• 1. In A Dis Ya Time/ Harbour View Rock
      • 2. Time Will Tell
      • 3. Don't Wake The Lion
      • 4. Brutal Out Deh
      • 5. False Preachers
      • 6. You Don't Care
      • 7. Rougher Yet
      • 8. Time Getting Hard
      • 9. Seeing Is Believing
      • 10. Temptation
      • 11. Beware
      • 12. Like You Do
      • 13. The Way You Are
      • 14. The Half
      • 15. What About Me
      • 16. Won't You Come Home/Bump Skank

      Great vocal roots collection featuring Ronnie Davis, Keith Porter & David Isaacs featuring "Brutal Out Deh" "In A Dis Ya Time" "Temptation" and many more.

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      Great roots vocal cut from Jamaican vocal trio The Itals, originally released in 1983, with wicked dub version on the flip.
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      • The Itals – Jah Glory (Version)

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