• 1. Living For The Future
      • 2. Prime Of My Life
      • 3. It Will Come
      • 4. Warm Life
      • 5. Hard On Myself
      • 6. Be The Man
      • 7. Need More Followers
      • 8. Down In The Basement
      • 9. Won Day
      • 10. This Time
      • 11. Forget It
      • 12. Ruined

      Debut LP from Vex Ruffin!!!

      On paper Vex Ruffin’s music is simple: an untrained punk musician who uses a few basic instruments in uncomplicated ways, he calls the style ‘minimalist.’ Although it may not seem like it upon first listen, Vex’s music is rooted in sampling and hip hop beat-making culture. The SP 303 sampler provides the drums and other sounds, a purchase inspired by Madlib.


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      Vex Ruffin Crash Course Stones Throw
      Californian based rocker Vex Ruffin makes simple music. An untrained punk musician who uses a few basic instruments in uncomplicated ways – he calls...
      • Vex Ruffin – sacrifice
      • Vex Ruffin – man with a plan
      • Vex Ruffin – crash course
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