Transmissions from Total Refreshment CentreVarious Artists

    Blue Note
      • 1. Soccer96 - Visions Feat. Kieron Boothe
      • 2. Byron Wallen - Closed Circle
      • 3. Jake Long - Crescent (City Swamp Dub)
      • 4. Matters Unknown - Eloquence Feat. Miryam Solomon
      • 5. Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange - Isa Feat. Noah Slee
      • 6. Neue Grafik - Black Feat. Bother Portrait
      • 7. Resavoir – Plight

      All the best music has a community underneath it. The extended family around London’s Total Refreshment Centre (TRC) connects continents and generations, creating the rich relationships in full effect on Transmissions From Total Refreshment Centre. It’s an eclectic and electric collection that draws from new school jazz, hip hop, dub, soul, funk, and drill: sounds you’ll hear trailing out of cars as they spin up the Kingsland Road or spiraling out of doorways like so much smoke. Turn it up loud to hear the widescreen young cousins of Guru’s landmark Jazzmatazz in full effect: top players from London, Chicago, and Melbourne seeking out new collaborations, new ways of working, or just new tunes, always coming back to that central truth – that we all need each other.

      Other Releases by

      Ghana Special 2Soundway
      Highlighting a time when the burgeoning Ghanaian diaspora across Europe and North America was utilising new music technology and recording techniques....
        In The Beginning There Was RhythmSoul Jazz Records
        Unavailable for over 20 years, In The Beginning There Was Rhythm was Soul Jazz Records first foray into post-punk and punk-funk in the UK and captures...
        • A Certain Ratio – Shack Up
        • 23 Skidoo – Coup
        • Gang Of Four – To Hell With Poverty
        • The Human League – Being Boiled
        • The Slits – In The Beginning There Was Rhythm
        • This Heat – 24 Track Loop
        • Throbbing Gristle – 20 Jazz Funk Greats
        • The Pop Group – She Is Beyond Good and Evil
        • Cabaret Voltaire – Sluggin For Jesus
        • 23 Skidoo – Vegas El Bandito
        • A Certain Ratio – Knife Slits Water
        Eccentric Soul: The Tammy LabelNumero Group
        Lost in the soot and fallout from Youngstown, Ohio’s infamous Black Monday steel industry collapse was Tony March’s cross-generational Tammy label....
          Disco Discharge: Classic DiscoEdsel
          ‘Classic Disco’ mixes 21 undeniable dancefloor landmarks from recognizable names like Rose Royce, Change, Manhattan Transferand Cheryl Lynn, with deeper...
            Rusty Egan Presents… Blitzed!Demon / Edsel
            Without necessarily knowing it, The Blitz was birthing the next wave of British pop stars. A young Boy George ran the cloakroom, its host and doorman was...
              Cumbia Sabrosa Vol. 2: Sonidero Bangers from the Discos Tropical VaultsRocafort Records
              With this new three 45 set, the second in our "Cumbia Sabrosa" series, Rocafort digs deep into the vaults of Discos Tropical to bring you six more vintage...
                Greasy Mike at the Beatnik CafeJazzman
                Attention juiceheads, bozos, crazy chicks & krusty kreeps - it's finger poppin' time! Jump on our jaunty jalopy to join the journey from Dullsville to...
                  Nu Groove Edits, Vol. 5Nu Groove Records
                  Nu Groove continues to spotlight the artists that made the legendary NYC label a firm favourite of crate diggers then and now, with a series of their vital...
                    Northern Soul ClassicsSpectrum
                    A 2xLP compilation featuring 42 of the world’s most supreme Northern Soul anthems. An essential collection for any fan of great timeless music, this...
                      AFRICAMORE - The Afro-funk Side Of Italy (1973-1978)Four Flies
                      Continuing Four Flies' dedication to delving into lesser-explored periods of Italian music, Africamore takes us on a captivating journey into the intersection...
                        City Music TokyoGearbox
                        Curated from the extensive Nippon Columbia catalogue by Japanese renaissance man Cunimondo Takiguchi, this compilation chronicles the hottest cuts from...
                          Four Units: Japanese Jazz Men Series, Vol. 3Le Tres Jazz Club
                          A whole new vibe on the astonishing cover of Scarborough Fair, in a modal style, where the shadow of McCoy Tyner seems to hang over the piano. The next...
                            Síbín Vol. 1 (ft. Joe Armon-Jones, Wu-Lu, Fatima and more)Síbín
                            Very special release - Síbín Vol. 1 is a superb compilation featuring exclusive collaborations tracks from Joe Armon-Jones, Wu-Lu, Fatima, Tirzah and...
                            • – Fatima & KwAkE - I.D CanAlterRareDiscriptionS
                            • – Lord Byron & Ben Hixon - NBA
                            • – Natty Wylah - dangL d0wn
                            • – Joe Armon-Jones & Kofi Stone - Save Me
                            • – Oliver Palfreyman & Goya Gumbani - TOSH!
                            • – Taz & Meeks - burp
                            • – Daisuke Tanabe - muddy puppy
                            • – Phoebs & Anja Ngozi & Isobella Burnham - friday after next
                            • – MA.MOYO X Marysia Osu - MOTHERSHIP
                            • – Wu-Lu ft. Temesgen - Wickedness Devide
                            • New 2×LP SBN005£39.99
                              *SOTU exclusive
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                            They Move In The NightNumero
                            Discovered after spending 58 years on a dusty shelf in the Louis Wayne Moody Pictures vault, this previously unissued soundtrack contains a backpack’s...
                              • New LP (Coloured Vinyl) NUM512LP-C1£25.00
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                              You're Not From Around HereNumero
                              The previously unissued soundtrack to the 1964 noir, You’re Not From A round Here, discovered after 55 years in the Louis Wayne Moody archive. A hobo’s...
                                • New LP (Coloured Vinyl) NUM511LP-C1£25.00
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                                THE BEST NORTHERN SOUL ALBUM ITW…EVER!Spectrum
                                An essential collection for any fan of great timeless music, this compilation celebrates the dance movement that emerged in Northern England and the Midlands...
                                  Eddie Piller & Dean Rudland present… Acid Jazz (Not Jazz): We've Got A Funky BeatAcid Jazz
                                  A document of an era, before the internet, where clubs and record stores informed the tastes and direction of the burgeoning London music community and...
                                  • – Super Strut - The Apostles
                                  • – Escucha Ma Funk - The Hightower Set
                                  • – Testify - Mains Ignition
                                  • – Russian Roulette - Night Trains (ft. Afrika Bambaataa)
                                  • – From The Ghetto - Dread Flimstone
                                  • – Delancy St... The Theme - Ballistic Brothers vs. Eccentric Afros
                                  • – Tranz Euro X-Press - X- Press 2
                                  • – Farside - Jaziacs
                                  ALFA/YEN Records 1980-1987: Techno Pop and Other Electronic Adventures in TokyoGreat Tracks
                                  **A compilation of music at the center of Tokyo’s Techno Pop scene, ALFA/YEN Records!** The label was established by Haruomi Hosono and Yukihiro Takahashi...
                                    Eccentric Soul: The Tragar & Note LabelsNumero
                                    Atlanta’s original Eccentric Soul labels - Jesse Jones’ Tragar and Note - captured critical regional R&B, soul and funk from 1968-1976.
                                    • – Tee Fletcher - Down In The Country
                                    • – Bill Wright - You Got A Spell On Me
                                    • – Eula Cooper - Shake Daddy Shake
                                    • – The Knights - Tipping Strings
                                    • – L. Daniels - Nitecap (inst)
                                    • – Frankie & Robert - Sweet Thing
                                    • – Franciene Thomas - I’ll Be There
                                    • – Richard Cook - Somebody Got’a Help Me
                                    • – Frankie & Robert - Love (It’s Been So Long)
                                    • – The Knights - The Hump (inst)
                                    • New 2×LP (Coloured Vinyl) NUM020LP-C1£33.99
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                                    Woman On A Mission 2Scoops
                                    All throughout the superb Woman On A Mission 2 compilation on Scoops Records, the reggae vibrations that are serve dup resonate with empowering fervour....
                                    • Carroll Thompson – My Warriors
                                    • Sandra Cross – Turn It Up
                                    • Marina P – Safe Space Bubble
                                    • Sisters In Dub – Babylon Is Burning
                                    • Vibronics – Lion Knight
                                    • Vibronics – Dub Runnings
                                    • Vibronics – Eastern Heights
                                    • Vibronics – Polarity Dub
                                    • Vibronics – Mountain Call
                                    • Vibronics – Dub Rejoice
                                    • Vibronics – Creation Dubwise
                                    • Vibronics – Arise
                                    Congo Funk! Sound Madness From The Shores Of The Mighty Congo River (Kinshasa/Brazzaville 1969-1982)Analog Africa
                                    Analog Africa's forthcoming compilation ‘Congo Funk! - Sound Madness From The Shores Of The Mighty Congo River (Kinshasa/Brazzaville 1969-1982)’ is...
                                      The Northern Soul SceneDecca
                                      Today's club culture all started with Northern Soul and its roots in the Mod all-nighter scene of London clubs. All the ingredients were there: DJs privy...
                                        Nu Groove Edits, Vol. 4Nu Groove Records
                                        Nu Groove spotlights the artists that made the legendary NYC label a firm favourite of crate diggers then and now with this 12” release of their vital...
                                        • – The Sound Vandals - Tonight’s The Night (NiCe7 Edit)
                                        • – N.Y. House’n Authority - APT. 2A (Hugo Massien Rework)
                                        • – The Utopia Project - File #3 (Mak & Pasteman Remix)
                                        • – A.B.T. - Luv 2 Luv U (Honey Dijon & Luke Solomon Edit)
                                        • 1. – The Sound Vandals - Tonight’s The Night (NiCe7 Edit)
                                        • 2. – N.Y. House’n Authority - APT. 2A (Hugo Massien Rework)
                                        • 3. – The Utopia Project - File #3 (Mak & Pasteman Remix)
                                        • View full info and tracklisting
                                        Eccentric Soul: The Forte LabelNumero
                                        From 1967-1980, Kansas City’s Forte Records captured nearly every iteration of popular Black music; basement bee-hivery from The Ray-Ons and Four Darlings,...
                                        • – Gene Williams - Don’t Let Your Love Fade Away
                                        • – Lee Harris - I Am Gonna Get Your Thing
                                        • – Tear Drops - I’m Gonna Get You
                                        • – Louis Chachere - The Hen Pt 1
                                        • – The Fantasticks - Cry Night And Day
                                        • – Marva W. Taylor - I’ve Lived The Life
                                        • – The Fabulous Rhythm Makers - Mini, Mini Afro Twist
                                        • – Tony Ashley And The Delicates - I’ll Never Be Satisfied
                                        • – The Rayons - You Confuse Me Baby
                                        • – The Four Darlings - Baby Your Love Is Amazing
                                        • – Lee Harris - Lookin’ Good
                                        • – Marva Whitney - Daddy Don’t Know About Sugar Bear
                                        • – Everyday People - Is It Really That Bad
                                        • – The Rayons - Baby Be Good
                                        • – Lee Harris - I’ve Got To Have Somebody’s Love
                                        • – James Whitney - With Fun In My Life
                                        • – Sharon Revoal - Reaching For Our Star
                                        • – Marva W. Taylor - Nothing I’d Rather Be (Than Your Weakness)
                                        • – The Four Darlings - Give Me Love
                                        • – Unknown Artist - Dearest Lover
                                        • – The Fantasticks - Live And Let Live
                                        • – The Fabulous Rhythm Makers - Ya Gotta Be Doing It
                                        • – Lee Harris - Skate Boogaloo And Karate Too
                                        • – Tear Drops - Don’t Fade Away
                                        • 1. – Gene Williams - Don’t Let Your Love Fade Away
                                        • 2. – Lee Harris - I Am Gonna Get Your Thing
                                        • 3. – Tear Drops - I’m Gonna Get You
                                        • View full info and tracklisting
                                        • New 2×LP (Coloured Vinyl) NUM047LPC1£33.99
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                                        Eccentric Soul: The Shoestring LabelNumero
                                        Operating in a basement studio at the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers, pipeline man Howard Neal - and his appropriately named Shoestring...
                                        • – The James Family - We’ve Got It Made
                                        • – Jimmie Green - Dance
                                        • – Howard Neal and Friends - You’re All The Woman I Need
                                        • 1. – The James Family - We’ve Got It Made
                                        • 6. – Jimmie Green - Dance
                                        • 10. – Howard Neal and Friends - You’re All The Woman I Need
                                        • View full info and tracklisting
                                        • New LP (Coloured Vinyl) NUM096LP-C1£24.99
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                                        Studio One Disco Mix
                                        Studio One's music in the 1970s took the label to new heights. The new style of Disco Mix brought many areas of Reggae together ­ Roots, Lovers, Disco...
                                        • Lloyd & Devon – Push Push
                                        • Judah Eskender Tafari – Rastafari Tell You
                                        • Doreen Schaefer – Ain't Gonna Change My Mind
                                        • Dub Specialist – Kampala
                                        • George Allen – Be Wise Brethren
                                        • Jackie Mittoo – Night In Ethiopia
                                        • George Dudley – Gates Of Zion
                                        • The Silvertones – Come Forward
                                        • The Ethiopian – Muddy Water
                                        • Willie Williams & Brentford Disco Set – Armagideon Time
                                        • Willie Williams & Brentford Disco Set – Armagideon Time (version)
                                        • Norma White & Brentford Disco Set – I Want Your Love
                                        • Norma White & Brentford Disco Set – I Want Your Love (version)
                                        • Alton Ellis – You Make Me Happy
                                        • Suagr Minott – Love And Understanding
                                        • Winston Francis, Jackie Mittoo & Brentford Rockers – Going To Zion
                                        Studio One DJ'sSoul Jazz Records
                                        For this Studio One release we return to the roots of Reggae music-The Soundsystem. Throughout the late 1950s and 1960s Soundsystems played throughout...
                                        • Count Machuki – More Scorcha
                                        • Prince Francis – Rock Fort Shock
                                        • Dennis Alcapone – Power Version
                                        • Dillinger – Natty Kung Fu
                                        • Jah Scotchie – Man Of Creation
                                        • Jim Brown – Seen Him
                                        • Jah Buzz – Love In The Arena
                                        • Prince Francis – Street Doctor
                                        • Lone Ranger – The Answer
                                        • Prince Jazzbo – Crime Don't Pay
                                        • Brigadier Jerry – Every Man A Me Brethren
                                        • Big Joe – Version Of Rights
                                        • Lone Ranger – The Big Match
                                        • Jah Jesco – Warning
                                        • Prince Far I – Natty Farmyard
                                        • Charlie Ace & Scorcher – Father And Dread Locks
                                        Studio One LoversSoul Jazz Records
                                        Lovingly compiled, this album features only the finest Lovers from Jamaica’s finest label. From Blues parties in London, Birmingham, Bristol etc Lovers...
                                        • Delroy Wilson – I Don't Know Why
                                        • Basil Daley – Hold Me Baby
                                        • Myrna Hague – Touch Me Baby
                                        • John Holt & The Paragons – Darling, I Need Your Loving
                                        • The Sharks – How Could I Live (1st Cut)
                                        • The Mad Lads – Ten To One
                                        • Jackie Mittoo – Reggae Magic (2nd Cut)
                                        • Larry & Alvin – Your Love
                                        • Freddy & Jenny – Too Long Will Be Too Late
                                        • Alton Ellis – Let Him Try
                                        • Albert Tomlinson – Don't Wait For Me
                                        • Horace Andy – Got To Be Sure
                                        • Carlton & His Shoes – Never Give Your Heart Away
                                        • The Heptones – Ready To Learn
                                        • Bob & Marcia – Really Together (No Strings)
                                        • Ernest Wilson – Undying Love
                                        • Bob Marley & The Wailers – I'm Still Waiting (1st Cut)
                                        • Doreen Schaeffer – We're All Alone
                                        Studio One RootsSoul Jazz Records
                                        ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Studio One Roots set the standard for Soul...
                                        • The Cyclones With Count Ossie – Meditation
                                        • Cornell Campbell & The Brentford Rockers – Natty Don't Go
                                        • Freddy Mcgregor With The Sound Dimension – Africa Here I Come
                                        • Bunny & Skitter – Lumumbo
                                        • Willie Williams & The All Stars – Addis A Baba
                                        • L.Crosdale With Drummond Bago & the Rebel Group – Set Me Free
                                        • Leroy Wallace & The New Establishment – Far Beyond
                                        • Lennie Hibbert – More Creation
                                        • Alton Ellis & The Sound Dimension – Blackish White
                                        • Winston Jarrett & The Sound Dimension – Fear Not
                                        • Devon Russell – Drum Song
                                        • The Gaylads – Africa
                                        • Black Brothers & The New Establishment – School Children
                                        • Linton Cooper & The Brentford Disco Set – You'll Get Your Pay
                                        • Sound Dimension – Congo Rock
                                        • Zoot Simms – African Challenge
                                        • 1. The Cyclones With Count Ossie – Meditation
                                        • 2. Cornell Campbell & The Brentford Rockers – Natty Don't Go
                                        • 3. Freddy Mcgregor With The Sound Dimension – Africa Here I Come
                                        • View full info and tracklisting
                                        • New 2×LP SJRLP056£28.00
                                          inners + download
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                                        • MP3 Release SJRD056£9.99
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                                        Studio One Story (Vinyl album only edition)Soul Jazz Records
                                        VINYL ALBUM ONLY RESTOCK preordering for 26 Jan 2024 (COMES WITHOUT DVD) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Soul...
                                        • Theo Beckford – Easy Snapping
                                        • The Skatalites – Guns Of Navarone
                                        • Delroy Wilson – Dancing Mood
                                        • Michigan And Smiley – Nice Up The Dance
                                        • Heptones – Baby
                                        • The Abyssinians – Declaration Of Rights
                                        • Alton Ellis – I'm Still In Love With You
                                        • Tommy McCook – Tunnel One
                                        • Sugar Minott – Jah Jah Children
                                        • The Skatalites – Man In The Street
                                        • Dub Specialist – Banana Walk
                                        • Dennis Alcapone – Run Run
                                        • Larry Marshall – Nanny Goat
                                        • Brentford Allstars – Throw Me Corn
                                        • Lone Ranger – Love Bump
                                        • Jackie Mittoo – Freak Out
                                        Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era (1964-1968) Vol 2Rhino Records
                                        The follow-up that never was! Nuggets vol. 2 as originally thought of by Lenny Kaye and released to celebrate the 50 years of the legendary compilation.
                                          • New 2×LP (Coloured Vinyl) 0603497828593£67.00
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                                          Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965-1968Elektra
                                          50th Anniversary of the album that started the revolution!A must have for any Psych-Rock fan!!
                                            • New 2×LP (Coloured Vinyl) R1-2006R£62.99
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                                            Merengue Típico: Nueva Generación!Bongo Joe
                                            Merengue Típico: Nueva Generación! delves into the heart of Dominican merengue, a genre whose significance often eludes the spotlight. Bongo Joe's...
                                            • – Trio Rosario - Cuando Yo Muera
                                            • – Fefita La Grande - Caña Brava
                                            • – Aristides Ramirez - Los Lanbones
                                            • – Bilo Y Sus Típicos - La Negra
                                            • – Negrito Figueroa - Por La Mañanita
                                            • – Trio Royecell - La Pasion De Cristo
                                            • – Victor Suriel Y Trio Rio Verde - La Mecha
                                            • – Rafaelito Román - Que Mala Suerte
                                            • – Bilo Y Sus Típicos - Cuande Baje De La Loma
                                            • – Trio Ramirez - Me Gustan Las Pegajosas
                                            200% Dynamite (25th Anniversary edition)Soul Jazz Records
                                            25th Anniversary edition.Back in print (black vinyl) and first time on CD in over 20 years! Soul Jazz Records’ 200% Dynamite! set the benchmark for...
                                            • Augustus Pablo – Rockers Rock
                                            • K.C. White – No No No
                                            • Tenor Saw – Ring The Alarm
                                            • Johnny Organ – Bewitched
                                            • Pinchers – Agony
                                            • The Abyssinians – Mandela
                                            • Sister Nancy – One, Two
                                            • King Tubby Meets Tommy McCook and The Aggrovators – King Tubby Dub
                                            • Chaka Demus & Pliers – Murder She Wrote
                                            • Johnny Osbourne – Ready Or Not
                                            • Jackie Mittoo – Earthquake
                                            • Sandra Reid – Don't Tell Me Tell Her
                                            • The Skatalites Meet King Tubby – Herb Man Dub
                                            • Kim Harriott – Woman Of The Ghetto
                                            Dawn Of The Dead: Library CuesWaxwork
                                            George A. Romero’s DAWN OF THE DEAD Original Theatrical Soundtrack. This expansive three LP set features the complete De Wolfe library cues from Romero’s...
                                            • – Violence Sting 1
                                            • – Caverne De Glace
                                            • – Dramatic Moments 3
                                            • – Deserted Vaults
                                            • – Action Pack
                                            • – Kadath
                                            • – Proud Action
                                            • – Dramatic Movements 4
                                            • – The Gonk
                                            • 3×LP (Coloured Vinyl) WW155£56.00
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                                            Other Releases on Blue Note

                                            Sonny RollinsA Night At The Village VanguardBlue Note
                                            An expanded 3xLP edition of Sonny Rollins’ essential and legendary live trio album A Night At The Village Vanguard: The Complete Masters is added to...
                                              Donald ByrdA New PerspectiveBlue Note
                                              Remarkable 1963 album with Hank Mobley, Kenny Burell, Herbie Hancock & gospel choir! includes the classic 'Cristo Redentor'. Killer and deep!
                                              • – Elijah
                                              • – Beast Of Burden
                                              • – Cristo Redentor
                                              • – The Black Disciple
                                              • – Chant
                                              Horace SilverThe Trio SidesBlue Note
                                                • Original 2×LP BN-LA474-H2£30.00
                                                  Vinyl condition: VG+Sleeve condition: VG+Original Out of Print Pre-Owned USA vinyl
                                                  In stockAdd to Bag
                                                Jackie McLeanAction (Tone Poems)Blue Note
                                                Jackie McLean’s 60s output ran the gamut from hard bop to avant-garde with his 1964 album Action splitting the difference from the searing title track...
                                                  Booker ErvinTex Book TenorBlue Note
                                                  Booker Ervin cut two stellar Blue Note records in the late-60s including Tex Book Tenor which had to wait until 2005 for its first standalone release....
                                                    Joe HendersonMode for Joe (Classic Vinyl Series)Blue Note
                                                    Saxophonist Joe Henderson expanded his palette on his vigorous 1966 album Mode for Joe with a dynamic septet featuring Lee Morgan, Curtis Fuller, Bobby...
                                                      Horace SilverSilver 'N Voices (1977)Blue Note
                                                      Excellent 70s soul jazz on Blue Note from Silver's group with vocal choir. Deep.
                                                        • Original LP£20.00
                                                          Vinyl condition: VG+Sleeve condition: VG+Original Pre-Owned USA vinyl
                                                          In stockAdd to Bag
                                                        Kenny BurrellK. B. Blues (Tone Poet Series)Blue Note
                                                        Recorded in 1957, Kenny Burrell’s 3rd session as a leader for Blue Note presented the guitarist’s signature stylings with a crack team of hard boppers...
                                                          Jack WilsonEasterly WindsBlue Note
                                                          KILLER Blue Note album - 100% essential.
                                                          • – On Children
                                                          • New Audiophile LP (180 GRAM) 4509258£39.00
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                                                          Stanley TurrentineAnother StoryBlue Note
                                                            • Original LP BST 84336£40.00
                                                              Vinyl condition: VG+Sleeve condition: VG+Original Pre-Owned USA vinyl
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                                                            Jackie McLeanTippin' The ScalesBlue Note
                                                              • Original LP BST 84427£15.00
                                                                Vinyl condition: VGSleeve condition: VG+Original Pre-Owned Blue Note vinyl, French 1984 DMM pressing, VG ONLY
                                                                In stockAdd to Bag
                                                              Lou DonaldsonLush LifeBlue Note
                                                                • Original LP BST 84254£25.00
                                                                  Vinyl condition: VG+Sleeve condition: VG+Original Pre-Owned 1984 French DMM pressing copy
                                                                  In stockAdd to Bag
                                                                Jimmy SmithOpen House (1968)Blue Note
                                                                  • Original LP BST 84269£20.00
                                                                    Vinyl condition: VG+Sleeve condition: GOriginal Pre-Owned UK vinyl, blue/black Liberty pressing, lot of sleeve wear/damage
                                                                    In stockAdd to Bag
                                                                  Herbie Nichols TrioHerbie Nichols TrioBlue Note
                                                                  One of jazz’s most tragically overlooked geniuses, Herbie Nichols was a highly original piano stylist and a composer of tremendous imagination and eclecticism....
                                                                    Wayne ShorterNight Dreamer (1964)Blue Note
                                                                    Wayne Shorter's debut for Blue Note, with six original compositions. A transitional record but a classic one with Shorter joined by Lee Morgan, McCoy...
                                                                    • – Night Dreamer
                                                                    Tina BrooksTrue BlueBlue Note
                                                                    The only one of tenor saxophonist Tina Brooks’ albums as a leader to be released during his too-brief lifetime, 1960’s True Blue is a hard bop masterpiece...
                                                                      Sonny ClarkSonny Clark Trio (Tone Poet Series)Blue Note
                                                                      Pianist and composer Sonny Clark only lived for 32 years but more than left his mark on the jazz world in that time, with countless seminal albums such...
                                                                      • – Be-Bop
                                                                      • – I Didn't Know What Time It Was
                                                                      • – Two Bass Hit
                                                                      • – Tadd's Delight
                                                                      • – Softly As In A Morning Sunrise
                                                                      • – I'll Remember April
                                                                      Earl KlughCaptain Caribe - The Best Of Earl KlughBlue Note
                                                                        • Original LP GP-3205£15.00
                                                                          Vinyl condition: VG+Sleeve condition: VGOriginal Secondhand Japanese vinyl, no Obi, some sleeve staining
                                                                          In stockAdd to Bag
                                                                        Donald ByrdPlaces And Spaces (1975)Blue Note
                                                                        SEMINAL MONSTER LP!!The definitive jazz funk album produced by the Mizell brothers. A classic all the way featuring the essential rare groove cuts 'Change',...
                                                                        • – Change
                                                                        • – Wind Parade
                                                                        • – (Fallin' Like) Dominoes
                                                                        • – Places And Spaces
                                                                        • – You And The Music
                                                                        • – Night Whistler
                                                                        • – Just My Imagination
                                                                        Robert GlasperIn My Element (Classic Vinyl Series)Blue Note
                                                                        Robert Glasper’s 2005 Blue Note debut Canvas signaled the arrival of a singular new voice in jazz and his 2007 follow-up In My Element solidified his...
                                                                          MadlibShades of Blue (Classic Vinyl Series)Blue Note
                                                                          Madlib invades Blue Note! Hip hop producer extroardinaire and world class jazz fiend Madlib gets let loose in the Blue Note vaults with his sampler!
                                                                          • – Introduction
                                                                          • – Slim's Return
                                                                          • – Distant Land
                                                                          • – Mystic Bounce
                                                                          • – Stormy
                                                                          • – Blue Note Interlude
                                                                          • – Please Set Me At Ease
                                                                          • – Funky Blue Note
                                                                          • – Alfred Lion Interlude
                                                                          • – Stepping Into Tomorrow
                                                                          • – Andrew Hill Break
                                                                          • – Montara
                                                                          • – Song For My Father
                                                                          • – Footprints
                                                                          • – Peace/Dolphin Dance
                                                                          • – Outro
                                                                          • New Audiophile 2×LP (180 GRAM) 5507723£36.99
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                                                                          Donald ByrdSlow Drag (Tone Poet Series)Blue Note
                                                                          Wicked 1967 album. Recommended.
                                                                            • New LP (180g) 3856842£39.00
                                                                              Tone Poet Edition
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                                                                            Freddie HubbardBlue Spirits (1966)Blue Note
                                                                            Freddie Hubbard, Joe Henderson, James Spaulding, Larry Ridley, Harold Mabern, Big Black. Classic Blue Note session.
                                                                            • – soul surge
                                                                            • – jodo
                                                                            • New Audiophile LP (180 GRAM) 3856838£34.99
                                                                              Tone Poet Edition
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                                                                            Walter Smith IIIReturn to CasualBlue Note
                                                                            Saxophonist and composer Walter Smith III enters a new era of his band leading career with his remarkable Blue Note debut return to casual, the long-anticipated...
                                                                              Ike QuebecSwing Hi - Swing Lo (1969)Blue Note
                                                                                • Original LP B-6507£10.00
                                                                                  Vinyl condition: VG+Sleeve condition: VG+
                                                                                  In stockAdd to Bag
                                                                                Donald ByrdStreet Lady (1973)Blue Note
                                                                                Classic jazz funk album written and produced by the magnificent Mizell brothers! Includes 'Lansana's Priestess'. Personnel playing on the album include...
                                                                                • – Lansana's Priestess
                                                                                • – Miss Kane
                                                                                • – Sister Love
                                                                                • – Street Lady
                                                                                • – Witch Hunt
                                                                                • – Woman of The World
                                                                                Jackie McLeanBluesnikBlue Note
                                                                                Widely regarded as one of Jackie McLean's finest, not to mention most accessible albums, Bluesnik gets the reissue treatment on Blue Note to bring it to...
                                                                                  Horace Parlan QuintetSpeakin' My PieceBlue Note
                                                                                  Horace Parlan struck out in style as a bandleader in 1960 with a swathe of albums for Blue Note, amongst which was this dazzling display with his quintet....
                                                                                    Bobby HutchersonSan Francisco (1971)Blue Note
                                                                                    100% STONE COLD CLASSIC BLUE NOTE LP!The musical partnership between vibraphonist Bobby Hutcherson and tenor saxophonist Harold Land fully blossomed on...
                                                                                    • – Goin' Down South
                                                                                    • – Prints Tie
                                                                                    • – Ummh
                                                                                    • – A Night In Barcelona
                                                                                    Fats NavarroThe Fabulous Fats Navarro Volume 1Blue Note
                                                                                      • Original LP BLP 1531£40.00
                                                                                        Vinyl condition: VG+Sleeve condition: VG+Original Pre-Owned French 1984 DMM vinyl
                                                                                        In stockAdd to Bag
                                                                                      Donald ByrdAt The Half Note Café, Vol. 1 (Tone Poet Series)Blue Note
                                                                                      In November 1960, trumpeter Donald Byrd brought his quintet in to the Half Note Café in New York City to record this soulful, swinging, and highly enjoyable...
                                                                                        • LP (180 gram) 3814586£35.00
                                                                                          Gatefold sleeve
                                                                                          In stockAdd to Bag
                                                                                        Harold VickSteppin' Out! (Tone Poet Series)Blue Note
                                                                                        In 1963, tenor saxophonist Harold Vick made his sole album as a leader for Blue Note, the underrated soul jazz gem Steppin’ Out. The record finds its...
                                                                                          • New Audiophile LP (180 GRAM) 3814591£36.00
                                                                                            In stockAdd to Bag
                                                                                          Gene HarrisYesterday, Today & Tomorrow (1973)Blue Note
                                                                                          Rare Wicked funky jazz on Blue Note double vinyl
                                                                                          • – Monk's Tune
                                                                                          • Original 2×LP£30.00
                                                                                            Vinyl condition: VG+Sleeve condition: VGOriginal blue label liberty Blue Note. Double gatefold album, sleeve wear/staining
                                                                                            In stockAdd to Bag
                                                                                          John ColtraneBlue TrainBlue Note
                                                                                          **Late 50s hard bop! Coltrane's second on Blue Note.** John Coltrane – tenor saxophone, bandleaderPaul Chambers – double bassKenny Drew – pianoCurtis...
                                                                                          • – Moment's Notice

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                                                                                          Space, Energy and LightSoul Jazz Records
                                                                                          Brand new edition of this Soul Jazz Records long out-of-print classic album available now as a new limited-edition one-off pressing triple yellow vinyl...
                                                                                          • J.B. Banfi – Gang (For The Rock Industry)
                                                                                          • Michael Garrison – To The Other Side Of The Sky
                                                                                          • Iasos – Lueena Coast
                                                                                          • Carl Matthews – As Above, So Below
                                                                                          • Tim Blake – Midnight
                                                                                          • Stratis – By Water
                                                                                          • Laurie Spiegel – Improvisation On A 'Concerto Generator'
                                                                                          • Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Company – Ceres Motion
                                                                                          • Michael Stearns – In The Beginning
                                                                                          • Beverly Glenn-Copeland – Ever New
                                                                                          • Richard Pinhas – Variations VII Sur Le Thème Des Bene Gesserit
                                                                                          • Tod Dockstader – Piece #1
                                                                                          • Kevin Braheny – Ancient Stars
                                                                                          • Steven Halpern – Starborn Suite (Part 1)
                                                                                          • CD (Limited Edition Coloured CD) SJRCD392C£12.00
                                                                                            In stockAdd to Bag
                                                                                          • MP3 Release SJR392D£9.99
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                                                                                          • 3×LP (Coloured Vinyl) SJRLP392C£34.00
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                                                                                          STR4TAThe Demus Dubs EPBrownswood Recordings
                                                                                          **Woah! Killer, woofer-wrecking disco dubs from the LEGEND Demus! Crazy limited, hand-stamped copies!** Legendary London producer Demus follows up his...
                                                                                          • – City Sounds (Demus Dub)
                                                                                          • – To Be As One (feat. Theo Croker) [Classical Re-Edit]
                                                                                          • – Turn Me Around (Demus Dub)
                                                                                          • – Why Must You Fly (feat. Omar) [Demus Dub]
                                                                                          Yo! The Early Days of Hip-Hop 1982-84Photography by Sophie BramlySoul Jazz Books
                                                                                          Yo! The Early Days of Hip-Hop 1982-84 is a new book published by Soul Jazz Books/Records that features 300+ pages of stunning photographs documenting the...
                                                                                            • Book (1.9kg) SJR506£35.00 £30.00
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                                                                                            Trees SpeakMind MazeSoul Jazz Records
                                                                                            Mind Maze is, amazingly, Trees Speak’s FIFTH album to be released on Soul Jazz Records in the space of little over two years– an output matched only...
                                                                                            • Trees Speak – Mind Maze
                                                                                            • Trees Speak – Minotaur
                                                                                            • Trees Speak – Syndrome
                                                                                            • Trees Speak – Sospetto
                                                                                            • Trees Speak – Illusions
                                                                                            • Trees Speak – Scanner
                                                                                            • Trees Speak – Burner
                                                                                            • Trees Speak – Rare Earth
                                                                                            • Trees Speak – Pathways
                                                                                            • Trees Speak – Skip Breath
                                                                                            • Trees Speak – Odyssey
                                                                                            • Trees Speak – Passage
                                                                                            • Trees Speak – Signals
                                                                                            • Trees Speak – Black Phone
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                                                                                            • Trees Speak – Stone Tape
                                                                                            • Trees Speak – Seraphim
                                                                                            • Trees Speak – Orpheus
                                                                                            • Trees Speak – Machines Speak
                                                                                            • Limited Edition LP + Free 7" + Download Code SJRLP527£28.00
                                                                                              In stockAdd to Bag
                                                                                            • CD SJRCD527£12.00
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                                                                                            • MP3 Release SJRD527£8.99
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                                                                                            OgassaOgassa Original (Vol. 1)Acid Jazz
                                                                                            Acid Jazz continue their release ptogram of gems from the enigmatic ‘Albarika Store’ label, a goldmine in Afro cuts from Benin, West Africa. The latest...
                                                                                            • – Avale
                                                                                            • – Ogassa Story
                                                                                            • – Production Vido Tche
                                                                                            • – Gbe We Gnin Wa Bio
                                                                                            Sounds Of The Universe Tote BagsSounds Of The Universe / Soul Jazz Records
                                                                                            You'll never need a plastic bag again or any bag for that matter!!!  So many of our lovely customers wanted to have a more permanent Sounds Of The...
                                                                                              Sadar Bahar and Marc DavisDisco GospelMr Bongo
                                                                                              Two under-the-radar disco / gospel fusion tracks that have been given a new lease of life courtesy of these masters of their craft First up is the feel-good...
                                                                                                  Blue Note Re:imagined II (feat. Yazz Ahmed, Theon Cross, Oscar Jerome & more)Decca / Blue Note
                                                                                                  Legendary labels Decca and Blue Note have joined forces again for Blue Note Re:imagined II; a collection of classic Blue Note tracks, reworked and newly...
                                                                                                  • – Yazz Ahmed - It (Chick Correa)
                                                                                                  • – Conor Albert - You Make Me Feel So Good (Bobbi Humphrey)
                                                                                                  • – Parthenope - Don’t Know Why (Norah Jones)
                                                                                                  • – Swindle - Miss Kane (Donald Byrd)
                                                                                                  • – Nubiyan Twist - Through The Noise (Chant No.2) (Donald Byrd)
                                                                                                  • – Ego Ella May - Morning Side Of Love (Chico Hamilton)
                                                                                                  • – Oscar Jerome - Green With Envy (Grant Green)
                                                                                                  • – Daniel Casimir ft. Rita Moran - Lost (Wayne Shorter)
                                                                                                  • – Theon Cross - Epistrophy (Thelonious Monk)
                                                                                                  • – Maya Delilah - Harvest Moon (Cassandra Wilson)
                                                                                                  • – Kay Young - Feel Like Making Love (Marlena Shaw)
                                                                                                  • – Venna & Marco - Where Are We Going (Donald Byrd)
                                                                                                  • – Reuben James - Infant Eyes (Wayne Shorter)
                                                                                                  • – Binker Golding - Fort Worth (Joe Lovano)
                                                                                                  • – Cherise - Sunrise (Norah Jones)
                                                                                                  • – Franc Moody - Cristo Redentor (Donald Byrd)
                                                                                                  • 1. – Yazz Ahmed - It (Chick Correa)
                                                                                                  • 2. – Conor Albert - You Make Me Feel So Good (Bobbi Humphrey)
                                                                                                  • 3. – Parthenope - Don’t Know Why (Norah Jones)
                                                                                                  • View full info and tracklisting
                                                                                                  De La Soul3 Feet High and RisingCHRYSALIS RECORDS
                                                                                                  3 Feet High and Rising is the debut studio album by hip hop trio De La Soul and was released on March 3, 1989 It marked the first of three full- length...
                                                                                                    Mainstream Disco Funk: The Finest Funky Sound Of Mainstream Records – 1974-76Wewantsounds
                                                                                                    **B-boys and b-girls watch out — rare disco gems from by Bob Shad's Mainstream Records in New York, released between 1974 and 1976, reissued on vinyl...
                                                                                                    • – The Grand Jury - Music Is Fun To Me (Inst)
                                                                                                    • – The Grand Jury - Music Is Fun To Me (Voc)
                                                                                                    • – South Side Coalition - (Don't You Wanna) Get Down
                                                                                                    • – Chocolate Syrup - We've Got To Get Together
                                                                                                    • – Three Ounces of Love - Disco Man Part 1 & 2
                                                                                                    • – Crystal Image - Gonna Have A Good Time (inst)
                                                                                                    • – Crystal Image - Gonna Have A Good Time (Voc)
                                                                                                    • – Lenny Welch - A Hundred Pounds of Pain
                                                                                                    • – Prophecy - What Ever's Your Sign Pt 1
                                                                                                    • – Prophecy - What Ever's Your Sign Pt 2
                                                                                                    • – The Dramatics - No Rebate On Love
                                                                                                    • – The Electric Ladies - Nothing Between Us
                                                                                                    • 1. – The Grand Jury - Music Is Fun To Me (Inst)
                                                                                                    • 2. – The Grand Jury - Music Is Fun To Me (Voc)
                                                                                                    • 3. – South Side Coalition - (Don't You Wanna) Get Down
                                                                                                    • View full info and tracklisting
                                                                                                    RahaanMore E.P.Hot Biscuit Recordings
                                                                                                    Foot-stomping disco vibes from Rahaan with a Bohannon style groove on the a-side, backed with a breezy jazz-funk fix!
                                                                                                    • – More
                                                                                                    • – Morning Starz
                                                                                                    DambalaRevelationEmotional Rescue
                                                                                                    UK lover's rock/roots reggae group Dambala has been at the forefront of Emotional Rescue's revival of these sounds in recent years. After a haunting...
                                                                                                    • – Rally Rally Round
                                                                                                    • – Rally Rally Round (Version)
                                                                                                    • – Me And My Dread
                                                                                                    • – Revelation / Dubwise
                                                                                                    • – Babylon
                                                                                                    • – No Go
                                                                                                    • – Rebel
                                                                                                    • – Militant Dub
                                                                                                    Masters At WorkIt's What We Live, It's What We AreMAW Records
                                                                                                    Originally released digitally at the tail end of 2021 and finally out on vinyl, Masters At Work's brilliant 'It's What We Live, It's What We Are' is a...
                                                                                                    • – "It's What We Live, It's What We Are" (Masters At Work dub)
                                                                                                    • – "It's What We Live, It's What We Are" (Nuyorican Soul mix)
                                                                                                    • – "It's What We Live, It's What We Are" (Kenlou mix)
                                                                                                    • 1. – "It's What We Live, It's What We Are" (Masters At Work dub)
                                                                                                    • 2. – "It's What We Live, It's What We Are" (Nuyorican Soul mix)
                                                                                                    • 3. – "It's What We Live, It's What We Are" (Kenlou mix)
                                                                                                    • View full info and tracklisting
                                                                                                    CreoleJourney From Creation 1975-1985DKR
                                                                                                    24 track double LP in gatefold jacket. LP1 is vocals, LP2 is dubs/versions. LP1 features one previously unreleased track. Jacket features extensive...
                                                                                                    • – Jah Creation
                                                                                                    • – Tourism
                                                                                                    • – I Don't Know
                                                                                                    • – Moving Away
                                                                                                    • – Skylarking
                                                                                                    • – Beware
                                                                                                    • – I Am A Rootsman
                                                                                                    • – You Made Me Happy
                                                                                                    • – Troubled World
                                                                                                    • – Come Let Me Love Ya
                                                                                                    CreoleFishers Of Man / Walls Of JerichoChina-Frica
                                                                                                    The definition of deep roots, here are a pair of almost never before heard tracks from the mythical Creole. The A-side "Fishers of Man" is an extended...
                                                                                                    • – Fishers Of Man
                                                                                                    • – Walls Of Jericho
                                                                                                    Tyrone EvansRise UpWackie's
                                                                                                    Previously unreleased extended mixes of this disco reggae bullet from the early 80s. Solo 12" from Tyrone Evans of The Paragons with dub mix of the flip....
                                                                                                    • Tyrone Evans – Rise Up
                                                                                                    • Lloyd Barnes – Rise Up Version
                                                                                                    Nut HeadTerroristsPark Heights
                                                                                                    One of a pair of absolute killer late '80s singjay reality tunes, originally released back to back on one notoriously rare 12 inch. Despite being from...
                                                                                                    • – Terrorists
                                                                                                    • – Terrorists (Version)
                                                                                                    Nia SongbirdHumble EP (Vibronics Meets Ashanti Selah Vol 2)Scoops
                                                                                                    Fresh vinyl slice of UK Dub Roots Reggae sees veteran producer Vibronics hook up once again with rising star Ashanti Selah for a 4 track outing featuring...
                                                                                                    • Nia Songbird – Stay Humble
                                                                                                    • Echo Ranks – Beware
                                                                                                    • Ashanti Selah – Well Humble
                                                                                                    • Vibronics – Stay Dubwise