie
                                        • Freddie Hubbard – The 7th Day
                                        • McCoy Tyner – Three Flowers
                                        • Elvin Jones – Half & Half
                                        • McCoy Tyner – Groove Waltz
                                        • Archie Shepp – Le Matin Des Noire
                                        • Michael White – The Blessing Song
                                        • Alice Coltrane – Turiya & Ramakrishna
                                        • Phil Woods – A Taste Of Honey
                                        • Pharoah Sanders – Hum-Allah-Hum-Allah-Hum-Allah
                                        • John Klemmer – Constant Throb (Part 1)
                                        • Pharoah Sanders – Thembi
                                        • Marion Brown – Maimoun
                                        • Alice Coltrane – Journey In Satchidananda
                                        • 3×LP£27.00
                                          Out of stock
                                        • 2×CD£17.00
                                          Out of stock
                                        Vieux Farka Touré & KhruangbinAliDead Oceans
                                        Khruangbin and Vieux Farka Touré have announced a new collaborative album. Ali is in honour of Vieux’s late father Ali Farka Touré; the artists recreate...
                                        • – Savanne
                                        • – Tongo Barra
                                        • New LP (Coloured Vinyl)£23.00
                                          Limited 'jade' coloured vinyl edition
                                          Out of stock
                                        • LP£23.00
                                          Standard black vinyl edition
                                          In stockAdd to Bag
                                        • CD£11.00
                                          Out of stock
                                        Freddie McGregorBig ShipGreensleeves Records
                                        Freddy's Best-selling album from '82, features Freddie's signature 'Big Ship' title track plus 'Roots Man Skanking', 'Stop Loving You', 'Peaceful Man'...
                                        • – Big Ship
                                        • – Sweet Lady
                                        • – Peaceful Man
                                        • – Stop Loving You
                                        • – Get Serious
                                        • CD£9.00
                                          Out of stock
                                        • LP£16.00
                                          Out of stock
                                        SaultUNTITLED (Black Is)Forever Living Originals
                                        Sault are back! The mysterious troupe return with their signature hybrid of funk, dance, post-punk and soul. 'Untitled' is, without a doubt, their finest...
                                        • – Stop Dem
                                        • – Don't Shoot Guns Down
                                        • – Sorry Ain't Enough
                                        • – Bow feat. Michael Kiwanuka
                                        • – Black
                                        • – Miracles
                                        • 2×LP£30.00
                                          Out of stock
                                        • CD£12.00
                                          Out of stock
                                        100% Dynamite ( Coloured Vinyl Edition)Soul Jazz Records
                                        “100% Dynamite is among the finest compilations ever assembled.” The Quietus This is a new one-off limited-edition special edition yellow coloured...
                                        • Willie Williams – Armageddon Time
                                        • The Maytals – Night and Day
                                        • The Marvels – Rock Steady
                                        • The Upsetters – Popcorn
                                        • Bunny Clarke – Be Thankful
                                        • Tommy McCook – Green Mango
                                        • Brentford All Stars – Greedy G
                                        • Lennie Hibbert – Real Hot
                                        • Horace Andy – My Soul
                                        • Johnny Osbourne – We Need Love
                                        • Bunny Clarke – I Love The Way You Love
                                        • Jackie Mittoo – Stereo Freeze
                                        • Phyllis Dillon – Woman Of The Ghetto
                                        • Cecric Im Brooks – Give Rasta Glory
                                        • Alton Ellis – Son Of Man
                                        • Sound Dimension – Granny Scratch Scratch
                                        • Lloyd Robinson – Cuss Cuss
                                        • Sound Dimension – Drum Song
                                        • Ken Boothe – Is It Because I'm Black
                                        • 2xLP (Coloured Vinyl) + Download Code£34.00
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                                        Hamad Kalkaba And The Golden Sounds1974 - 1975Analog Africa
                                        Hot, fuzzy Afro-psych-funk rubdown from the legendary, Hamad Kalkaba! Analog Africa do it again and focus in on the entire discography of the artist. Neglected...
                                        • – Astadjam Dada Sare
                                        • – Touflé
                                        • – Fouh Sei Allah
                                        • – Lamido
                                        • – Gandjal Kessoum
                                        • – Tchakoulaté
                                        • LP (180 gram)£20.99
                                          Out of stock
                                        • CD£14.99
                                          Out of stock
                                        Trees SpeakSeventh Mirror/RadiationSoul Jazz Records
                                        SORRY SOLD OUT TREES SPEAK!!! New MONSTER hand-stamped white label 7" WORLD EXCLUSIVE at Sounds of the Universe and only 150 copies printed! DO NOT MISS...
                                        • – Seventh Mirror
                                        • – Radiation
                                        • 7"£10.00
                                          Out of stock
                                        Dean BluntBlack Metal 2Rough Trade
                                        Dean Blunt riffs on Dr. Dre’s '2001' album with his second, very approachable album for Rough Trade.
                                        • – Vigil
                                        • – Mugu
                                        • – Dash Snow
                                        • – Sketamine
                                        • – Semtex
                                        • LP£21.00
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                                        • CD£11.00
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                                        Art BlakeyJazz Messengers with Thelonious MonkAtlantic
                                        **A deluxe edition fully remastered with outtakes — all but one previously unreleased** In May of 1957, Art Blakey and his Jazz Messengers went...
                                          Ezra CollectiveJuan Pablo: The PhilosopherEnter The Jungle
                                          Ezra Collective finally drop their highly anticipated debut! The hotly tipped collective play a tight mix of spiritual jazz, influenced by traditional...
                                          • – Intro
                                          • – Juan Pablo
                                          • – The Philosopher
                                          • – Dylan's Dilemma
                                          • – People In Trouble
                                          • – Space Is The Place
                                          • 12" EP£16.00
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                                          Trees SpeakVertigo Of Flaws: Emancipation of the Dissonance and Temperaments in Irrational WaveformsSoul Jazz Records
                                          This new release is a vast leap into an ocean of space and sound, a quantum leap into cybernetics, biology, anti-gravity, time travel, dream speech and...
                                          • Trees Speak – Seventh Mirror
                                          • Trees Speak – Cybernetic Dreams
                                          • Trees Speak – Interference
                                          • Trees Speak – Computer Garden
                                          • Trees Speak – Pyramid
                                          • Trees Speak – Halide Crystals
                                          • Trees Speak – Integratron
                                          • Trees Speak – Imaginary Forces
                                          • Trees Speak – Phantom LFO
                                          • Trees Speak – Opticks
                                          • Trees Speak – Mannequin
                                          • Trees Speak – Mind In Light
                                          • Trees Speak – Palantír
                                          • Trees Speak – Vertigo Of Flaws
                                          • Trees Speak – Exit Syndrome
                                          • Tress Speak – Stasi
                                          • Tress Speak – Atomic Voyage
                                          • Tress Speak – Ultraviolet
                                          • Tress Speak – Violence Cascades
                                          • Tress Speak – Traumsprache
                                          • Trees Speak – Zeitgeber
                                          • Trees Speak – Prism
                                          • Trees Speak – Threnody
                                          • Trees Speak – Mind Oscillation
                                          • Tress Speak – Hidden Machine
                                          • Trees Speak – Transhuman
                                          • Trees Speak – Ionization
                                          • Trees Speak – Cloud Chamber
                                          • Tress Speak – Harmonic Oscillator
                                          • Tress Speak – Transfiguration
                                          • Trees Speak – Urzeit
                                          Graham CollierBritish ConversationsMy Only Desire Records
                                          My Only Desire Records issue this 1975 recording of Graham Collier's previously unreleased suite 'British Conversations'. The recording features lead...
                                          • – Red Sky in the Morning
                                          • 2×LP£29.00
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                                          • CD£13.00
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