• 1. Unien holvit
  • 2. S-bahn
  • 3. Set the Controls to the Heart of the Sun
  • 4. Frekvenssi
  • 5. Loihdittu
  • 6. Vastus
  • 7. U-bahn
  • 8. Koituva
  • 9. Mojave
  • 10. Tasanko
  • 11. Kausaaliton
  • 12. Muistetun palaava taajuus

Originally released back in 2008, now repressed!

Mika Vainio (1963-2017) was best known as half of Finnish cutting edge experimental electronica duo Pan_sonic. Ø is Vainio's original solo pseudonym dedicated to his native label Sähkö Recordigs since 1993. Where Pan_sonic uses pure, industrial and sometimes harsh sound elements, Ø reveals Mika Vainio's deeper, passionate and sometimes even romantic side. 

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