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    • Cosmic Vibrations feat. Dwight Trible – Nature’s Vision
    • Cosmic Vibrations feat. Dwight Trible – Blue Skies
    • Cosmic Vibrations feat. Dwight Trible – How Long
    • Cosmic Vibrations feat. Dwight Trible – Motherless Child
    • Cosmic Vibrations feat. Dwight Trible – Water Flow
    • Cosmic Vibrations feat. Dwight Trible – Movin’ On
    • Cosmic Vibrations feat. Dwight Trible – OLBAP
    • Cosmic Vibrations feat. Dwight Trible – Tragedy Escapes
    • 1. Nature’s Vision
    • 2. Blue Skies
    • 3. How Long
    • 4. Motherless Child
    • 5. Water Flow
    • 6. Movin’ On
    • 7. OLBAP
    • 8. Tragedy Escapes

    New, extraordinary music by Cosmic Vibrations ft Dwight Trible. An interplanetary journey from this new, LA based 6-strong ensemble of experienced musicians that define "spiritual jazz in the 21st century."

    Divine vocals by Dwight Trible, Sun Ra-esque jazz with world influences, laced with indigenous instruments, taking you into a cosmic journey of spiritual improvisation and beyond. Cosmic Vibrations’ Pathways & Passages is an awakening, an opportunity to soar deeper into an altered awareness, an unfolding from a multi-faceted cosmic realm into the Cosmos. Simply superb new release via Spiritmuse!

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    Kahil El’Zabar & David MurrayKahil El’zabar’s Spirit Groove feat. David MurraySpiritmuse Records
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    • Kahil El’Zabar & David Murray – In My House
    • Kahil El’Zabar & David Murray – Necktar
    • Kahil El’Zabar & David Murray – Songs Of Myself
    • Kahil El’Zabar & David Murray – Katon
    • Kahil El’Zabar & David Murray – In The Spirit
    • Kahil El’Zabar & David Murray – Trane In Mind
    • Kahil El’Zabar & David Murray – One World Family
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    • 1. Enrique Rodriquez and The Negra Chiway Band – Dónde ?
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    SaultUNTITLED (Black Is)Forever Living Originals
    Vinyl sold out - again!Sault are back! The mysterious troupe return with their signature hybrid of funk, dance, post-punk and soul. 'Untitled' is, without...
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    MaishaOpen The GatesBrownswood
    London seven-piece Maisha return with new single ‘Open The Gates’, a 16-minute epic that draws deep rhythmic and musical tangents out of a simple melody...
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      Deutsche Elektronische Musik 4Experimental German Rock and Electronic Music 1971-83Soul Jazz Records
      This is the new instalment of Soul Jazz Records’ ground-breaking Deutsche Elektronische Musik series, ‘A near-definitive guide to some of the world's...
      • Alex – Patella Black
      • Klaus Weiss – Driving Sequences
      • Can – I'm So Green
      • Agitation Free – Laila, Part II
      • Deutsche Wertarbeit – Guten Abend, Leute
      • Amon Düül II – Wolf City
      • Michael Rother – Flammende Herzen
      • Klaus Weiss – Pink Sails
      • Virus – My Strand-Eyed Girl
      • Conrad Schnitzler – Ballet Statique
      • Kalacakra – Nearby Shiras
      • EMAK – Tanz In Den Himmel
      • Et Cetera – Mellodrama 2a
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      • Harmonia – Deluxe (Immer Wieder)
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      Carlos Nino & Miguel Atwood FergusonChicago WavesInternational Anthem Recording Company
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        • Willie Tee – Teasing You Again
        • Willie Tee – Your Love, My Love Together
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        Tolouse Low TraxJumping Dead Leafs?Bureau B
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        • Tolouse Low Trax – Inverted Sea
        • Tolouse Low Trax – Berrytone Souvenier
        • Tolouse Low Trax – The Incomprehensible Image
        • Tolouse Low Trax – Jumping Dead Leafs
        • Tolouse Low Trax – Milk In Water
        • Tolouse Low Trax – Dawn Is Temporal
        • Tolouse Low Trax – Pulse Skit
        • Tolouse Low Trax – Sales Pitch
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        BrainticketCelestial OceanLilith
        1973 album reissue by the legendary Swiss krautrock band Brainticket, a concept album that details an ancient Pharaoh's trip into the afterlife!
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          Peter ToshBuk-In-Hamm PalaceSpaziale Recordings
          Fully remastered, official reissue of the 1979 Mick Jagger produced reggae influenced funk/disco-not-disco masterpiece, 'Buk-In-Hamm Palace' by Peter Tosh...
          • Peter Tosh – Buk-In-Hamm Palace (Mick Jagger Remix)
          • Peter Tosh – Buk-In-Hamm Palace (Studio version)
          • Peter Tosh – Dubbing In Buk-In-Hamm
          • 12"£17.00
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          Sun RaEgypt 1971Strut
          **Essential Sun Ra release on Strut!** Sun Ra took his legendary Arkestra over to Egypt in 1971 to play a series of concerts which were later released...
          • Sun Ra – Discipline No. 27
          • Sun Ra – Solar Ship Voyage
          • Sun Ra – Cosmo-Darkness
          • Sun Ra – The Light Thereof
          • Sun Ra – Friendly Galaxy No. 2
          • Sun Ra – To Nature's God
          • Sun Ra – Why Go To The Moon?
          • 4×CD Box Set£22.00
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          Sammy Osmo (aka Legowelt)De Originele Filmmuziek Van Schaduw HorizonUtter
          Vinyl issue of the sought-after Strange Life CD-R release of 'De Originele Filmmuziek Van Schaduw Horizon' - Legowelt operating under the guise of Sammy...
          • Sammy Osmo (aka Legowelt) – Radar Bol (Main Theme)
          • Sammy Osmo (aka Legowelt) – Verlaten Dierentuin Wassenaar
          • Sammy Osmo (aka Legowelt) – Geheimzinnige Helikopter Basis / Regen
          • Sammy Osmo (aka Legowelt) – Liquidatie At Albert's Corner
          • Sammy Osmo (aka Legowelt) – Men Spreekt Over Atlantis
          • Sammy Osmo (aka Legowelt) – Valscherm Malfunction (Parachute Ongeluk)
          • Sammy Osmo (aka Legowelt) – Spannings Bas
          • Sammy Osmo (aka Legowelt) – Albert Helpt Met Inpakken
          • Sammy Osmo (aka Legowelt) – Nachtelijk Konvooi Op De N44
          • Sammy Osmo (aka Legowelt) – Moord Op De Kagerplas
          • 2×LP£26.00
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          J-Walk / The Hi-FiresBossa For Shorty D / La-BasWonderfulsound
          Following on from his Mediterranean Winds Long Player, J-Walk drops this brand new track full of outer space jazz vibes with the usual solid production...
          • J-Walk / The Hi-Fires – Bossa For Shorty D
          • J-Walk / The Hi-Fires – La-Bas
          • 7"£6.99
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          Doug Carn feat. The Voice of Jean CarnSpirit Of The New LandBlack Jazz Records
          Untouchable deep, spiritual jazz once more on Black Jazz from Doug Carn, with the soaring vocals of his then wife Jean Carn. Untouchable stuff! Of all...
          • Doug Carn feat. The Voice of Jean Carn – My Spirit
          • Doug Carn feat. The Voice of Jean Carn – Arise And Shine
          • Doug Carn feat. The Voice of Jean Carn – Trance Dance
          • LP£26.00
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          • CD£17.00
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          Breaking The Beats: Compiled By Dave Lee & Will FoxVarious ArtistsZ Records
          Wicked compilation of late 90s / early 00s 'broken beat' classics from the West London scene! Features stone cold gems from the likes of 4hero, IG Culture,...
            • 2×LP£20.00
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            • 2×CD£16.00
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            Harmonious TheloniousPlongBureau B
            Dusseldorf-based Harmonious Thelonious mixes up African rhythms with American minimalism on ‘Plong’, his awesome debut for stalwarts of classic German...
            • Harmonious Thelonious – Original Member Of A Wedding Band
            • Harmonious Thelonious – Höhlenmenschenmuziek
            • Harmonious Thelonious – Geistertrio Booking
            • Harmonious Thelonious – Abu Synth
            • Harmonious Thelonious – Mumba
            • Harmonious Thelonious – Young Kong
            • Harmonious Thelonious – Interpretation de Reve
            • Harmonious Thelonious – The Roller
            • Harmonious Thelonious – Totentanz
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            • CD£13.00
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            E.S. FunkFunny FeelingAthens Of The North
            Fantastic funky crossover soul that has remained pretty much unknown due to rarity. Solid two-sider (also check the stripped down disco-funk 'Shake Your...
            • E.S. Funk – Funny Feeling
            • E.S. Funk – Shake Your Body (At the Disco)
            Hallelujah Chicken Run BandTake OneAnalog Africa
            **A collection of Zimbabwean group Hallelujah Chicken Run Band’s tracks from 1974-1979.** Originally playing the Congolese Rumba and Afro-rock styles...
            • Hallelujah Chicken Run Band – Mudzimu Ndiringe
            • Hallelujah Chicken Run Band – Kare Nanhasi
            • Hallelujah Chicken Run Band – Tamba Zimba Navashe
            • Hallelujah Chicken Run Band – Ngoma Yarira
            • Hallelujah Chicken Run Band – Sekai
            • Hallelujah Chicken Run Band – Manheru Changamire
            • Hallelujah Chicken Run Band – Gore Iro
            • Hallelujah Chicken Run Band – Mukadzi Wangu Ndomuda
            • Hallelujah Chicken Run Band – Alikulila
            • Hallelujah Chicken Run Band – Tinokumbira Kuziva
            • LP + Download Code£26.00
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            • CD£20.00
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            Cypress HillInsane In The BrainMr Bongo
            Mr Bongo reissue this Sly and the Family Stone sampling hip hop classic from 1993 - it's only official 7" issue since a rare and massively sought-after...
            • Cypress Hill – Insane In The Brain (LP Version)
            • Cypress Hill – Insane In The Brain (Instrumental)
            MadmadmadMore More MoreStac Records
            London post-punk/mutant disco troupe, Madmadmad, return with some tough, hard-hitting no-wave funk for the Liquid Liquid and ESG fans!
            • Madmadmad – Cookiki
            Dr. Robert / Will ReneCosmic Mayhem / Blue AgainWonderfulsound
            written entirely on a Casiotone rescued from a carboot fair this track finally finds its proper home, 7” vinyl! - surely a song for these times. The...
            • Dr. Robert – Cosmic Mayhem
            • Will Rene – Blue Again
            Kellee PattersonMaiden VoyageBlack Jazz Records
            Fantastic album on Black Jazz, originally released in 1974 and featuring the seminal vocal version of Herbie Hancock's 'Maiden Voyage' - powerful, uplifting...
            • Kellee Patterson – Maiden Voyage
            • LP£26.00
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            • CD£17.00
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            Roots Rock ReggaeDoctor Bird
              Huw Marc BennettTresilian BayAlbert’s Favourites
              Producer and bassist Huw Marc Bennett releases his ‘Tresilian Bay’ album via Albert’s Favourites. The release draws inspiration from artists such...
              • Huw Marc Bennett – Blue Lias
              • Huw Marc Bennett – In My Craft feat. Miryam Solomon
              • Huw Marc Bennett – Llew The Lion
              • Huw Marc Bennett – Glas
              • Huw Marc Bennett – Tresilian Bay
              • Huw Marc Bennett – Risk of a New Age
              • Huw Marc Bennett – Afon Colhuw
              • Huw Marc Bennett – Not Around
              • LP£18.00
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              Star Feminine BandStar Feminine BandBorn Bad Records
              Without warning, this group of young girls from a remote region of Benin is shaking up the world of garage rock with breathtaking freshness, ingenuity,...
              • Star Feminine Band – Peba
              • Star Feminine Band – Rew Be Me
              • Star Feminine Band – Femme Africaine
              • Star Feminine Band – Montealla
              • Star Feminine Band – La Musique
              • Star Feminine Band – Idesouse
              • Star Feminine Band – Iseo
              • Star Feminine Band – Timtitu
              • LP£19.00
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              • CD£14.00
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              Reggae Strings And Reggae Strings Volume 2Doctor Bird
              Almost five decades since their original release, these two popular albums finally see reissue with this collection, which as a special bonus, collects...
              • Reggae Strings – One Woman
              • – Moon River
              • – Let The Man Go
              • – World Without Love
              • – Roll Muddy River
              • Bob Andy – One Woman
              • Greyhound – Moon River
              • The Dynamites – Sweet Musille
              • Del Davis – World Without Love
              • The Uniques – Lonely For Your Love