• 1. You And I
      • 2. Water
      • 3. Ruby
      • 4. Gypsy Love
      • 5. You're Not Foolin' Me
      • 6. I Have Known Love
      • 7. A Pox On You
      • 8. Confusion
      • 9. Fantasies

      The original pioneering electronic duo who's oeuvre of pulsating rhythms, drones and hums paved the way for Suicide and Neu! to name but two. Silver Apples began in 1967 after Simeon began using a vintage oscillator,dubbed the Simeon, which grew to nine audio oscillators and eighty-six manual controls .

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      Silver ApplesSilver ApplesJackpot
      Ace 1960s one-of-a-kind album of valve electronics meets psychedelic rock! CLASSIC oddball debut! Features the amazing Love Fingers track! A cult classic...
      • Silver Apples – Oscillations
      • Silver Apples – Seagreen Serenades
      • Silver Apples – Lovefingers
      • Silver Apples – Program
      • Silver Apples – Velvet Cave
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