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    Other Releases on Sounds Of The Universe / Soul Jazz Records

    Johnny Adams Feel The Beat, Feel The Heat Sounds Of The Universe / Soul Jazz Records
    NEW ORLEANS  funky boogie soul disco bomb 45! Latest Soul Jazz Records/Sounds of the Universe SOUL 7-inch series - after the now sold out...
    • – Feel The Beat, Feel The Heat
    • – Spanish Harlem
    Heatsick Snakes & Ladders EP Sounds Of The Universe / Soul Jazz Records
    Trippy experimental club tracks from Steven Warwick aka Heatsick exclusive to our Sounds Of The Universe imprint. Limited to 300 copies - available only...
    • – Snakes & Ladders
    • – Time Smudge
    Tevo Howard / Kutmah, Art+Sound 12"Summer RomanceSounds Of The Universe / Soul Jazz Records
    Limited 12” (300 copies worldwide) and ONLY AVAILABLE exclusively from Sounds of the Universe record store and Soul Jazz Records. This unique Art+Sound...
    • – Summer Romance

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    Disco Pogo MAGAZINE #1Feat. Gilles Peterson/Andrew Weatherall/SAULT/Don Letts + more
    LAST 25 EVER!200+ pages!!!! w/ Gilles Peterson, Anna Prior, Andrew Weatherall, Confidence Man, Don Letts, Eris Drew, Gabriels, HAAi, Luke Una, Orbital,...
      • Magazine (300g)£15.00
        Out of stock
      A History of the Jamaican Recording IndustryBook Three : THE UPSETTER TO THE COMPUTER ‘FROM THE BLACK ARK TO FIREHOUSE
      THE UPSETTER TO THE COMPUTER ‘FROM THE BLACK ARK TO FIREHOUSE featuring Lee Scratch Perry, King Jammys, King Tubby, Augustus Pablo!!! Superb hardback...
        Soul Jazz Club Flyer #6Lone Ranger/Andrew Weatherall/David HolmesSoul Jazz Records
        Dynamite flyer - Xmas special with Lone Ranger, New Year's eve special, followed by Andrew Weatherall in January and David Holmes in February - £5 to...
          • Club Flyer ADD ON (freepost)£1.00
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          • Club Flyer (postage applied)£1.00
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          Freedom, Rhythm and SoundPOSTERSoul Jazz Records
          Oh yes! 50 x 70cm KILLER poster!! Choose "Poster Freepost" if you want this poster sent with any other vinyl order item (LP/12" vinyl only) at NO extra...
            Glenn DavisA Place for You (inc. Franck Roger remix)Deeper Groove
            Release number three for Deeper Groove with label staple and Irish favourite Glenn Davis. Showcasing that signature classic house sound across three original...
            • – A Place for You
            • – Take Me to the Club
            • – Take me to the Club – Franck Roger Remix
            • – Who Are People
            • 12"£13.00
              Out of stock
            PUNK 45 : Chaos In The City Of Angels and DevilsSoul Jazz Records
            ‘Chaos in the City of Angels and Devils’ is the new instalment of Soul Jazz Records’ Punk 45 series featuring an array of first generation Los Angeles...
            • The Middle Class – Out Of Vogue
            • X – We're Desperate
            • The Flesh Eaters – Disintegration Nation
            • The Weirdos – A Life Of Crime
            • The Urinals – I'm White and Middle Class
            • Iggy & The Stooges – I Got A Right
            • The Germs – Forming
            • Agent Orange – Bloodstains
            • Black Randy & The Metrosquad – Trouble At The Cup
            • The Urinals – Ack Ack Ack Ack
            • The Zeros – Don't Push Me Around
            • The Randoms – ABCD
            • Circle Jerks – What's Your Problem
            • The Bags – Survive
            • The Adolescents – Amoeba
            • The Dils – Class War
            • The Deadbeats – Brainless
            • The Simpletones – I Like Drugs
            • T.S.O.L. – World War 3
            • Eyes – TAQN
            • The Hollywood Squares – Hollywood Square
            • The Deadbeats – Final Ride
            • New 2×LP £26.00
              Out of stock
            • CD£12.00
              Out of stock
            • MP3 Release£9.99
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            The Sound of Philadelphia Tony Cummings (1975)Eyre Muthuen Ltd.
            Killer rare book on the sound of Philadelphia in the 1970s.
              • Original Book (900g)£75.00
                Original out of print second-hand book in good condition
                Out of stock
              Boombox Early Independent Hip Hop, Electro and Disco Rap 79 - 82PosterSoul Jazz Records
              Oh yes! 50 x 70cm KILLER poster!! Choose "Poster Freepost" if you want this poster sent with any other vinyl order item (LP/12" vinyl only) at NO extra...
                • Poster Freepost£3.00
                  Out of stock
                • Poster+Tube£7.50
                  Out of stock
                PUNK 45: Extermination Nights In The Sixth CitySoul Jazz Records
                Soul Jazz Records' new 'Punk 45' album charts the rise of underground punk in the mid-west city of Cleveland, Ohio, which for many people is the true birthplace...
                • The Pagans – Street Where Nobody Lives
                • Jazz Destroyers – Love Meant To Die
                • Pere Ubu – Final Solution
                • The Broncs – Tele-K-Killing
                • electric eels – Splittery Splat
                • The Pagans – Dead End America
                • X-X – Approaching The Minimal With Spray Guns
                • The Defnics – 51%
                • Pere Ubu – Heart Of Darkness
                • The Human Switchboard – No !
                • X-X – A
                • Pressler Morgan – You're Gonna Watch Me
                • The Pagans – I Juvenile
                • Poli Styrene Jazz Band – Drano In Your Veins
                • The Mirrors – Hands In My Pockets
                • electric eels – Bunnies
                • Styrene Money – Everything Near Me
                • Rocket From The Tombs – Life Stinks
                Aldemaro Romero Y Su Onda NuevaUna Por Una (1976)Palacio
                Superb rare Venezuelan latin/bossa from the great Aldemaro Romero (who is on Soul Jazz Records' Venezuela 70 series)
                  • Original LP£75.00
                    Vinyl condition: VG+Sleeve condition: VG+Orig Venezuelan vinyl, name on front, in orig shrink
                    Out of stock
                  Disco: An Encyclopedic guide to the cover art of discoPosterSoul Jazz Records
                  Oh yes! 50 x 70cm KILLER poster!! Choose "Poster Freepost" if you want this poster sent with any other vinyl order item (LP/12" vinyl only) at NO extra...
                    PUNK 45: Burn Rubber City Burn!Soul Jazz Records
                    Soul Jazz Records' new 'Punk 45' album Burn, Rubber City Burn charts the rise of the music scene in the mid-west city of Akron, Ohio at a time when the...
                    • The Bizarros – I Bizarro
                    • The Waitresses – The Comb
                    • Hammer Damage – Laugh
                    • Devo – Mechanical Man
                    • Tin Huey – Squirm You Worm
                    • The Bizarros – Lady Doubonette
                    • Chi-Pig – Ring Around The Collar
                    • Devo – Auto Modown
                    • Rubber City Rebels – Kidnapped
                    • Denis DeFrange and Mark Frazier – The Manikin Shuffle
                    • Jane Aire and The Belvederes – When I Was Young
                    • Tin Huey – Puppet Wipes
                    • Chi-Pig – Apu Api
                    • The Bizarros – Nova
                    • Rubber City Rebels – Such A Fool
                    • Denis DeFrange – Sector Wars
                    • Ralph Carney – Closet Bears
                    • 15 60 75 Numbers Band – Narrow Road
                    Aldemaro Romero Y Su Onda NuevaOnda Brava (1972)Onda Nueva
                    Rare Venezuelan bossa/latin LP
                      • Original LP£70.00
                        Vinyl condition: VG+Sleeve condition: VG+Original = Original Venezuelan Vinyl in great condition
                        Out of stock
                      Soul Jazz Club Flyer #7Saturday Night Fish FrySoul Jazz Records
                      Two-sided flyer - Andy Weatherall guested at our Fish Fry Night monthly all night funk and soul session held in a fetish club in South London. Andy Weatherall...
                        • Club Flyer ADD ON (freepost)£1.00
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                        • Club Flyer (postage applied)£1.00
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                        Two Synths, A Guitar (And) A Drum Machine - Soul Jazz Records #1 Post Punk DanceSoul Jazz Records
                        OUT NOW!Soul Jazz Records new ‘Two Synths, A Guitar (and) A Drum Machine’ is a new collection of current D-I-Y post-punk bands shaped by the mutant...
                        • Automatic – Too Much Money
                        • Zongamin – Underwater Paramid
                        • New Fries – Lily
                        • Vex Ruffin & Fab 5 Freddy – The Balance
                        • Ixna – Somebody Said
                        • Leroy Duncann – Dream River
                        • Tom Of England – Neon Green
                        • Toresch – Tocar
                        • Becker & Mukai – La Rivière des Perles
                        • Gramme – Discolovers
                        • Niagara – Ida
                        • Charles Manier – Sift Through Art Collecting People
                        • Black Deer – Baseball Shorts
                        • Madmadmad – Hot Disco
                        • Wino D – Untitled
                        Gilles Peterson BOOK! Limited HardbackLOCKDOWN FM: BROADCASTING IN A PANDEMIC
                        LITERALLY DOWN TO THE LAST 20 COPIES IN THE WORLD! Lockdown FM: Broadcasting In a Pandemic is a 600+ page cultural documentation of a year in lockdown....
                          Disco: An Encyclopedic guide to the cover art of disco Presented by Disco Patrick and Patrick Vogt Soul Jazz Books
                          OUT NOW! New 400-page 12"x12" deluxe heavyweight book on Soul Jazz Records/Books. Foreword by Tom Moulton and Nicky Siano (The Gallery). Presented...
                            No SeattleSoul Jazz Records
                            Soul Jazz Records new release takes us on a serious road trip into the North-West region of the USA, 1986-97, to explore the amazing lost and forgotten...
                            • Starfish – This Town
                            • Vampire Lezbos – Stop Killing The Seals
                            • Nubbin – Windyyy
                            • Saucer – Jail Ain't Stopping Us
                            • Machine – Blind Man's Holiday
                            • Medelicious – Beverly
                            • Hitting Birth – Same 18
                            • Nubbin – Wonderama
                            • Crunchbird – Woodstock Unvisited
                            • The Ones – Talk To Me
                            • Pod – 123
                            • Thrillhammer – Alice's Palace
                            • Yellow Snow – Take Me For A Ride
                            • Helltrout – Precious Hyde
                            • Bundle Of Hiss – Wench
                            • Starfish – Run Around
                            • Thrillhammer – Bleed
                            • Chemistry Set – Fields
                            • My Name – Voice Of A Generation Gap
                            • Small Stars – It's Getting Late
                            • Shug – AM FM
                            • Treehouse – Debbie Had A Dream
                            • My Name – Why I Fight
                            • Soylent Green – It Smiles
                            • Kill Sybil – Best
                            • Calamity Jane – Magdalena
                            • Saucer – Chicky Chicky Frown
                            • Attica – The System
                            NEW EDITION Freedom, Rhythm and Sound BOOKBy Gilles Peterson and Stuart BakerSoul Jazz Records
                            Large format (12" x 12") plexi-bound deluxe book, 180 page, 100s of killer sleeves! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Soul...
                              The WinstonsColor Him FatherSoul Jazz Records
                              What do Tyler the Creator, Mantronix, Stetsasonic, DJ Shadow, Eric B and Rakim, Brand Nubian, Jay-Z and N.W.A. have in common? What do UK Apachi and...
                              • The Winstons – Color Him Father
                              • The Winstons – I've Gotta Be Me
                              • The Winstons – The Chokin' Kind
                              • The Winstons – The Greatest Love
                              • The Winstons – A Handful Of Friends
                              • The Winstons – Everyday People
                              • The Winstons – Love Of The Common People
                              • The Winstons – Wheel Of Fortune
                              • The Winstons – The Days Of Sand And Shovels
                              • The Winstons – Birds Of A Feather
                              • The Winstons – Only The Strong Survive
                              • The Winstons – Traces
                              • The Winstons – Amen, Brother
                              • The Winstons – Say Goodbye To Daddy
                              • The Winstons – Mama's Song
                              • The Winstons – Amen, Brother (Extended Mix)
                              Little SimzSometimes I Might Be IntrovertAge 101
                              On 'Sometimes I Might Be Introvert', Little Simz effortlessly condenses any number of disparate styles and genres into music which thrillingly broaches...
                              • – Introvert
                              • – Woman (feat. Cleo Sol)
                              • – Two Worlds Apart
                              • – I Love You I Hate You
                              • – Little Q Part 1
                              • – Little Q Part 2
                              • – Gems
                              • – Speed
                              • – Standing Ovation
                              • – I See You
                              • New 2×LP (Coloured Vinyl)£22.00
                                Limited 'milky clear' coloured vinyl edition
                                Out of stock
                              • CD£11.00
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                              The Comet Is ComingHYPER-DIMENSIONAL EXPANSION BEAMDecca
                              "The Comet is Coming returns with their second full length album on Impulse! Records. King Shabaka, Danalogue, and Betamax’s newest effort finds the...
                              • – CODE
                              • – TECHNICOLOUR
                              • – LUCID DREAMER
                              Loretta LynnSomebody, Somewhere (1976)MCA
                              Country queen Loretta, 76. Original vinyl
                                • Original LP£7.99
                                  Out of stock
                                Soul Jazz Club Flyer #1Nicky Siano's Gallery at Elektrowerkz (2004)Soul Jazz Records
                                Soul Jazz Records one-night only club event in 2004 - The legendary Nicky Siano flew in for a one-off recreation of his legendary 70s New York club The...
                                  • Club Flyer ADD ON (freepost)£1.00
                                    In stockAdd to Bag
                                  • Club Flyer (postage applied)£1.00
                                    In stockAdd to Bag